How to Achieve Asian-Inspired Home Décor in 2024 – 7 Pro Tips

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Are you planning to change the décor of your home? Or, do you want to give your interior a new trendy look?

If yes, then Asian-Inspired home décor is a great option for you. This interior style is in trend and instantly evokes an image of serenity as well as tranquil calm.

After long hours of work, when your home, it allows you to escape the never-ending rush. But, to decorate rooms with an Asian-Inspired theme, you need suitable art pieces, precision, and a clear thought process.

Moreover, when redecorating rooms in a particular style, you need to focus on the central elements of that home décor theme. Here is how you can achieve Asian-Inspired home décor in 2024.

1. Choose only Asian inspired artwork

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A quick and easy way to decorate a home with Asian style is to hang Asian-themed wall art in rooms. The artworks like this one look can transform your interior in no time.
When you are choosing art prints for an Asian-themed interior, you need to focus on the color combinations. It is important to pick the artwork that complements the wall paint and other accessories in the room.

For a typically Asian décor, opt for paneled artwork, including canvas prints. You can use paneled artwork as a centerpiece of attraction for your living room.

They look good when pushed together. But when you hand paneled art pieces at regular intervals, it brings the Asian-inspired feeling to your space.

2. Balance visual and texture

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While trying to get Asian-style decor, the word ‘balance’ is very important. It means you need to create a perfect balance between colors and textures in your space.

You can think about adding designer mirrors on a wall that not only adds texture but also complement wall paint in many ways. Further, for unique textures, consider beautiful drapes, abstract artwork, trending wallpaper, and more.

Textures on the wall will not only make your space look attractive but also will increase the beauty of your interior.

3. Dress up walls with wallpaper

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You can give a new look to the walls of your home with wallpapers. Choose Asian-inspired wallpaper to give your rooms a new and refreshing look. Choose wallpaper with interlocking stripes, intricate grid-like patterns, 3D patterns, and more to highlight an accent wall in your room.

Further, hang some wall art prints, photo frames, or any other wall décor over the wallpaper to break and add a unique charm. Also, if you want to paper all four walls of your room, then consider selecting neutral and light shades.

On the other side, if you want to add wallpaper on one wall, then you can choose a dark shade as well.

4. Fusion between styles

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Asian themes are all about a fusion of different styles that complement each other. Therefore, it is important to know each interior style so that you can create a fusion of all in your home décor.

For example, you can use Japanese-style décor to bring simplicity to your interior. Further, you can add bold colored wall prints to complement the simplicity of the Japanese-style interior.

Also, mix and match the traditional Chinese decor with Indian-style décor as these both reflect the Asian theme very well. For Chinese décor, shades like red, gold, push purple, and yellow look good.

However, the Indian style design is colorful and charming as well. When you are trying to create a fusion of Asian styles, it is best to focus on each style. You can also choose different styles for a different room in your home.

5. Asian home decor lighting

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Proper lighting is also important in Asian-themed home décor. Focus on both indoor and outdoor lighting. Try to choose transparent drapes so that natural light can come into your interior. Also, you can opt for designer ceiling lights to make your space look brighter and trendier.

These days, lights such as pendant lamps, track lights, and more are in trend that you can use in every room. Further, hanging lanterns outside the home are also very popular in Asian-themed decor.

6. Bamboo blinds


If you are looking for a trending and effective window treatment, then nothing is better than bamboo blinds. These types of window treatments look good in Asian-themed home décor.

The best thing is that they are not hard to find, you can easily get them near you. Further, bamboo shades do not need any professional installation, and you can install them by yourself with ease.

Another thing about bamboo blinds is that they get mixed with every color present in your room.

7. Inimitable oriental decor

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If the shades of your home reflect Asian style already, then you can amp up the beauty of your house with décor items. Having a small statue of Buddha, decorative fans, and a canvas wall print all can add a different charm to your interior.

Further, you can also opt for Asian-style bedding, upholstery, and furniture. Asian themes give your home an impeccable and exclusive appeal. But to achieve this theme, you need to be very careful with your décor pieces, including wall art. Look for oriental decor pieces to give your home a new touch.

Wrapping up

If you want to give your home a new look, then Asian-themed interior design is a great option for you. With this style, you can bring positivity in your home while making it look spacious and beautiful.

The Asian-themed rooms should emphasize nature and tranquility. If you want to decorate your house with Asian style décor, then take help from the above ideas.

Written by Marinelle Adams