All About Glass Dildos – 2024 Guide


Glass dildos – these often overlooked dildos are some of the most artistic pieces of art available on the sex toy market. Why would you use glass dildos? Well, these extremely elegant toys are incredibly strong, and very body safe. Glass sex toys are often hand blown and unique in shape, and are made using a method called “pyrexing” which makes them very sturdy and durable. Glass dildos can also be used for temperature play, which can be extremely pleasurable.

How do I properly use my glass dildos?


Glass dildos are very smooth, which leaves for a very comfortable glide when they are inserted. Remember to start out slowly, using lubricant if necessary (or when trying your glass dildos analy). Remember, you can use any kind of lubricant with your glass dildo because of its material type.

You can play with so many different positions, whether on your back, your knees, or your chest, to find the best way to stimulate your G Spot, because glass dildos are typically very good for G Spot stimulation. Once you reach it, the smooth hardness of the glass dildo can be focused on rubbing your G Spot, allowing for an intensely pleasurable orgasm.

So what is temperature play?

Temperature play involves using ice or something cold, or on the other hand using something warm such as special body safe candles or dipping glass dildos in warm water, to stimulate your partner.

With glass dildos, you can throw them in a glass of ice water or warm water to cool or warm it. Your glass dildo play will be elevated intensely by this! However, always test the temperature on the inside of your arm to make sure it is not too hot or too cold to be comfortable for your vagina or anus.


You do not want to burn this sensitive area. When heated or cooled to safe temperatures, glass dildos can create sensations that you have not felt before, and lead to a stronger and better orgasm. They are very hygenic and low maintenance in the world of sex toys because they are non porous.

What is unique about glass dildos?

Glass dildos are often shaped in a curvature, and have bumps or ridges for pleasure. These bumps or ridges create intense stimulation that is comparable to nothing else. They also often have a glass loop at the end, making them easy to hold on to and utilize to their fullest extent. Plus, the curve at the end of the glass dildo offers amazing G Spot stimulation or prostate stimulation for those looking for it.

Why use glass dildos?

Glass dildos are incredible pleasure creators. They are non porous, which makes them perfect for those wary of germs. There are no hidden holes or weird crevices that things can just sink into and sit in, causing infections. They are incredibly easy to clean, and versatile for both anal and vaginal play. Plus, they look so pleasing to the eye! In addition, they are great to use for temperature play.

With glass dildos, you do not have to consider any features really. It’s more about the price, the size, the texture, the shape, and how it looks.


On top of all of that, glass is really good for shower sex. Glass dildos can be used with any kind of lubricant, and shower play really requires silicone based lubricant. This is because water can wash away your body’s natural lubrication, and water based lubricants. Silicone lubricant is known to break down some silicone sex toys, so glass sex toys are very versatile for using this form of lubricant. Glass dildos are also free from odors and harmful chemicals, making them fantastic for the most sensitive of vaginas. With their slick and smooth texture, lubricant doubles the pleasure easily, and lasts longer on these toys.

Our favorite glass dildo is the V For Vibes Juno Tentacle Glass Dildo

You may say that this dildo looks a little funky, but this light pink, tentacle shaped beaded dildo delivers an amazing sensation in ways you probably have not experienced before. Juno will leave you breathless, even without all the fancy bells and whistles that some more common vibrators have. You should definitely invest in Juno for partnered or solo play.

If you have never tried a glass dildo, you will be breathless and wanting more every time you use Juno! When you first use Juno, you can opt not to try for temperature play. If you do choose not to, Juno will be slightly cool, which can be very thrilling in comparison to a warm finger or penis. Juno will then slowly warm up to your body temperature. The weight of Juno is also very stimulating for many vagina owners when they first try this glass dildo because it is more rigid and weighty than your typical dildo.

How long do glass toys last?


As long as you do not drop your glass dildo, it will last you a lifetime. These glass dildos are exquisitely crafted to last and sustain many uses, and can be displayed on night stands. They are completely non porous, and very pleasurable for those who orgasm from more rigid, hard toys.

How should I clean my glass dildos?

Glass dildos are quite literally the lowest maintenance and easiest types of sex toys to clean and care for. You can simply just wash it using a gentle, mild soap. You can also use sex toy cleaner.

Storing your glass toys

Since your dildo is made of glass, it is important to keep it in a pouch or something that cushions it to protect from accidental crack or chips. A pouch is helpful because you will also want it to stay clean, and pouches protect glass dildos from dust and debris. However, if you have not used it in a while, be sure to rinse it in warm water, even if it was stored inside of something. This will help prevent any dust or fabric particles from entering your body and causing reactions.

Written by Alana Harrington