How to Mix Modern Bedroom Furniture With Traditional Decor


The most comfortable furniture is that which draws inspiration from past eras of interior design rather than being restricted to a particular century or period. One’s house structure (or lack thereof), an inheritance, or a local thrift shop can all lead to the desire to combine old and new. Below are some suggestions to assist you in fusing vintage and contemporary items to make a rich, timeless home.

What is the Difference Between Vintage and Antique?

If an item is greater than a century old it is said to be an antique. Typically, any stuff older than 20 but under 100 is considered vintage. Modern is a synonym for latest and modern, which often refers to anything less than 20 years old and up to the fresh brand new. Modern may also refer to mid-century contemporary architecture from the twentieth century.

Discover A Perfect Balance

“Nearly everything goes when it comes to merging vintage and modern pieces,” said interior decorator Erin Williamson. The house should be a combination of decor furniture that one enjoys and consider important, not an inventory of matched furnishings. However, it is beneficial to disperse the patina across a room so that the contrast of old and modern seems new, unexpected instead of outdated. You can check out to acquire modern and traditional decor furniture for creating a perfect balance.

When arranging furnishings, one must be aware of the significance of size.” Particularly antiques,” because they were designed to match various settings and cultures. Most darkish, thick wooden items don’t flow well and might look best against or close to a wall. Less weight and lanky items, on the other hand, should be positioned adjacent to objects with greater heft so that the space does not feel twitchy and unpleasant. The sense of proportionality throughout the room allows for a lot of freedom with patterns, hues, textures, and designs.”

Usage Vs. Appearance


When deciding if to maintain or incorporate an antique object into one modern style, examine both appearance and structure. With fine woodwork carvings, marquetry, or artistic decorations that one won’t find in typical latest furnishings, antiques show remarkable craftsmanship which is difficult to locate nowadays. Except for Shaker-style furniture, which has only recently started using the same straightforward design for generations and still appears contemporary in even the most minimalistic modern environments.

Repurposing and Refinishing

In regards to beauty and price, no one rivals the deep tarnish of a genuine antique object. However, not all antiques are significant and maintained in their original condition. If a person acquires their ancestors’ old eating table, locates an ancient bed platform at a flea market, or comes across a thrift shop armoire with wonderful foundations but a faded finish, step away and consider how that would look scraped to its skeleton, restored, or rejuvenated with a fresh coat of pain.

Current furnishings may give vintage a modern touch while retaining their old beauty. Think of the artwork’s structure and whether one wants to experiment with or against the design before trying printing. Stripes on a curving couch will draw attention to its contour, whereas florals on a flat-back armchair would soften it. Hinges and batting cages will need servicing. The latest materials can contribute significantly to modern convenience.

Color Unifies


One of the difficulties in combining old and modern works is determining how to create the combination of eras and genres function while maintaining a general impression of cohesiveness. Even the most varied of spaces require symmetry and equilibrium. While integrating wood surfaces and metals is an artwork in its own right, using a similar color scheme is typically the simplest way to merge disparate elements. To achieve uniformity, paint thrift stores like nightstands, dining table sets, workstations, and almirah in a milky black and add black soft couches and lounges. Merging genres and eras is simple when you focus on shape.

Several of the best gallery walls feature a diverse blend of old and contemporary, ensuring that the layout feels less like a museum exhibit and more like a representation of your particular style. A combination of traditional pieces, along with a painterly figure sketch and watercolor sceneries, is energized by two powerful geometric paintings. A similar color scheme of subtle azure, brownish, and greens provides a unified appearance.

Statement Items

Use big-scale highlight stuff, such as an old cabinet, Baroque-style or Art Nouveau headboards, or big vintage farm furniture, to make the most of an antique in a modern living room. By repainting, polishing, restoring interiors, or putting padding on a historic bed frame and chair, one may make it useful and fit for modern living. This method works very well in a bland environment that requires a point of focus or a feeling of happiness, that is achieved through the use of juxtaposition and counterpoint The same approach may be applied to large-scale ornamental elements, such as a gigantic French plated mirror or a big old carpet to highlight an utterly modern room.

Maximizing Space with a King Size Trundle Bed

Incorporating a king size trundle bed into your bedroom is an innovative way to blend functionality with elegance, particularly when mixing modern furniture with traditional decor. This unique furniture piece, often overlooked, serves multiple purposes without compromising on style or comfort. A king-size trundle bed provides a grand sleeping area and an additional hidden bed that slides out from beneath, perfect for guests or family members. Its design can be tailored to match the aesthetic of any room, bridging the gap between contemporary needs and the charm of traditional decor.

The trundle bed’s discreet nature allows it to seamlessly integrate into a room’s design, maintaining the sleek, uncluttered look that modern decor often emphasizes. Yet, its structure and potential for ornate detailing can echo the intricate craftsmanship of traditional furniture. By choosing a design with rich wood finishes or decorative headboards, you can pay homage to the past while providing a practical solution for today’s living spaces. This piece not only maximizes floor space but also adds a layer of versatility to the bedroom, making it an ideal choice for those looking to merge the old with the new harmoniously and practically.

Accent Items


Not all of us have the desire or the means to stage a large-scale spectacle with a flashy antique point of focus. Start with little furnishings items like side tables and hardwood chairs, or decorative items like antique French mullioned windows, light fittings, and rugs if one loves vintage but is scared of purchasing vintage pieces. A big, antique/vintage rug instantly establishes the mood and you can have a fantastic time layering and stacking near it.

For the bedroom, modern does not have to be frigid and sparse. It is the polar opposite in the bedroom seating nook: delicate, beautiful, and incredibly peaceful. This blend of futuristic forms and pared-down proportions is the ideal contrast to a pair of traditional white chairs, from the heavenly reflective surface to the Sputnik-style sculpture to the pedestal desk in gilded contours.


Modern architecture is among the top misunderstood interior design types, with individuals frequently using it to define current aesthetics. Today’s fashionable styles include a lot of texture, decoration, and clashing components. The simple tone is a distinguishing feature of present-day architecture. The latest designs focus significantly on simplicity.

Here are some amazing bedroom design ideas from Swiss Interior for your reference:

Written by Kan Dail