The Baggy Jean Revival and 6 Stylish Ways for Men to Rock the Look


In the world of fashion, styles are cyclical. What was in vogue decades ago often resurfaces, and the current resurrection on the style scene is baggy jeans for men. Once pushed to the peripheries by the ubiquitous skinny jeans, the baggy silhouette is now back with a vengeance, allowing men to enjoy a comfortable yet chic look. But styling them can be a challenge for those accustomed to the tight-fitting trend of recent years. Dive into our guide to discover six ways to nail this fashion-forward style.

1. The Casual Classic – T-shirt and Baggy Jeans

The most straightforward way to wear baggy jeans is to pair them with a classic T-shirt. This casual look is effortlessly cool, reminding us of the ’90s grunge era. Opt for a plain white or black tee to keep it simple, or jazz it up with graphic designs or stripes for a more playful vibe. Remember, the key is balance. If your jeans are super baggy, avoid oversized T-shirts, as it may drown your frame. Instead, go for a more fitted or regular tee to create a harmonious silhouette. Complete the look with sneakers or desert boots for an easygoing day out.

2. The Tailored Touch – Blazer and Denim


Who says baggy jeans can’t be dapper? Building the perfect wardrobe is all about versatility. Incorporate a tailored element into your baggy jeans by pairing them with a sleek blazer. This combination bridges the gap between casual and formal, perfect for date nights or semi-formal events. To ace this look, choose dark wash baggy jeans and pair them with a well-fitted blazer in neutral tones like black, navy, or charcoal. A crisp white shirt underneath gives a neat appearance, but for those who want to keep it more casual, a turtleneck or a crew neck T-shirt works wonders. Finish the ensemble with loafers or dress shoes, and you’re ready to turn heads.

3. Seasonal Styling – Baggy Jeans with Sweaters

As the cold weather approaches, it’s crucial to stay stylish without sacrificing warmth. Enter the baggy jeans and sweater combination. This pairing is not only comfortable but also a fantastic way to play with textures and layers. Chunky knit sweaters give a cozy appeal, while fine-knit ones offer a more refined look. For a laid-back style, wear your baggy jeans with an oversized sweater, allowing it to hang loosely over the jeans. But if you want to create more structure, tuck in your sweater or choose one that sits at your belt line. Play around with colors – earthy tones like browns and greens or vibrant shades like deep reds or blues can elevate the overall appearance. Couple this outfit with ankle boots or high-top sneakers for a winter-ready look.

4. Sporty Aesthetics – The Athleisure Approach with Baggy Jeans for Men

Athleisure, a blend of athletic and leisure wear, is no longer just a trend—it’s a lifestyle. Men across the globe are embracing this comfortable yet stylish approach to fashion. Integrating baggy jeans into the athleisure aesthetic is both unexpected and intriguing. Start by pairing your jeans with sporty elements like a jersey, a hoodie, or even a bomber jacket. The contrast between the relaxed denim and the sport-inspired pieces creates a unique ensemble that screams modern and chic. Now, when considering footwear, nothing fits the athleisure vibe more than a pair of clean sneakers. Whether you’re into the chunky sneaker trend or prefer streamlined versions, ensure they’re in good condition to elevate the overall look. Finish off with a sports cap or a beanie, and maybe even throw in a sporty watch to complete the athleisure appeal of baggy jeans for men.

5. Accessorizing the Baggy – Belts, Hats, and More


Accessories can make or break an outfit, and when you’re working with a statement piece like baggy jeans, the right accessories are crucial. To begin with, belts are a must-have. They not only help in holding up those jeans but also add a touch of style, especially when you let the belt stand out. Think leather belts with vintage buckles or fabric belts in bold colors.

Hats can be an excellent addition, too. From fedoras to baseball caps, choose what compliments your look best. If you’re going for the casual T-shirt and jeans combo, a baseball cap or a beanie is your best bet. However, if you’re rocking the blazer and denim look, a fedora can elevate the sophistication. Don’t forget about wristwear. A sleek leather-strapped watch can enhance the blazer and denim ensemble, while sporty watches or wristbands can complement the athleisure style.

6. Footwear Focus – Perfect Shoes for Baggy Jeans

The final touch to perfecting the baggy jeans look lies in your footwear choice. As mentioned, sneakers, both chunky and streamlined, are the go-to for most casual and athleisure styles. However, if you want to spruce things up, consider boots. Chelsea boots, combat boots, or even desert boots can add an edge to your baggy jeans. For semi-formal events or when wearing a blazer, loafers, brogues, or even monk straps can bring a touch of elegance to the otherwise laid-back vibe of the jeans. Just ensure the jeans’ hem doesn’t drag on the ground – you might need a slight roll or cuff to showcase those stylish shoes perfectly.


Embrace the Baggy Trend Confidently

Baggy jeans are not just a fleeting trend but a testament to the cyclical nature of fashion. Their return offers men an opportunity to experiment, diversify, and express themselves through various styles. Whether you’re a fan of the casual, sporty, or tailored look, there’s a way to incorporate baggy jeans seamlessly into your wardrobe. With the right combinations and confidence, you’ll not only be comfortable but also a trendsetter in the fashion world. So, step out and let your baggy jeans make the statement they’re meant to.

Written by Kan Dail