Discovering the Beauty of Natural Wonders in Seychelles


Tropical paradises are always attractive to millions of people from all over the globe. Seychelles is one of the places many people visit every single year. For those who do not know, we are talking about the country that is located in the Indian Ocean, and it consists of countless little islands that make up the archipelago.

In the last couple of decades, the locations have become much more popular because it has become more available for foreigners to visit. These days, you can catch a flight via fly emirates to the country’s capital, Victoria. However, the country itself has a lot to offer to the foreigners. The most important thing we want to point out is the preserved natural beauty of this country.

Besides that, the country can offer much entertainment to the visitors. The country has countless beautiful beaches that wait for you to visit and have the time of your life. Therefore, before you decide to visit this place, you should know what you can expect from this place. Thankfully, there are many sources where you can find appropriate information regarding this place.

Today, we want to discuss the most beautiful places and natural wonders in Seychelles. So let us look at those worth mentioning without further ado.



Mahe is the most popular place in the country. But, of course, we are talking about the biggest island in the archipelago and the home of the main international airport, where you will arrive via fly emirates. Besides that, this is the place where you can find the most luxurious hotels and resorts in the country.

In addition, you will find numerous shopping malls and shops where you can find local products and items. This island is so important because this is the island where the capital, Vitoria, is located. The town has around 100k population and is the most populous in the country.

It is also where you can learn the most about the local culture. Nevertheless, the most important thing we want to highlight is the beautiful beaches. Their number is exceptional, and you cannot visit all of them unless you spend a couple of months here.

If you are an individual who enjoys adventures, then you will be glad to hear that Mahe is a place where you can find activities such as hiking and jungle exploration. However, hiring a guide while you are on these tours is crucial.

The locals know all the potential problems you can encounter, and going on these tours without their guidance is not advisable. Thankfully, locals are more than friendly and will show you everything you want to see.

La Digue

Nature lovers will enjoy visiting La Digue. We are talking about the fourth-largest island in the country. It represents the place to be if you want to experience the traditional life of the locals. On this island, you will not find almost any cars. Instead, locals are using bicycles and oxcarts exclusively for transportation.

Furthermore, you will encounter one of the best-preserved and still-running vanilla plantations. The reason why we say best-preserved is that the workers are still using traditional tools in their work. They have their craft perfected over the centuries and are still widely used today.

Regarding wildlife, this island is home to an endangered species known as the widow. It is a black paradise flycatcher. The species is protected both by the government and international institutions. All these aspects make La Digue a unique place you should visit if you have a chance to do it.

Curieuse Marine National Park


Next, we want to touch upon Curieuse. It is a small island near a bigger and much better known Praslin Island. Curieuse is a popular place for a couple of reasons. First, as is the case with practically all the islands in the archipelago, it has some breathtaking beaches.

Besides that, this island is home to the Curieuse Marine National Park. A national park is where you can find a wide array of animal species you cannot find in any other place in the world. The best-known species in this place is the giant tortoise.

Another popular species in this place is the coco de mar. One thing that separates this national park from many others in the world is this is the place where visitors can participate in some activities, such as hiking. For both reasons, not visiting Curieuse while you are in Seychelles is a massive mistake.

In addition to these national wonders, you will have a chance to walk on the boardwalks and discover the swamps on the island. You can find rich fauna within these swamps, consisting mainly of countless fish species and giant crabs. Therefore, we are certain that Curieuse is the place for everyone visiting the country.

Island Hopping

Seychelles is a country that consists of 115 islands. The best thing about these is that each has its unique elements. For example, in one of them, you will find the best beaches; on the other, you will come across flora and fauna richer than anywhere in the world.

That is what makes Seychelles such a popular tourist destination for people from all over the globe. Some of these islands are close, and you can go from one to another in just a few hours.

Therefore, you might encounter the situation when you visit two or three of them in only one day. Then, you will agree that this is a one-of-a-kind opportunity. We advise you to start looking at those close to the main one, Mahe, mentioned earlier. Then, we are certain you will have the time of your life.


In Conclusion

Seychelles, one of the most beautiful places in the world, has a lot to offer. Here, we’ve presented our readers with the main natural wonders they can encounter in this country. We do not doubt that spending your vacation in this place will produce some of the fondest memories for you. Also, we believe this insight can provide insight into what you can expect to see in this place.

Written by Kan Dail