6 Things You Need to Become a Successful Animation Videos Youtuber


You can be perfect at animations but making money out of your animating skills can be tough. However, if you get an open platform, like Youtube, it can be really fun. Nowadays, more and more animation producers have started to become Youtubers and use this platform to make their works accessible worldwide.

Now, you might wonder that there are a multitude of youtube animation channels out there so what can you do to excel? Worry not! We are here to help. There are certain characteristics that if you incorporate into your youtube channel, you will see your reach increasing in no time. So, here I’ll introduce some steps to make your animation channel stand out.

6 Expert-Approved Steps To Become A Successful Animation Creator

When it comes to becoming a successful animation maker, there are several things you need to consider. Apart from searching for a great animation creator, having a good public following, you also need to make sure that your content is diverse and that your audience is interested in watching your content. Precisely, you need to experiment often and gauge what works best for your reach. So, let’s see what steps to take to become a successful animation videos Youtuber.

1. Search for A Good Animation Creator

There are a lot of animation tools on the market, and if you want to try those one by one to see if it fits, it will definitely take time and energy, which will deplete your  enthusiasm to create animation. Here we have prepared a good platform for you.

Doratoon is an online animation creating platform with millions of royalty-free animation materials for not only Animation amateurs but also for professional makers. It offers a user-friendly interface and several features for your animation creation, which include:

  • 1000+ Ready-made Animated Templates
  • Full HD 1080p Quality Videos
  • 100K+ Premium Stock Library
  • 1000+ Animated Characters

Once you sign up, you can just click a feature and go ahead with animations. This means that you do not require any experience to make superb animations. The choice of animation tool is the beginning and the foundation of everything for starting your youtube channel and a good tool will certainly boost your creativity. So, why not use it to make your own animation?

2. Choose A Good Name And Theme

Before starting your animation youtube channel, choose a good name and a related theme for your channel. Your channel name should be relevant to your content and catchy. It is also important to verify that there is no other channel with the same name. The purpose of this is to prevent your audience from confusing your channel with another.

When choosing a theme for your youtube channel, it should depict the type of content you are going to present and stick to it. Changing your channel’s theme and name every now and then will get your audience confused and you might even lose subscribers.

3. Audio Quality

You can post a perfect animation video but if it has bad audio quality, chances are your audience will skip it. Therefore, make sure you use high-quality audio. If you use your own voice, it should be audible, clear, and have an enthusiastic tone. Therefore, you should think of investing in a good microphone that will add the perfect quality audio to your videos.

But if you are worrying about or not feeling confident about your own voice, you can ask for some substitute character to make sound. The animation creator I have mentioned before, has an excellent function called “Text-to-Speech-Conversion”. You can just type your text and it will be converted into speech. There are various voices for you to select and apply.

4. Make Sure Your Videos Are Easy To Watch And Succinct

The best way to keep your viewers engaged is to film engaging yet short content. If you film very long videos, chances are that your audience will lose interest midway. Hence, keep your videos short but make sure you do not rush them.

Apart from this, use good lighting and background. The font size for subtitles should be readable and the transitions should not be very flashy. These might sound like basic things, but following these tips in your videos will help you keep your audience engaged.

5. Video Editing Is A Must

Before uploading your 2D animation video, ensure that it is well edited. For this, you can use several video editors and add the transitions you like. Many video editors will even help you fix the lighting. Moreover, when you add gifs and music to your videos, they become even more interesting.

Precisely, when you are done filming a video, it is good to take your time for editing and experiment with the edit options. Make sure your video animation is engaging and interesting before uploading it.

6. Follow A Schedule

Let’s say you upload a video one day and then do not come to your youtube channel for the whole month. This way, you’ll lose subscribers. Therefore, it is recommended that you make a video upload schedule, share it with your followers, and stick to it. This way your subscribers will wait for your videos and you will end up getting more subscriptions.


With advancements in technology, it is not hard to make an animation and upload it on youtube. The real challenge is to become a successful animation video Youtuber. Therefore, along with using the right creating tool and improving your animation skills, you should also work on editing your videos and uploading them on youtube on a regular basis. Once you become consistent, you will see your subscribers increasing in no time.

Written by Kan Dail