The Best Payment Methods In Online Casinos

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Choosing a payment processing is the important part when you want to add funds to your gambling account. Before that, you should always check if the website is safe and reliable. The competition in this market is very high, and there is always a chance to get into a scam.

In case that you proceed with sharing your private information and bank account number on such a website, you are in danger of identity and money theft. To avoid that, look for certificates and well-known payment models that are safe. Also, you can always search the reviews sections that you can easily find online and check the experience of other players.

After you find a trustworthy website, you will have an option to choose between various payment processors. Besides the safety, there are some other things to check, like the time needed for withdrawal, additional fees, privacy, limitations, and more. Here are the best payment options in online casinos.

Credit Card

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This is the most common choice of players today. More than 50% of them is using the credit card to complete the payment when they want to gamble online. Also, we have to mention that the available Visa or MasterCard payment is the indicator that the website where you want to play is completely safe. The reason for that is that these companies are always checking their clients, and there are some strict requirements to be fulfilled before a company can add this feature to their website.

The process is quite simple, and all you need to do is to type the amount you want to add, along with the details of your card. In most cases, you will need to create an additional token used for verification, which makes this process even safer. However, if there are some strict regulations related to online gambling in your area, you can expect that the bank will follow them as well. When it comes to withdrawal time in this method, you will have to wait one or two days in most cases.


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This option is becoming more popular in recent years, with the expansion of cryptocurrencies and more people interested in using Bitcoin and other digital currencies for regular payments. Before you choose an online casino where you can make a payment with cryptocurrencies, be sure to check the additional fees on transactions. The main advantages are security, anonymity, and speed of transactions. Also, the withdrawal process is much faster. If you want to check out some of the best Bitcoin casinos, visit InsideBitcoins.


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Besides cryptocurrencies, there are other types of e-wallets that you can use. The most popular option is PayPal. It is fast and convenient. Also, they provide faster transactions when compared to credit cards. However, keep in mind that are around 400 million users of this service. The process of integrating PayPal as a payment processor on your website is simple. In that matter, if you notice that some online casino is offering only this payment option, you should avoid it. Besides PayPal, other popular e-wallets are Skrill, Neteller, Paysafe, and Eco Payz.

Bank Transfers

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There are two most common types of bank transfers, wire, and instant. When it comes to wire transfer, it is a common method accepted in most online casinos. The main benefit is high security. However, it requires a much longer time to process. On the other hand, instant transfer offers the same protection, but you don’t need to wait for the money on your gambling account. There are different services you can choose from, like Trustly, iDeal, and Giropay. The excellent feature is that you don’t need to share any details with the website where you want to play. This is a great solution if you are not sure if the gambling platform is safe.

How to Know That Website is Secure?

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As we already mentioned, it is very important to check if the gambling platform is reliable before you create an account there, and share private information along with the details of your bank account. Even if you are using only bank transfers where you won’t share the card number, you will still need to add your name, address, and ID during the registration process. Moreover, you should check the regulations in your country, which can be helpful when you are choosing the payment method. For example, many countries don’t allow people to use credit cards as an option.

When it comes to the factors that will help you to determine if the website is safe, you should check if there is a firewall, certificates of security, and SSL. The purpose of these safety measures is to protect websites from cyber-attacks and malware. Moreover, we already mentioned that you should avoid websites that are offering only one or two payment methods.

What is the Best Payment Option?

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It depends on your preferences and regulations in your country. The Bitcoin casinos are offering many advantages because you can quickly make both deposits and withdraws. However, you should check if the prices are also in BTC or some other cryptocurrencies. If you are trading on this market, then you know how volatile it is. therefore, winning by gambling on Bitcoin casino could lead to an even higher profit over time, but only in case that the price of this cryptocurrency is growing.

While most of these transfers offer convenience since you can easily add funds to your gambling balance, the issue is related to gambling habits. It is necessary to determine some limitations related to your spending on this type of entertainment. People might lose the track of how much money they are losing when they can make another transfer in only a few steps.


If you are looking for the safest models of adding funds to your casino account, you should choose instant transfer or e-wallet. On the other hand, the credit card is an even easier method, and some websites allow you to connect the card, which means that you can make a new transfer in few steps. Faster withdrawal can also be because you can gamble again only with money that you already won, which is a great way to prevent bigger losses.

Written by Ana Weaver