The Biggest Jackpots in the History of Online Casinos


Casino betting brings together millions of players around the world. The most famous land-based casinos are located in Vegas and Monte Carlo, but in recent years online casinos have become especially popular. They offer access to a huge range of entertainment, which you can use at every opportunity. Even the largest halls are not able to accommodate thousands of titles and, moreover, provide free access to them for a huge number of visitors at the same time.

Internet technologies allow this goal to be achieved, and players have the opportunity to improve their gambling skills or simply relax while betting. Most beginners are attracted to online casinos by the opportunity to hit a really big jackpot. The size of the theoretical win depends on what combination will be formed on the reels of the slot. The most solid amounts can be obtained on slot machines with jackpots, which are:

  • Progressive;
  • static.

The progressive jackpot is constantly growing, so the amount of possible winnings can reach several tens of millions of dollars. A certain percentage of each bet goes to the total prize pool, which the lucky winner will be lucky to get. Therefore, after hitting the jackpot, the amount of the maximum jackpot declines to the minimum value set by the provider. For a short moment, such a jackpot becomes static, that is, it has a finite size. The advantage of a static jackpot is that after hitting the jackpot, the player can again go chasing the jackpot and its size will be the same. The disadvantage is that static jackpots are usually small in size.

Slots remain the most popular casino entertainment. This is not surprising, given the variety of entertainment that can be enjoyed in the casino, as well as access to the free mode. Therefore, progressive jackpots increase very quickly, because the machines are played by millions of users every day. A significant percentage of bets falls directly on slots that have a progressive jackpot. It is important to consider that hitting the maximum jackpot is quite difficult. The probability of its triggering will be minimal, otherwise the jackpot simply would not have time to accumulate up to seven-eight-digit marks.

Online casinos allow you to record almost every win, so every hit is made public. At the same time, special attention is paid to customer safety. At Golden Tiger Casino, users do not have to worry about their own privacy. The site implements the most modern protocols that exclude access to personal data for third parties. This allows you to place bets, focusing all your attention on the main goal – hitting a big jackpot.

$11,609,942 Jackpot on Mega Moolah Slot


The solid winnings can be received by both a beginner and a regular client of the casino. It must be remembered that any machine operates in accordance with the RNG, which is responsible for the formation of a certain combination on the reels. Therefore, you should rely only on luck, and not on complex strategies. In 2016, Mega Moolah saw one of the biggest wins in the history of online entertainment, which amounted to $ 11,609,942. It was received by a player with the nickname DP, who used an iPad for betting. It is noteworthy that already at that time jackpots were often taken by players who visited the casino using the mobile version of the site, and not desktop pages.

At that time, it was already the 28th jackpot, which managed to hit on the Mega Moolah slot. What else interesting did you find out about this win? The DP player turned out to be really lucky, as the jackpot was hit with a bet of 150 cents. The machine remains one of the most generous that can be found in online casino catalogs. Experts have calculated that, on average, it allows you to hit the jackpot every 10-12 weeks.

$11,633,898 Jackpot on Mega Moolah Slot

As noted above, this popular slot gives out winnings with enviable popularity. Therefore, the next big jackpot in the amount of $ 11,633,898 was received on it in the same year. The owner was an online casino visitor who did not wish to remain anonymous. His name is Marcus Goodwin and he is a US citizen. The amount was accumulated over the next 3 months with a little after receiving the previous winnings. This was the 29th jackpot hit in Mega Moolah.

It is worth noting that Marcus Goodwin disposed of his winnings quite rationally. In an interview, he said that he bought a new cottage with the money received, and also made two trips in 2016, purchasing trips to Africa and Europe for the whole family. The rest of the funds he left in the bank on deposit.

€11,736,375 Jackpot on Mega Fortune Slot


Players from all over the world can earn on bets, regardless of status and age. The only limitation is the attainment of adulthood. A great example is the winning of a Norwegian student on the Mega Fortune slot, which was received in 2011. A native of the province of Hordaland decided to play slots after a night in the cinema. He made a few bets on various slot machines, then made a bet on a couple of football matches and was about to sleep, but remembered the opportunity to get free spins at the casino. 10 free spins were given to a student on Mega Fortune slot. That is, the hit jackpot actually went to the player for free, because he earned 46 crowns, which he used for subsequent bets. The first paid spin brought him more than 11 million euros.

The unexpected jackpot did not allow the young man to fall asleep that night. The Norwegian immediately became a celebrity in his native county. He was interviewed by local newspapers, during one of which the young man said that he had not yet decided where he would spend the winnings. He noted that you must first calm down and then make a decision.

€17,861,800 Jackpot on Mega Fortune Slot

As in the case of Mega Moolah, the Mega Fortune machine turned out to be very generous with winnings. There are many reports of hit jackpots on this machine, as in the case of a win of almost 18 million euros, which the 40-year-old player managed to hit. A man from Finland became the owner of a fortune by betting on the slot in the amount of 25 cents per spin. This allows you to debunk the myth that you only need to play at the maximum limit in order to get the jackpot. This is the maximum winnings that has been received on this machine in its entire history. Moreover, in 2013 it was the highest winnings in online casinos, and until 2015 its owner was listed in the Guinness Book of Records.

€17,879,645 Jackpot on Mega Moolah


Who became the new record holder? In 2015, he received €17,879,645 thanks to the rates of a British Army soldier named John Heywood. His winnings remain in the record book to this day. The soldier managed to hit a huge win in just 25 spins. He noted in an interview that luck rewarded him with a jackpot in the 7th minute after entering the online casino, so he managed to spend only 40 euros before winning.

The young man managed to receive awards for participating in the military operation in Afghanistan and received the jackpot after returning to his homeland. The year for John Heywood turned out to be quite difficult, as his father needed an organ transplant, and he recently buried his grandfather. In his own words, it was difficult to imagine a more opportune moment to receive a win.

€17,500,000 Jackpot at Book of Atem

Another big winning was won by a casino visitor from the UK. He managed to spend only 1 euro before he received a solid jackpot. For bets, the Book of Atem machine was used. For the Microgaming provider, this was the third jackpot that was paid out on this slot. This is a fairly new slot that was released in 2020.

€8,100,000 Jackpot on Deal or No Deal Jackpot King

Each player has his own preferences regarding which machines to use for betting. The only thing known about the next lucky player is that he previously used card games for betting, but then switched to slots. He was attracted by the progressive jackpot game Deal or No Deal Jackpot King. He made several minimum bets on the slot and managed to hit the jackpot of €8,100,000 without spending even €1 in total. For the Blueprint Gaming developer, this was the maximum win that was registered on the brand’s progressive slots.

€3,700,000 Jackpot on AZTEC MILLIONS


The choice of the game on which subsequent bets will take place is no less important than the bets themselves. It is necessary to evaluate the technical side and characteristics of the device, and then decide on the optimal bet size.

Many players who go hunting for jackpots choose slots with small jackpots as their targets. Another lucky guy did just that, choosing a slot with a sum of up to 4 million euros. The prize was received at the beginning of 2021. The player made a deposit of 27 euros, but it is not known how much he managed to spend before hitting the jackpot. 27 euros turned into 3,700,000, which he withdrew without any problems. It is worth noting that the player took advantage of the registration bonus, that is, his deposit was doubled to 54 euros before the start of the fate betting.

CRAZY TIME LIVE Jackpot of € 2,800,000

Not only slot machines are popular among visitors to playgrounds. A lot of winnings can be obtained thanks to bets in the live dealer section. Previously, really large jackpots in this section were rarely reported until the €2,800,000 jackpot was hit in February 2021. It is worth recalling that this live dealer game is the most expensive project in the Evolution portfolio. The company even released a standalone documentary about its creation and the dealers who work at the studio. The winner was lucky enough, which allowed him to get a total multiplier of x5000, that is, the maximum possible in the game.

The Dark Knight Jackpot of €7,800,000

A solid jackpot was received by the Australian, who chose the Dark Knight slot machine for betting. Only 4 spins at a bet of 1 Australian dollar each brought € 7,800,000. Interestingly, this slot has never been featured in the rankings of the biggest wins in online casinos again. Everyone who puts enough effort into it can hit the jackpot. You just need to constantly practice and believe in your luck.

Written by Kan Dail