5 Reasons Why You Should Automate Your Home


Do you still live in a usual home? Some people still cannot imagine how cheap home automation can be. All you need is some actuators, skills or proper instructions, and some tools. With them, you can do just anything, and your home will be the best.

Do you still doubt it? Well, then here are the top 5 reasons why you should automate your home, and of course, some ideas of what you can do.



It is one of the main reasons to automate your home. The comfort that you get when you use automated devices cannot be compared to anything else. And all the needed equipment for home automation you can buy here.

For example, imagine lifting the bed frame manually to use storage space under it or pushing a button to make an actuator lift it – you see the difference, don`t you?

Now, imagine an automated TV lift that lifts and lowers your TV set when you push a button. It is much more convenient than suffering from the lack of space.

Or the kitchen, a space where you spend a lot of time every day. You can struggle without all the needed devices because you might have no space to arrange them. Or you can install automated lift platforms, drop-down shelves, racks, and enjoy all the needed functionality that saves your time and energy.

Home automation devices allow you to control your home from a distance. The devices that we gave as an example can be built on your own. But home automation isn`t limited to them only.

These items are improving, becoming more advanced. It is expected that with time, smart homes will be able to maintain themselves and liberate you from the majority of unpleasant tasks.

Automation Saves Space


Automated devices help you to save plenty of space. So, if you make an automated storage space under the bed, you can store plenty of things there and liberate the space where they are stored now.

A TV lift installed in a cabinet helps you to hide your TV and use the same cabinet. A TV lift hidden above the ceiling allows you to keep your walls unloaded and hides the valuable item in a safe place.

In the kitchen, you can install the biggest devices on a lift platform and hide it in one of the cabinets when not in use.

Cost Efficiency


Automation is extremely cost-efficient. It is incredible how just automated lighting can save a lot of energy! You don`t have to worry whether you turned off the lights before leaving the house. If sensors don`t detect any movement, they will turn the lights off or dim them. If you are staying for too long in another room, the lights will also be dimmed.

The same applies to heating or cooling systems. You can set them up to turn on and off at a specific time. We all know that cooling and heating consume up to 50% of all the energy spent.

Home Security


Here, we speak about those security devices that can protect your home even if you aren`t at home. All those sensors, cameras, security systems belong to home automation. While you cannot build them on your own, these are important components of home automation.

Friendly to the Environment

We are increasingly concerned about the impact we are making on the environment. Automated solutions allow us to reduce the footprint significantly. They make our homes more environmentally friendly. Home automation devices allow us not only to manage our homes more efficiently thus reducing the energy amounts we consume but replace non-renewable energy sources with renewable ones, at least to some extent.

Automation Projects That You Can Implement on Your Own


We have promised to mention some automation projects that you can implement at your home. Here are the most popular ones. They are easy to do, too.

A Lift Column in Your Kitchen

This is one of the most useful projects because it allows you to accommodate all the kitchen devices that you have ever wanted to purchase. To build a lift column, proceed as follows:

  • Get a lift column. You can buy it from one of the specialized manufacturers.
  • Install it in one of your kitchen cabinets.
  • In the cabinet top, make an opening. Cut it out with a special tool. Its size shall be sufficient for the needed device to lift and lower.
  • On the lift column, fix a platform.
  • On the platform, fix the device.

Now, you can lower the platform and hide the device in the cabinet. When you are lifting the column, it moves the device upwards. Make sure the column stroke length is enough to hide the device completely in a retracted position. When the device is in an extended position, you shall be able to use it effortlessly.

A TV Lift

A TV lift allows you to hide your TV when it is not in use. So, you keep your valuable item safe, and you still can use the space where it otherwise would be installed.

So, find a cabinet where you can hide the TV set. In the cabinet, install the TV lift. In the cabinet top, make an opening to make the TV pass when it is lifted by the lift. Fix your TV set on the lift. Test whether the device passes through the opening in the top effortlessly. If everything works as expected, you can fix the tv to the lift and with it, the installation is complete.

Bottom Line


There are many amazing projects that you can do at home. You can automate just anything, any furniture piece, and any device. Don`t limit yourself to those standard ideas that you find on the web. Have a look at your home. Are there things that you don`t like to do? Does it happen that you want something to be done on its own with a single push of a button? Automate them!

Written by Marinelle Adams