5 Benefits of Play Talking and Reading to Child Every Day

Play Talking and Reading to Child

Becoming a parent comes with a wide array of different responsibilities. Still, we can all agree that the most important thing is to educate your child and bring it up properly.

Of course, this is not an easy task to do as you can presume, since there is a high number of aspects you need to pay attention to, and not only that but focusing on all these is extremely hard.

Nobody said it’s going to be easy, right? So, you need to commit to your best efforts before you can be successful at this. It is something you need to do constantly, every single day

Besides that, parents need to show an example to their children of how should they behave.

Remember, your children will mimic you in most cases.

The most important thing you need to pay attention to is playing.

Of course, there is no magic formula that determines what is right or wrong in this aspect.

Another point we want to make to point out is the importance of reading. If you don’t know where to obtain appropriate books, then you should check out the reading subscriptions box for kids.

Today, we want to talk about the benefits of the play talking and reading to your child.

1. Enhances Imagination

Enhances Imagination

The first, and most important benefit we want to disclose is the building up of creativity and imagination for your children.

When you read to your kids, you open whole new words for them, and you help them with understanding different parts of this world of ours they weren’t aware of before.

Children themselves will think carefully about the new things they have heard and see how they can incorporate them into their little world. In this process, they constantly think about new things, and they come up with different solutions for certain issues and problems.

As you know, imagination is an important factor and they will be able to make the most of it later in life.

As you can presume, the age of your children will dictate what kind of books you will read to them.

For instance, you cannot read complex novels or philosophical books to a five-year-old.

However, by choosing the books that are appropriate for their age, you will slowly help them understand all the important particularities.

2. Education

Besides the entertainment, playing with your child can be quite educational, depending on what kind of play you utilize.

Of course, reading is a great way for your child to learn about numerous things.

For instance, we all know that children’s books are filled with animal species and plants, which helps your child get educated about the world around them.

Also, talking to your children about the world around them is quite useful even when you play outside.

A good example is when you go to the zoo with your children. Be sure to talk about them and the animals there.

That way, they will have a much easier time remembering all the species much easier.


3. Improves Communication

The next thing we want to talk about is improved communication for your child. We all know that children tend to repeat what we say a lot, and this is one of the cutest things you will witness as a parent.

However, they’re repeating this is not only a temporary thing. It offers much more benefits down the road.

When we read to our children and we talk to them, we help them understand the meaning of the words we use, and it becomes easier for them to communicate.

We are not just talking about the current time, but also about the future. So, it is more than clear this will be of much help to them in the future.

The calculation is pretty clear, the more you expose your children to vocabulary, the chances of them adopting the new words, and becoming much more interested in learning more, tend to grow.

So, you can see that improving the communication of your children in the future is a great benefit.

4. Building Relationships

Building Relationships

The more you communicate with your children, the more they will feel close to you. It’s as simple as that.

Naturally, reading to them is a great way of communication, but with additional aspects, not just pure communication we use every day.

That way, your child will have a much different perception of you than otherwise.

Of course, it’s really hard for children not to like their parents. But constant communication with them will make your relationship broader.

You will not just have the basic parent-child relationship, but you will be able to talk about a wide array of different topics in the future.

Ultimately, the scope of your relationship will get broader.

We are certain that many parents do not understand how important it is to do that. When we look at it from a scientific perspective, we will see that language is much more than just the words we speak.

It helps our children form their mind state properly, which will inevitably affect the relationship in the future.

5. Improving Literacy

Last but not least, we want to talk about the importance of improved literacy.

Today, we can see that children become literate much earlier than was the case decades or centuries ago.

The sooner we start with it, the chances of them becoming much more educated in the future tend to get much higher.

With a proper understanding of literacy, your children will have much more potential in the future.

Literacy is improved not only through reading, but it can also be improved with playing, let’s say, some appropriate board games. There is a wide array of those you can choose from.



Understanding the benefit of the play talking and reading to your child every day is practically limitless.

To help you understand them, we’ve provided you with a list of the most important benefits your child can reap from this activity.

We are certain you will find this list of ours to be of much help in the future.

Written by Ana Weaver