15 Interesting Giraffe Facts

Giraffe long Neck

Giraffes are known to exist in 9 different species and also popular as one of the landmarks of Africa. The tallest mammal on planet Earth usually seen in the savannas, Sahel and open woodland areas. Let me list down some of the interesting Giraffe Facts,

Girafee Portrait

Interesting Giraffe Facts

  • Giraffe tongue is very long and they can lick every part of their face that includes his ears too.
  • Giraffes only sleep for 3 hours in the whole day.
  • Giraffes love to eat acacia, howvever, they are also interested in the leaves of mimosa and apricots.
  • These animal species can eat thorny plants because of the inner surface of their mouth is hard.

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Giraffe eating acacia leaves
  • Giraffe drinks water in less quantity and is capable of surviving without water even longer than a camel.
  • During the process of drinking water, Giraffe had to spread their feet to reach the surface of the water because the neck is shorter than the front limbs. The position is quite dangerous since the species loses its stability it would be difficult for him to maintain balance and prevent himself from predators.
  • Lions and crocodiles are the worst enemies of Giraffes.
  • The heart of Giraffe is quite big and it can pump upto 75 litres of blood every minute. The total weight of heart is approximately 20 pounds.
Giraffe long Neck
  • The blood pressure of Giraffe is one of the highest in the animal kingdom because of the difference in hieght and size of the heart.
  • The spots seen on Giraffe body is unique and researchers can identify various giraffes by observing their individual spot patterns.
  • Giraffes have one thing that is similar to humans, It has 7 vertebrae in their neck, however, they are comparatively big in size.
  • The best part is that young giraffe begins its life by falling to the ground from a height of 6 feet.
Group of Giraffe
  • Generally, most of the Giraffes have 2-4 horns on their forehead.
  • Despite the hieght and weight, Giraffes can run upto 35 miles per hour only for a shorter distance.
  • The lifespan of the giraffe is 10-15 years in the wild and around 25 years in captivity.

These are some of the interesting Giraffe facts, Kindly share and dopost your comments.

Written by Kan Dail