What are the Steps of Becoming a Licensed Producer of Cannabis?

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The cannabis industry is a profitable business opportunity that has caught the attention of several businessmen and entrepreneurs. It is a recreational drug that has several remedial benefits such as relief from chronic pain, alcohol addiction, sleeping disorders, depression, anxiety, stress and many more.

To become a cannabis producer you must obtain a license. It provides you with the authority to manufacture and sell CBD without any legal restrictions. Manufacturing CBD without a license is illegal and you can be penalized or put behind the bars.In this article, you will get insights into the steps that you must follow to become a licensed producer of cannabis.

Steps to become a licensed manufacturer of cannabis

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1. Initial planning and research work is much needed

To become a licensed producer of cannabis you must first have initial business planning. Alongside, you must also start your research work so you can set up your business abiding by all the rules and regulations issued by the government or respective authorities.

Initial business planning must be properly done as it helps you to make the base of your business strong. You must do deep research before acquiring a license for the production of cannabis. You don’t want to get into trouble for not abiding by the acts and laws that govern CBD manufacturing.

You must have a thorough knowledge of warnings and precautions that must be followed at the time of manufacturing CBD. Check how you can maintain the quality of your cannabis plant. Pest control and regular inspection to keep the plants healthy.

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 2. A well-established business plan

Up next, you must prepare to make a well-established business plan that will help you to set up and start your CBD production. Try to gather as much information as possible and keep updating yourself with the new laws and rules that governs the manufacturing of CBD. Getting a license for the production of cannabis will be a complete waste if you don’t have a well-established business plan.

This will also help you to catch the interest of investors who are looking forward to investing in new business ideas. With more funding and high capital, you will be able to set up your business and will be easier to deal with most of the problems that arise due to low or insufficient capital.

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3. Create a CTLS account online

The next step is to create a CTLS account online. The Cannabis Tracking and System is an online application form that must be duly filled out by the producer to obtain a license for manufacturing cannabis. With the help of the CTLS account, the government can track the number of licenses has been issued.

It also helps to monitor the activities of a CBD licensed manufacturer. There are no harmful effects of the consumption of cannabis but excessive intake can be harmful to health. This is why a license is important for every CBD manufacturer. Ensure that you have all the required documents while filling the

4. Build your production facility

To become a licensed producer of cannabis you should have your production facility to grow CBD plants and manufacture them into different CBD products. Having a production facility compiling the regular standards and norms is mandatory while filling out the license application.

Ensure that your facility is well-prepared to manufacture cannabis. You will have to record a short video and upload it while creating a CTLS account online. In case of offline verification, you might get a visit from the officer-in-charge by the government. He will scout the entire premise and based on their evaluation you can obtain the license.

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5. Submit the application and wait for the license

Check your application thoroughly once you are done filling out the online application. Verify that the application is duly filled and all necessary documents and other attachments are uploaded properly. Consider getting professional advice if you are facing any problems.

Once everything is verified, now you can proceed to submit the application. If everything is as per rules and doesn’t break any law then you will get your license without much hassle. Also, don’t forget to enlist yourself as a producer of CBD with the local authorities.

It usually takes some time to verify everything and issue a licence to the producer. Even small mistakes can cause delays or might lead to the cancellation of your application. Hence, verify properly that you comply with all the latest measures.

6. Expect an application review by the officials

Once you are done submitting the application online, be prepared for an application review that will be conducted by the authorities in charge to ensure the authenticity of your application and along with other documents. It is a part of the security check to prevent the illegal production of CBD.

Sometimes, an application review is also conducted if the details provided in the application are insufficient or they want to see some other documents. There are plenty of entrepreneurs and businessmen who are looking forward to starting a licensed CBD manufacturer. Due to this application review might take longer than usual.

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7. Maintaining your cannabis license

Once you have obtained your license to manufacture CBD officially, now you must maintain it regularly to avoid getting it revoked. New amendments and renewals must be considered regularly. Keep yourself updated with the rules and guidelines issued by the government and official authorities.

You must keep yourself updated with the latest notifications governing the production and selling of cannabis. Reporting and disclosure to the governing authorities must be set on priority.

The Bottom-line

Getting a license for the production of cannabis might sound easy but it can become overwhelming once your application is being revoked again and again. Even small errors can lead to disqualifying your application.

These are the steps that you need to follow to obtain your cannabis production licence. Before filling the application do read the laws and guidelines that you must obey while you are manufacturing CBD products.

Written by Georgina Mancula