What Age is Best for Growth Hormone Treatment

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Having a lack of hormones is a scary thing on its own. When we talk about the insufficiency of growth hormones, that does not have to be correlated with the actual disease. However, it may be often a part of one. For that purpose, regular checkups are essential to come up with the right diagnose.

In our luck, the medical field has been in a nonstop development, so we have the option for hormone substitution. If our body does not produce a sufficient amount, we can just take a laboratory-made hormone that works just as well as the pituitary produced.

To help you understand when is the best time for the growth hormone application, and understand its benefits, we have prepared this article. In addition, we will include some things that you should consider before your child goes through such treatment.

When should the treatment begin

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Before we go through the ages when this treatment should begin, we have to look inside the process to understand whether this hormone substitution is suitable for the diagnose. Many people go through these procedures because they are not satisfied with their or their child’s height. Although the results will be present, it is still debatable whether someone should do this.

In case there was a diagnose that shows a deficiency of the GH on top of a syndrome or additional disease, this procedure is almost always recommended. However, there are many debates whether this treatment is suitable for someone who only has height problems. The long-term effects are not completely known, so you may harm your health just for height improvements.

Although many studies have passed, and still many more are in process, there is not an exact time where this process should begin. Everything is being determined by the endocrinologist that leads the case.

If we talk about the growing process and improving the height that your child has, it is best to begin early. There are two periods where this can be noticed visually where proper testing follows. The first period is about the age of three, and the second is about the age of thirteen to fourteen. As soon as the tests are being finished, and the diagnose has been given, the treatment should be considered.

All the studies that have been done, show that the best results follow when the procedure starts early. This is beneficial because the growth plates located in the bones are still being open, so you can expect better results. In addition, when puberty comes, there will be exponential growth, which should bring the patient to the height that has been genetically determined for them.

Taking this hormone after puberty finishes have nothing to do with growing tall, but improving other aspects of the person’s life. The bones are complete and you cannot grow taller anymore. However, many people use them to improve their fat distribution and fix certain issues regarding their intimacy. However, the risks should be known before the supplementation begins, and everything should be done with your doctor by your side.

Benefits of growth hormone

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In children, the benefits of using the GH treatment are obvious. They will grow to their genetic determining proportion, so they have a quality life in the future. Looking like all the other people will after the mental health as well as being strong enough for all the challenges in the future. Since you are replenishing the insufficient hormones, you are contributing the well-functioning and using all the characteristics that this hormone gives.

When this treatment is being done on adults, the benefits are slightly different. Since they cannot grow anymore, the focus is more on all the other things that are important for the lives of the users. For example, it corrects the sexual issues, males have better erectile functions, and females have better lubricative abilities. In addition, the mood swings, and the sleeping problems are usually being corrected as well. The physical look goes through changes, with better muscle gain, and reorganizing the fat distribution, which helps the weight loss process.

To understand all the benefits better, you should consider talking to an endocrinologist where they will show you a couple of hgh before after results. That way, you will be more satisfied having clearer expectations.

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Things to consider before your child begins with the therapy

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Before you proceed to go through this procedure, you have to make sure that you are addressing a real problem and not something that you speculate on. Testing is essential, not only to see if you are solving a real problem but to see the nature of the issue as well.

Is there a real deficiency

Before you consider the treatment, you have to make sure that there is a real deficiency. The first thing that has to be done when you are concerned about the height is checking all the GH levels. If that is being correct, the issue has a different nature that has to be examined. In some cases, your child may be late with their growth, but they will have a period where they will grow exponentially to get to their final height.

Understand your height genetics

Sometimes, you have to go through your family tree and see if there was someone that had a similar issue. In some cases, there are just sporadic cases where these things happen, and treating them is highly advised.

However, there are cases where there was someone short in the family, that had no other issues, and maybe your child inherited it. If you have genetics where you are mostly short, that means that your child will be as well. This means that you don’t need this procedure and your child will eventually get to their genetic predispositions.

Take care about the mental health

Besides the growth, mental health is just important. Many of the children are being frustrated and depressed because they are being different than their peers. In addition, they might be a target for jokes which will ruin their confidence along the way. For that purpose, make sure that you begin the care about the mental at the same time when the procedure begins to get the best results possible.

Consider the side-effects

Although there are not many risks related to GH supplementation, there can still be some minor discomforts experienced by the patients. In the beginning, headaches are a common symptom and they are nothing to worry about. There can be a pain in the place of application, so it is advised to change the place after every application. Lastly, because of the rapid growth, there can be musculoskeletal problems, usually in the form of hip luxation that has to be fixed quickly.

Written by Ana Weaver