Top Lesser-Known Bong Complements That Are Sure to Enhance Your Smoking Experience


If you want to increase your smoking experience or change the style of your apparatus, consider using some new accessories that work in tandem with your smoking method. Add an ash catcher, percolator, diffused downstem, glass bowl attachment, or quartz banger for a different vibe!

Lesser-known accessories to use with your bong during your next smoking session!



One of the best accessories to purchase for your bong is an ash catcher. Although people typically think they do not need this accessory, it has numerous benefits that can enhance your daily smoking experience. Along with catching the debris and ash that are falling from your bong during use, it can reduce the need for daily clean-up after your smoking sessions. This means less time for cleanup, more time enjoying smoking, and a higher-quality smoking experience due to the long-lasting nature of your tool.

Ash catchers are basically a water pipe attachment that prevents falling ash from getting into the pipe area of your bong – if this happens, it can cause adverse health effects, more toxins inhaled, and dirty water. All of this contributes to a lesser-quality smoking experience for any advanced or beginner user.

Purchase an ash catcher and attach it to the stem of your bong. By installing this, you can keep it cleaner and provide smoother hits for you and your friends. If you’re worried about spending too much money on an ash catcher, don’t worry – this product costs only between $40 and $65 at most online smoke shops, so purchasing this will help increase the quality of smoking and keep your bong running for longer! Visit site to get a wide variety of bongs.



The second accessory to purchase that you may have never heard of before is the percolator. If you want a smoother hit with intense flavor, this apparatus is sure to hit the jackpot. Unfortunately, if you’re a beginner smoker or you’ve been given misinformation, you might think that percolators and ash catchers are the same thing – but they are not.

Percolators are a part of the apparatus, whereas an ash catcher needs to be installed on the product. But what percolator should you choose? Which one is right for you and your bong? When deciding what percolator to purchase, you don’t have to fret about making a wrong decision since they basically all work in the same way – providing a smooth and controlled hit to the user.

In most cases, the percolator works to help catch the ashes, increase the filtration level for the weed, and diffuse any unwanted toxins and chemicals from getting in the bong water or getting into your lungs.

There are a few different types of percolators that you can choose from that would be ideal for compatibility with your bongs, such as matrix percolators, turning percolators, downstems, inline percolators, tree percolators, or honeycomb percolators. These products typically cost between $30 and $50 depending on which type that you want to purchase.

Diffused downstem


The next accessory that is ideal for use with a bong that you may have never used before is a diffused downstem. To add an extra level of filtration and diffusion to get rid of any toxic chemicals and ensure that you are getting a clean and smooth hit, add a diffused downstem to increase the smoothness of your next smoking experience.

The type of downstem that you will purchase depends on the type of bong that you have, since all downstems are compatible with different sizes and shaped bongs. Make sure you find the downstem that is the right length and size for your specific one, as getting the wrong one will not work at all with your product.

Make sure you find one that has the proper length, ensuring it is not too long (and can cause improper fit) or one that is too short (need for more water). When looking for the perfect diffused downstem, you can expect to pay between $10 and $20 for this affordable way to use the product.

Quartz banger


The next type of accessory that is ideal for compatibility with a bong for advanced users is a quartz banger. If you have used a dab rig before and you enjoy the smoking experience and the functionality, you can basically transform your apparatus into a dab rig by including a quartz banger into the setup.

To use a quartz banger, you will first need to decide which kind you want to see with your bong.

Quartz bangers are either domed for increased airflow, or are wider so they can accommodate different types of dabs simultaneously. Quartz bangers typically run between $20 and $40 depending on the size and shape of the banger.

Glass bowl attachments


The next type of accessory that is less used when it comes to compatibility with a bong is glass bowl attachments. If you are an advanced smoker and you want to change your smoking experience, include glass attachments to increase the grip, increase the aesthetic of your bong, or change its airflow.

You can add glass bowl attachments to your bong for two purposes – either to increase the style and aesthetic of your bong and setup or to increase its functionality. Some people enjoy having a more appealing-looking bowl, especially if they constantly smoke their bongs with their friends. To change the style and make it more “fun” to smoke, you can include glass bow attachments that fit your style, personality, and price range.

Fortunately for you, glass bowl attachments can be as little as $45 for simple add-ons. However, if you really want to make a statement, you can purchase glass bowl attachments for upwards of $40 for more intricate pieces.


If you are looking for accessories and products to use in tandem with your bong, you might want to choose some lesser-known options that you have never heard of before. To make your smoking experience more unique, consider adding a percolator, quartz banger, diffused downstem, ashcatcher, or glass bowl attachment to your setup.

Written by Ana Weaver