Best Fat Tire eBike Under 1000


Getting a fat tire electric bike needs no reason. Especially if you love riding through challenging terrains.

But outdoor lovers are not the only ones who can enjoy riding this electric bike. Riding fat tire eBikes offers more benefits, including being the most stable option in the electric bike market.

However, picking an eBike under $1000 can be quite a challenge. The good thing is the market is very diverse that you can find something that caters to your needs.

This article highlights the best fat tire eBike under 1000.

Best Fat Tire eBike Under 1000

The Mihogo RX Max eBike is our most recommended buy for those looking for power and affordability. While its price tag might be double your budget, you are surely getting what you spent on this fat tire eBike.

The RX Max is branded by Mihogo as the perfect fat tire electric bike for those who want an all-in-one beast. Its power comes from the integrated 750W motor that allows you to reach a maximum speed of 22 miles per hour.

It is also portable, aside from having that power. This electric bike features a foldable, magnesium alloy frame, which offers top-notch stability while remaining lightweight.

Besides its 20 x 4-inch tires, Mihogo also included cadence and speed sensors, a 48V 14Ah lithium-ion LG battery, and an LCD Smart Easy Read Display.

Other Options


Riders looking for some more options need not worry. While eBikes are new, manufacturers have been keeping pace and releasing new products catering to the needs of new and experienced riders.

If you have room to hike your budget, there are even more choices in store.

Here are other options for the best fat tire eBike under 1000:

1. Avantrek Macrover 100

The Avantrek Macrover 100 electric bike combines comfort with an efficient and ergonomic design. This electric bike was made for those who love extreme riding.

It comes with a high-speed 500W rear hub motor, which generates a torque of 50Nm. With this power, the Macrover 100 can reach a top speed of 32 kilometers per hour. It also is a very capable fat tire eBike when climbing hills with up to 22% gradient.

A 13Ah 468-watt-hours removable battery provides juice for this electric bike. This battery can allow you to travel up to 80 kilometers on a single charge.

Additionally, it features a front fork shock absorber, Shimano 7-Speed gears, and 26 x 4-inch tires.

2. Mihogo X1

The Mihogo X1 electric bike is another option for those who can stretch their budget a little over 1000. While it costs a bit more, the extra dollar is worth it compared to what this electric bike offers.

This Mihogo electric bike does not disappoint in its performance. It comes fitted with a competent 750W motor allowing for easy acceleration, especially when going uphill.

It also features front and rear hydraulic disc brakes, a 7-speed Shimano gear shift system, and a frame made of aluminum alloy that provides durability and good corrosion resistance.

However, this eBike is not for those looking for electric bikes with 4-inch tires. It only comes with 20 x 3-inch tires. But these tires are still very capable of keeping you safe when carrying tons of items and braving challenging road conditions.

3. Mihogo LX


Mihogo’s other offering works best for both urban rides and weekend mountain trail expeditions.

The Mihogo LX eBike can conquer all terrains with its Taiwan Longan hydraulic brakes, which allow you to stop even at 45 kilometers per hour. This feature significantly helps when going through rocky roads or when pedestrians suddenly appear in front of you.

It also comes with 20 x 4-inch tires that provide great grip. These tires provide top-notch weight distribution for easy balancing, regardless of road conditions.

Apart from these features, Mihogo also fitted the LX with an LCD smart easy read display, a speed sensor, and a 48V 28.8Ah removable lithium-ion battery.

4. Aostirmotor A20

If you are among those riders looking for stability and safety in a fat tire eBike, the Aostirmotor A20 electric bike is the one for you. This electric bike comes with 20 x 4-inch tires providing high levels of grip on any surface type.

To get you safely through any terrain, the A20 comes with a 36V 13Ah lithium-ion battery and a 500W brushless gear motor. The combined power of these components allows for easy uphill climbs and long rides. Its battery allows an estimated range of 22 miles on a single charge.

It also offers front and rear mechanical disc brakes, a 5-Level pedal-assist system, and an easy-to-fold mechanism that can be done in three steps.

How To Choose the Fat Tire

Here are some tips to help you determine which fat tire eBike is best for your needs.

Consider Your Riding Environment

The first step in selecting the right fat tire eBike for you is to consider your riding environment. Do you plan on taking it off-road, or sticking strictly to paved trails? If you’re planning mostly off-roading adventures, opt for a model with wide tires and good shock absorption. A full suspension setup and robust frame are also important for navigating uneven terrain and avoiding injury caused by bumps and obstacles.

Think About Power


Another consideration when choosing an electric fat tire bike is how much power you need. Do you plan on tackling steep hills or long distances? For longer rides over hilly terrain, look for bikes with higher motor outputs and bigger batteries that provide longer-range capabilities. More experienced riders may benefit from more powerful motors at higher speeds as well but should always practice caution while operating their electric bike.

Evaluate Comfort Features

Comfort features such as adjustable handlebars, ergonomic grips, padded saddles, and easy-to-use controls all make riding more comfortable and enjoyable. Also consider how adjustable mountain biking components such as seat posts, handlebar stems, cranksets, etc., will affect your overall comfort level while riding. Adjustable components allow riders of varying heights to find an ergonomic position that’s both comfortable and safe when operating their electric bike on different terrain types.


Fat tire eBikes offer everyone a great riding experience. It provides optimum balance, whether riding on city roads or through snow, sand, and rocky trails.

We hope you find your best fat tire eBike under 1000 and enjoy your ride!

Written by Kan Dail