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Top 8 Reasons to Choose Artificial Flowers Over Fresh Blooms on Your Wedding


Weddings without flowers are like bread without peanut butter. They can never stay apart. In fact, flowers are an integral part of weddings. They are a part of every aspect of a wedding. Whether it’s the wedding venue or personalized offerings, wedding flowers add to the aesthetics of the entire wedding.

But at the same time, adding a touch of this natural beauty costs a lot of fortune, especially if you are looking for expensive options. However, there is good news. You can use a popular alternative to reduce the costs of floral arrangements without compromising your wedding beauty and aesthetics. Keep reading, and you will find top reasons why artificial flowers would be a great choice over fresh blooms.

Let’s get started!

Artificial flowers are more durable.


Imagine this scenario. You are all set for your wedding, and the sudden winds and light rain come. What will happen? It will cause damage to your wedding decor. Isn’t it? A total waste of time, money, and energy. And the emotional damage is beyond words.

But if you choose artificial flowers for a wedding, like wedding bouquets or DIY wedding flowers boutonnieres, flower girl accessories, and wedding decor, it will be much more sturdy. So, with an outdoor wedding, you can avoid any stress from unpredictable flowers. You can trust that you will never lose the wedding aesthetics.

Artificial flowers are available in many colors

The best part of having an artificial flower is that you don’t have to restrict yourself in the color palette. You will find every color in these wedding flowers. For instance, purple roses, red hydrangeas, or blue tulips, there is nothing that you can’t find. You can create unique wedding looks using DIY wedding flowers for weddings.

You can even create unique bridesmaids’ looks and complement them with colors that are otherwise impossible using natural blooms. You can take advantage of color swatches online to create an interesting look. They can be matched with your wedding dress wich you can find on Avery Austin.

Artificial flowers options aren’t season-limited

When choosing natural wedding flowers, you must choose seasonal wedding bouquet options. That often limits the varieties. But when you choose artificial flowers, not only do you save the costs, you can choose out-of-season blooms as well. Whether a white wedding, spring wedding, or summer wedding, you don’t have to stick to only a few options. If you are wondering, are Artificial flowers tacky at a wedding? You should stop it right now! Unsurprisingly, you can plan lustrous and lavish styles using these fake flowers.

So, the next time you want a starry wedding, look at the inspiration; artificial flowers will naturally become a part of the inspiration.

Artificial flowers are long-lasting

These flowers are popular because of the fact they don’t wither. They always look fresh and beautiful year-round. So, you don’t have to worry about the venue’s season, temperature, or condition when choosing flowers for your special day.

Artificial flowers are maintenance free


Yes, you heard it right! With artificial flowers, you won’t have to worry about changing the water to keep them fresh. You don’t remember doing it every day when you have so much work. Plus, the falling petals become cumbersome. However, artificial flowers only need a light hairdryer session in a cool setting.

That will help remove any dust. You can also use a clean cloth or baby wipe to get this done. You can place them anywhere until the wedding day without worrying about the room temperature. They will always look beautiful.

Artificial flowers don’t cause any allergy

Do you or your loved one who has to carry the wedding flowers suffer from allergies? If that’s the case, you don’t have to worry anymore. Since they aren’t natural blooms, you can avoid sneezing and sniffing all day. This is why artificial flowers are perfect for your reception. You can create a wedding bouquet or other accessories without fearing allergies.

Artificial flowers are budget friendly

Did you know that couples spend around $700- $2500 on wedding flowers? It is clear that wedding flowers are a doozy. Like we mentioned before, it is quite a well-known fact that wedding flowers are much more expensive than fake flowers. Therefore, not everyone can use it to the potential of their wedding. And the ones who do often think about the wastage after the wedding is over.

So, if you are on a budget, going for artificial flowers will help you cut your budget. As per, you can also use them in wedding venues, as a part of your aisle, or for your honeymoon decor.

Artificial flowers are reusable


The worst part with natural flowers is that everything is a waste after your wedding. And even if you want to preserve them, it becomes quite a task. However, with artificial flowers, you can repurpose them into something unique after your wedding. For instance, you can create DIY decor items using wedding flowers and enhance the aesthetics of your home. You can use them as keepsakes and cherish the memories forever. Isn’t that amazing?


Weddings are special for every couple and their extended families. You make it a point to plan a dreamy affair so that you remember it for a lifetime. While a wedding dress, accessory, venue, and photographers are an exclusive part of any wedding, one more element is vital to enhance the overall look of your wedding.

Wedding flowers are an essential part of your wedding in many ways. So, choosing the right flowers is a must. Artificial flowers outshine natural blooms in many ways. Hence, if you want to create something unique or personalized for your wedding for yourself and your loved ones, you must choose artificial flowers.

You will find a lot of ways to include them in your wedding. You can even go all creative and plan for DIY options. So, are you all set to embrace artificial flowers on your wedding?

Written by Kan Dail