7 Best Cities in Australia for Single Guys


Australia is one of the best countries thanks to its diverse culture, sandy beaches, and fantastic weather. The women are pretty too, and if you’re a single guy looking to get into the dating game, you are in the right place. However, you must bring your A-game if you want to hack it with Aussie women.

There are plenty of places where you can meet and pick up women in Australia. For party lovers, you should check out nightclubs that host singles’ nights. You can also hop on online dating sites if you struggle with physical meetups.

In this article, we share some of the best cities in Australia where you can meet pretty single ladies. Remember, dating is a game of chances, and if you get rejected or ignored, don’t try to force yourself. Move on and try your luck again.

1. Sydney

Most tourists and non-locals often think that Sydney is the capital of Australia and is home to some of the best beaches in Australia, including the world-famous Bondi beach. Dating in Sydney can be tricky since most people there are ex-pats, and you must bring your best if you want to land a lady from Sydney.

Sydney also hosts plenty of international events, and the population is a mix of different races and cultures. We recommend Sydney to any single guy looking to try women from other countries.

The cost of living is relatively high, which is why most women in Sydney will always try to wait for a guy with good income.

2. Brisbane


Brisbane delivers similar vibes to Sydney as it is one of the top tourist destinations. It has some fantastic views and architecture. The best thing about Brisbane is that, unlike Sydney, the locals are pretty laid back. Brisbane is the place to go if you would like to have a similar experience to Sydney but on a budget.

The girls in Brisbane are great, just like the weather. Brisbane also has good party life, and you will come across plenty of girls from Australia and other states worldwide. Brisbane is an incredible city for people who love participating in outdoor activities.

On the flip side, if you are an introvert, you can go on dates with Brisbane escorts. Avoid the hustle of wooing girls, just hop on to Ivy Société, and get some of the best escorts in Australia.

3. Perth

It is ranked as one of the best cities worldwide. Perth is quite populated and also has fantastic weather and great places where you can visit. The city is also close to the coast so you can go swimming or surfing where you will get a chance to meet up with other singles within the city.

From our research, the number of women in Perth isn’t relatively high compared to Sydney and Brisbane. Competition in the dating game can be pretty stiff in Perth, and the thing is, you need to be in your best form to land a beauty there.

4. Canberra


The city of Canberra is also a good place for single guys looking to find the love of their life. It is small, but the quality of life is tops, similar to that of Perth. Perth’s unique architecture is home to the country’s politicians and diplomats.

A lot happens in Canberra, including music events that you can attend on your quest to find your soulmate. Competition in Canberra can be stiff since it is not as populated as other cities on this list.

Perth is only three hours away from Sydney, so most guys prefer driving to Sydney to mingle and widen their dating pool.

5. Melbourne

Like Sydney, Melbourne is another great tourist destination and a friendly place for single guys looking for non-local singles. Most ex-pats also prefer living here due to the quality of life and business environment. The city is also home to some of the best universities and colleges.

Most graduates relocate to Melbourne to start their careers, and Melbourne also hosts plenty of global sports and music events. There are plenty of places and spots across Melbourne where you can meet singles. If you love partying, that’s great as most college students flock the bars and nightclubs there. Book a cozy hotel for yourself to have the best stay with Cozycozy.

6. Adelaide


Great beaches, weather, and a relaxed city are what you get when you travel down to Adelaide. It is not quite a tourist location and a large chunk of the population is made of career-oriented guys. The weekends are always fun as most people living in Adelaide go to the beach to chill and unwind.

The city has fantastic views and excellent attractions where you can go on dates or pick up girls. The city has a nice balance of local Australian girls and non-locals as some ex-pats prefer to settle in Adelaide.

7. Newcastle

Newcastle doesn’t carry as much hype as most cities on this list. However, most tourists prefer going there since it is not that populated. The entertainment scene in Newcastle is quite lively and plenty of outdoor musical events are happening regularly.

Most youth who like the life of partying often travel to Newcastle. You may look out of place if you are old, but this is the perfect field for young professionals and campus kids looking for romantic hookups.

Wrapping Up

Approaching Aussie ladies can be a little bit intimidating. Most ladies are upfront and you must be confident about getting a date. However, they are also very outgoing, meaning that they will be open to holding a conversation.

Beaches and outdoor places such as malls and bars are the best places where you can meet the prettiest women. There are plenty of singles nightclubs in Australia where you will meet fellow single guys ready to mingle.

Dating in competitive cities such as Sydney will need you to bring your best game. Men with great careers and top shape will hack their way with most women across Australia.

If you’re visiting for the first time, learn about Australia’s history. Coming out as witty will help you bag some nice girls. Make sure you look clean and fresh to make a great first impression.


Written by Kan Dail