Why is the Apple Ringtone So Annoying?


The tech revolution has reshaped what we considered to be normal especially if you consider that an average individual interacts with numerous gizmos as soon as they get up in the morning. Still, some technological giants, such as Apple, do a better job than the competition, which reflects not only the quality of the merch they craft and sell but also the one-of-a-kind branding.

Unquestionably, apart from the logo and high-tech performance, the feature that makes the difference between an Apple smartphone and the rest is the typical sound it makes once someone calls you. On the other hand, not negligible portion reckons the Apple ringtone is as irritating as it gets. Thus, if you want to find out why the Apple ringtone is so annoying, we suggest you go through the lines below.

It Is All Around

Let’s face it – Apple products have it all, regardless of whether you consider the performance or the design of their crafts. For that reason, the fact that almost everyone wants to have an iPhone does not surprise us that much. Just think about the rows of die-hard enthusiasts who wait for the official release of their new gadgets, and you should realize why the annoying ringtone is all around you. In a nutshell, if you keep hearing the same thing all over again the chances it will start bothering you sooner or later are major.

A Status Symbol


The ways a human being perceives things are numerous. Thus, sometimes it is not enough to present the gadget the one is so proud of and draw the visual attention of the ones around them. Moreover, it craves additional means of catching their surroundings’ eye. To make a long story short, an individual does not have to see that one has an iPhone since it can hear the well-known tune and guess the inevitable.

Now, we should underline that the iPhone tune most commonly irritates the ones who do not have that type of gadget. Namely, iPhone aficionados are perfectly fine with the way their phone sounds, otherwise, they would effortlessly change it and save themselves from the trouble as easily as it gets.

If they would use an alternative ringtone, it would not make others presume things about them that usually go along with the assumption. Honestly, they might want it to irritate you, possibly the same way they might be annoyed by, let’s say, a well-known Samsung tune.

Ringtone Philosophy

Numerous studies have been carried out about what a potential ringtone might say about its owner. When we talk about iPhone users who do not change the initial ringer, they say that they are most commonly self-aware individuals who care not about what other people might think about them. Moreover, they enjoy messing with other people’s heads, but not in a manipulative way. Moreover, we might say that they prefer to be respected.


Honestly, we reckon one should be treated according to what they truly are, not by how their phone might sound. On the other hand, the ringtone might allow you to express yourself in a specific way, thus, we suggest you consult to find out about numerous ways to achieve the aforementioned.

Do What You Can

If you have an iPhone and the Marimba or the newer version grins your gears or ears, you should simply change it with an alternative tune. We urge you not to be worried that your special little friend would lose its power just because you choose to switch the annoying sound. Not only might you help yourself, but also the ones around you who detest the bothersome harmony.

Why is it so Distracting?

In case you did not know, we should inform you that Steve Jobs, the person creditable for the unparalleled success of the Apple enterprise, was an architect before he started the venture that made him as popular as we remember him today. If you consider that architecture is not solely artistic, but also practical, you should grasp the idea why not a single feature of a gadget such as an iPhone is accidental.


To make a long story short, the components and their purpose are brought to perfection before the initial launch. Thus, when you consider the purpose of a ringtone, you should realize that its role is to draw attention and raise an alarm of some sort. Unfortunately, the all-around presence tends to become tiresome which is precisely what happened to iPhone standard ringing tunes.

It has Evolved

The most popular Apple ringtone is called the Marimba and even though you might not remember by heart how it sounds, we are positive it would make your skin crawl once you hear it again. The thing was so popular back in the days that it outbalanced its initial purpose. Namely, the tune was used in numerous remixes and commercials all over the world, so it became as well-known as the brand itself, both by the users and others who did not have the privilege to use an iPhone.

Sadly, people get tired of transient things, no matter how delicately they might be designed. Just think about any song that you used to like and it came to bother you eventually, and you should realize why the storyline of the Apple ringtone is not different.


Honestly, having a remixed version of the tune might even spark up the experience. On one hand, it would definitely break the monotony, and on the other, it might start a trend among your friends and family that would trigger another iPhone ringtone-related frenzy. Jokes aside, just change it if you like it since you can hardly change other people’s ring tunes as you wish.

Hopefully, the aforementioned pieces of information and hints to why the infamous Apple ringtone is as annoying as it is have brought you closer to the answer you were trying to find. It is hard to turn your head the other way and ignore the thing since you would still be able to hear it, thus, do what you can and make sure you do what you can with your device, and leave the others to carry their load till they come to your situation. Then, you can be grumpy together.

Written by Kan Dail