4 Tips for Building an Awesome Bar in Your Basement


The basement is usually the room in the house that can have only two purposes – to put unnecessary things there or make it a cave where you will spend most of the time. If you choose to go with the second one, the options are numerous. One of them is to put the pool table and enjoy it with friends. For sports fans, the best option is to put the big TV and maybe some video console, but the one option that is becoming more and more popular each year is to build a bar that everybody will enjoy. It may look like a complex project, but it does not need to be. In this text, there will be some useful tips that should be helpful for everybody who wants to change their basement, and if you think that you are not capable of making the bar by yourself, check and choose something from their great offer.

1. Layout and design


The first step in creating the basement bar is measuring. It is crucial to do that right since one little mistake can change the whole idea. After the measuring, you will know how much space is available and what type of bar it is possible to make there. Good measuring will be helpful to imagine how the bar will look in the end and how big it will be. Keep in mind that it is necessary to decide will the bar be wet or dry. The difference is simple – the wet bar has the supply and water drainage pipes, and the dry one does not. The dry bar is indeed much cheaper to make, but that means that there will always be some dirty glasses that you need to carry to the kitchen. With the wet bar, it will be much easier to clean everything after the party. After that decision, the next one should be where to put all the necessary things. It is not just the bar to consider since there needs to be space for stools, refrigerators, and other small appliances such as ice maker or coffee maker. There are many types of bars that you should consider regarding the available space. It can be put in the middle of the room, the L shaped in the corner, or a half-circle. After this big step, everything else should be much funnier.

2. Theme and materials


When the measuring is done, and you have the idea and the sketch of how it will look, the next thing is to choose the theme and materials. The materials depend on the theme, so it is the first thing to decide. Everything is up to you, and all you need is imagination. It can be a sports bar, retro, or even the Hawaiian. Once when the theme is decided, and you know what everything should look like, it is time for another step. Choosing the right materials should be fun, but keep in mind that that is not an easy task, especially for indecisive persons. There are too many similar materials, and it can be tricky to choose the right one.

3. Lights and signs


After finishing the planning steps, it is time to personalize the bar to make it personal. The lighting is the perfect way for that. Today it is much easier because of the LED strips that can be put wherever is necessary. It is possible to choose the color, the length, and even the lighting mode. They are saving a lot of energy, so there is no need to worry about high bills after a few parties. The neon signs are something that every bar should have, but if you do not like them, choosing some funny inscription to put on the wall or some figure to put on the shell is always the best alternative. The options are numerous, and since it is your basement bar, the only person that should choose the details is you.

4. Appliances


The bar cannot be complete without a big refrigerator to cool the beer in it. No one wants to run to the kitchen for a beer while watching some tense match or in the middle of some funny joke. Besides that, there is no limit on the number of appliances that can be put in, and for sports fans, a huge flat TV is a must-have since there is no better place to watch the favorite game than a basement bar. Coffee lovers will probably put the coffee machine, and for wine lovers, there are special wine coolers to keep the wine at a perfect temperature. The ice maker is another thing that should be considered necessary because no one likes a warm drink. The toaster is another great idea if you want to spend more time in the basement to avoid an unnecessary trip to the kitchen every time you get hungry. If there is enough space, then there is no need to decide what appliances are the most important to put into the bar. On the other side if space is a problem, always choose the refrigerator as the most necessary one.

The basement bar is something that will make you a favorite person among your friends. Because of that, it is necessary to keep in mind that the basement will probably always be full of people. It is not a cheap investment, but it can increase a house price if you decide to sell it. But, in the end, the most important thing is that you will always have a place where you can be yourself, and spend time in the way you want. The basements are usually isolated better than other rooms in the house, so watching games or telling jokes with friends can be more relaxed. In any case, it is much better to have a bar in the basement than to use it as a pantry that no one ever enters.

Written by Marinelle Adams