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Bicyclists and Pedestrians: Tips on Sharing the Road


In most people’s minds, Florida is synonymous with beautiful beaches, pleasant weather, and thrilling amusement parks. They may not realize that Florida has a severe problem with dangerous highways. Streets and highways pose significant dangers to bicyclists and pedestrians.

In terms of bicycle deaths, Florida ranks first in the US. Research conducted by the NHTSA (National Highway Traffic Safety Administration) indicates there were 783 fatal motorcycle accidents involving bicyclists in 2007, with 55 percent of those occurring in Florida.

A study by the Association for the Advancement of Automotive Medicine found that head injuries accounted for one-third of all injuries suffered by cyclists.

Bicycle accident victims may need long-term medical treatment due to the severity of their injuries, which would result in high medical costs in addition to other losses. A Miami bicycle accident attorney can assist you in taking the necessary actions to guarantee that you receive the compensation you need to recover from all of your injuries.

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Common Causes of Bicycle Accidents in Miami


An accident involving a bicycle is caused for numerous reasons. Many bicycle accidents can, however, be avoided.

Bicycle accidents are often triggered by a number of things that contribute to the accident:

  • Speeding
  • Near passing of bikers
  • Driver distraction
  • Negligent driving
  • Driving while drowsy and sleepy
  • Cycling and drunk driving
  • Failing to go over to the right
  • Unsafe driving circumstances
  • Incorrect lane changes
  • Inexperienced cyclists and drivers

For governmental organizations, figuring out what caused a bicycle accident might be crucial. This procedure may result in changes to bicycle infrastructure and lower the likelihood of subsequent bicycle accidents.

Everyone benefits from constructing cycling infrastructure and repairing roads. For people and families, the effects of bicycle accidents can be catastrophic. The City of Miami must also deal with the repercussions. Those who have been injured in a bicycle accident may need to speak to an attorney to find out whether they can receive compensation for their injuries.

How can drivers share the road with cyclists safely?


Bicycles are classified as vehicles in Florida. Except on expressways, they enjoy the same rights and obligations as motor vehicles on public highways. When engaging with bikers on the road, however, there are particular guidelines that motorists must follow.

When driving alongside or overtaking bicyclists, drivers are obligated by law to provide a minimum clearance of 3 feet. It is safer to turn behind bicycles than in front of them when drivers turn in the bike lane. In other words, it reduces the chance of an accident.

A high beam can blind both drivers and cyclists. To reduce the risk of a collision, don’t use your high beam headlights when you see a biker approaching. Additionally, you should avoid honking your horn at bikers, as this can make them startled and swerve into oncoming traffic.

There are a variety of alternative strategies to avoid bicycle collisions, including:

  • When passing bicycles, slow down, especially if the route is narrow;
  • When driving, stay vigilant and avoid distractions.
  • In severe weather, give bikers more room to pass;
  • Before entering or exiting a traffic lane, check your mirrors and blind spots for bikers.
  • Be cautious when children are riding bicycles since they can emerge suddenly from driveways or sidewalks.

Preventing Collisions with Pedestrians


Florida law binds pedestrians and motorists alike. Safe pedestrian behavior includes:

  • Following traffic control devices and signage.
  • Use crosswalks and sidewalks whenever possible.
  • Not stepping into the path of approaching cars.

In addition to obeying traffic signals and signs, drivers must yield to pedestrians crossing the street, avoid passing cars waiting for pedestrians, and take reasonable precautions to avoid colliding with pedestrians and bicycles.

In these regulations, the general principles of driving behavior are outlined. Furthermore, they stipulate pedestrians have the right of way at crosswalks, and drivers must take special precautions to avoid hitting them.

Commonly asked questions about bicycle accidents in Miami:

Question: Can I file a lawsuit after being hit by a bike in Miami?

You can file a lawsuit in Miami if someone runs you over with a bike. Bicycle accident victims are entitled to compensation under Florida’s auto accident laws.

Question: What happens in Miami if a bicycle is struck by a car?

If a bicycle is struck by an automobile in Miami, you should call the police immediately. Under Florida law 316.065, you are required to notify the Miami Police Department or Miami-Dade Police Department of an accident that results in injuries or property damage that exceeds $500. A traffic ticket could be issued to the person who caused the accident. A victim may also make a claim for monetary compensation by starting a civil action.

Question: Is a bicycle claim in Miami covered by Florida no-fault insurance?

It’s possible for a bicycle claim in Miami to qualify for Florida’s no-fault insurance coverage. A victim has two options: file a third-party claim or go to their own personal injury protection insurance, depending on what the law allows.

The PIP insurance recovery rules are governed by Florida law, which mandates that medical treatment must be sought within 14 days after the accident and provides 80 percent coverage for injuries and 60 percent for lost income.

Question: How much might I anticipate receiving as compensation for my bicycle accident?

Your claim might be up to $75,000 if you sustained severe injuries in a bicycle accident, and a few claims exceed $1 million. Your personal injuries, the strength of the legal claim, your financial losses, and the agony and suffering brought on by your injuries will all play a role in determining how much money you can expect to receive as a settlement in a bicycle accident case in Miami.

Our bicycle accident attorneys in Miami have expertise in assisting accident victims in determining the overall value of their case based on the relevant facts and trying to maximize compensation.

Written by Kan Dail