10 Best Wedding Gifts for Couples Who Have Everything


In the past, many things were simpler. If you are going to a wedding, agreeing with the couple on what they need and contributing to the purchase is enough. But nowadays, many couples already have everything they need, so choosing a gift for their wedding can be a headache or test your creativity to limits you didn’t even know existed.

When it comes to wedding gifts, several ideas are easy to implement – from a travel voucher to a certain amount of money placed in an envelope. But what if you want to avoid clichés and still don’t know what to buy? Where would you start with your thinking and research in this situation? Is it better to ask directly what they need or buy what you like?

For this purpose, we have put together an article that we hope will be useful to you in solving such a challenge.

1. Experience Gifts


Instead of giving predictable material gifts, you can choose an experience they will never forget. For example, it could be a concert, event, cooking class, hot air balloon ride, or a trip.

They may not have an object that will remind them of you, but they will always be happy to say they were at a wonderful event or had a wonderful experience thanks to the gift.

2. Luxury Spa Day


You can secure a voucher for a luxury spa treatment. Many couples are tired after the wedding and surely need relaxation or pampering. You can provide them with a full-day experience or give them the choice to stay as long as they want by covering a good portion of the cost.

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Trust us, they will be forever grateful for this experience and will never forget what you did for them.

3. Premium Subscription Services


If you want to make something that will allow them to enjoy it for a long time, then you can make a premium monthly subscription to something they love. For example, it could be at a horse riding club, a sports club, a library, a premium streaming service, or a few reservations on your account at their favorite restaurant.

With this idea, you can be really creative and give something that will be really useful to them, whether the service lasts for a week, a month, or a longer period.

4. Cozy Weekend Getaway


Choose a destination that you know the couple will enjoy. You can pay for a luxury hotel or a remote villa so that they can spend quality time together.

Even the smallest trip will mean to them as in any other situation. And after the wedding and the stressful period, they will certainly want more time for themselves, so you can be creative and find the ideal destination for a weekend getaway.

5. Premium Coffee Maker


Coffee makers are a great gift for everyone, especially for lovers of quality coffee. You can find an exclusive offer and choose a quality coffee machine that will enrich their home and help them enjoy an amazing taste every morning.

Of course, this gift is ideal for those couples who really like to drink coffee. But if they are not fans, you could find an alternative, such as a luxury tea set or an appliance that you are sure they need.

6. Charity Donation


If the couple is sure they don’t need a special gift for their wedding, you can arrange to make a charitable donation on their behalf. In this way, both you and they show involvement in larger social problems and contribute to solving them.

Many couples donate a large portion of their gifts to charity, helping a certain endangered or marginalized group. Well, if you’d like it too, and the couple is perfectly fine with the proposal, it wouldn’t hurt to find a charity where you could make this donation.

We only recommend that you donate the amount that you previously thought of as a gift, even if it means a higher cost. It wouldn’t be fair to deduct money from the gift because it doesn’t go directly to the couple getting married.

7. Personalized Recipe Book


If the couple are true gourmets, then the idea of a cookbook with their favorite recipes is great. Find out which food is their favorite and order a custom book accordingly. You can add various stories and be creative throughout the process.

This may not be the most useful gift they have received, but they will surely be delighted with your devoted attention and effort.

8. Pay Something from the Wedding


Weddings are expensive, and as a true friend, you could offer to contribute towards paying the sum. It doesn’t have to be something big. You can, for example, provide transportation for the newlyweds or buy the wedding cake.

You will do it from the heart, and it will mean a lot to them because they will not have to think about that extra cost.

9. Provide a Professional Photographer


Couples often cannot find a photographer who will consistently capture their best moments. So, if you know someone and are able to do this for them, you can hire a photographer and make that your gift to them.

10. Listen When They Say They Don’t Need Anything


Finally, if they’re sure they don’t want gifts, maybe you should listen to them. They throw a party to enjoy with their loved ones, and if they don’t need any gifts, you can put a token amount in an envelope and enjoy the fun that will happen.


We hope we helped you at least get an idea on what to buy for the upcoming wedding, especially when the couple has everything they need. Still, buying something valuable will make them cry (happy tears for sure). So, make a list of the best ideas, and choose what you think they’ll like most.

That way, it gets easier for you to make a choice and have a great time at their wedding, knowing that they’ll receive such an exceptional and valuable gift from you.

Written by Alana Harrington