How To Choose The Best Material For Your Deck 


Whether you’re installing a deck in your outdoor space for the first time or the old one needs renovation, being familiar with all the options out there when it comes to materials is a must. You can make the right choice and find something that suits your needs best only if you try hard and be persistent enough to study this topic.

Your final decision will probably be influenced by many factors – ranging from your budget and the outdoor space design to the functionalities that vary depending on whether you opt for natural wood or aluminum, for example. Each of the materials available on the market has certain advantages and disadvantages. So, whatever you decide on, know that the choice will probably not be perfect – but that doesn’t mean that it’s going to be bad.

Let’s try to help you with that and reveal to you how to choose the best material for your deck with zero worries.

Pressure-treated lumber: an affordable option without bugs and rot


Once you decide to renovate or set up a deck for the first time, your budget may be a limiting factor Stop for a moment and think again if you aren’t sure whether you’ll have enough cash, as there are always alternative solutions that can make your outdoor space equally effective and attractive at a much lower cost.

This type of material is made of natural wood, although treated with chemical agents in order to remain immune to bug accumulation and the appearance of rot. Pressure-treated lumber is widely represented on the market and is rather practical. The price is quite affordable, which is great if we consider its satisfactory durability. So, if you want something cheap that you won’t have to regularly clean from bugs, this is the right suggestion for you.

On the other hand, there may be a shape deviation or cracks after some time of exposure to external influences. With regular and proper maintenance you can extend its lifespan, but the renovation will definitely become necessary once in a few years.

Natural wood: for those who enjoy a completely natural environment


The highest quality and most popular option among homeowners is natural wood. All those who have an increased awareness of environmental protection will probably want a completely natural backyard look. This implies the elimination of chemical treatment in the production process of the deck.

The most commonly used natural wood, in this case, is cedar which you can avail from G&B Quality Cedar Products If you aren’t sure whether this type of material is what you want, you can always consult with experts you hire to set up the deck. Probably everyone, just like those on will immediately point out the perfectly pleasant texture of this wood, as well as the smell.

The natural oils in this wood affect its high resistance to rot. Given the required production process, you can expect a high price, but also high quality that’ll require minimal investment in the future.

However, like the previous type, this one will need serious maintenance. You’ll have to adjust it depending on the type of wood you have chosen, but regular and thorough stain removal once a year is mandatory

Composites: for easy maintenance


The composite decking was created by combining recycled plastic and wood dust. This combination created a fairly durable material, even compared to natural wood. Considering that it’s very difficult for it to warp or rot, it could be said that this is quite a good reason for making it your first choice.

Unlike natural wood, you can paint this floor to give it a whole new look. However, this can affect the natural texture, which some users probably wouldn’t want. It can also encourage mold and cause certain types of damage. Composite is tailored to a medium height budget, so it can be a perfect alternative to the most expensive options.

These floors are easy to maintain and are quite resistant to all weather conditions. This is especially important for those owners who don’t want to renovate their exterior floor every two years.

Aluminum: for a cooler and waterproof surface


If you’re looking for the perfect material, many experts will recommend aluminum. Thanks to its excellent properties that don’t allow rotting, cracking, the appearance of mold, slipping, or susceptibility to weather conditions, it’s excellent even for those users with high criteria. A final layer of powder applied to the aluminum decks can last for years.

Compared to the previously mentioned materials, aluminum is rather light and can be easily cut and shaped. What makes it difficult for you to decide are countless different designs on the market, as you won’t be able to pick one – they all look amazing. Thanks to the well-connected edges, you won’t have to worry about water penetration, while the outer channels have the role of draining the rainwater.

Wanna know another thing that makes it amazing? You’ll be delighted by their weak healing power, especially in the summer months, when everything burns. Aluminum heat dissipation property plays the main role in cooling and makes your stay on the deck more enjoyable.

Lastly, keep in mind that aluminum is the most expensive option, even compared to natural wood – and well, when all the perfect features are taken into account, we can’t say that we are surprised by the price, right?

Plastic: a lightweight and durable option


The most commonly used type of plastic for making a plastic deck is PVC. In PVC floors, polyvinyl chloride is 100% present and isn’t mixed with other materials, which makes its maintenance super simple and highly resistant to weather conditions. This plastic is recyclable, which is a big plus when you take into account the protection of the environment and it’s also very light.

However, some shortcomings are present in this case as well. With this choice, you can definitely lose touch with nature in an aesthetic sense. On the other hand, on wet days you could probably slip, which is why you need to be super careful.

If at the beginning of this article you were puzzled and unsure about this topic, we hope that things have now become much clearer for you. Think about your desires and needs related to arranging your outdoor space for enjoyment – and you’ll certainly make the right choice.

Written by P. Mito