Buying Used Auto Parts: When It’s Ok And When It’s Not


Purchasing used auto parts is one of the most common way in order to reduce car maintenance expenses, especially when you have a tight budget. The used auto parts that are still in good working condition and are accessible at a reasonable price are purchased by many car owners.

Sometimes, it is way better to choose used auto parts instead of buying new parts, while other times it is a hassle to use second-hand spare components for your vehicle. Do you want to know when it is ok to purchase used auto parts and when it is better to avoid buying used vehicle components? In that case, make sure to check out this guide.

When Is It Safe To Purchase Used Auto Parts

The below-listed situations and tips will assist you in understanding when it is safe to acquire used auto parts.

Trusted Seller


If you are planning to buy used parts for your vehicle from a trusted seller from where you previously bought some products, then it is completely safe. It is because trustworthy dealers will ensure to sell only the used parts that are still in a good condition. If you would like to buy used auto parts from a trusted seller at an affordable price, then make sure to click here.

OEM Number

When buying authentic spare parts online, OEM numbers are your best bet. Original equipment manufacturer (OEM) numbers are the digits that are recorded with real manufacturers. In a nutshell, when you purchase spare parts online, it functions as a two-way authentication system. You can purchase the parts from the seller if they provide you with the OEM numbers.

History of the Used Auto Part


When it comes to selling used parts, a few auto parts stores may not be completely honest. As a result, knowing more about the history of the auto component is critical to ensuring that you do not wind up with a poor-quality product. If the seller provides you with the necessary information about the used parts such as age, mileage, warranty, and price, it is better to buy the used car components from them.

Warranty and Exchange Policies

Here is another instance that helps you determine whether buying a spare component is safe or not. All you have to do is to see if the used components have a guarantee or warranty period. Because this enables you to return or request a renewal if the product is still under warranty. It also serves as insurance and ensures the item’s authenticity.

It is better to avoid buying anything that does not have a guarantee since you can not return it if it breaks. In addition to that, you will have to buy a new one, which adds more costs. To prevent a situation like this, it is best to buy only guaranteed or warranted products. If you are ordering a spare part online, be sure to read the website’s return policy before proceeding. Websites that allow for exchanges are more genuine and popular.

When You Should Avoid Purchasing Used Auto Parts

Here are some situations which will help you understand when it is better to avoid buying used auto parts.

Lucrative Prices and Offers


It is critical that you do not become too excited with the captivating offers that you see online. The majority of the time, these websites are unreal and sell counterfeit spare parts online. It is always vital to keep an eye out for websites that provide substantial savings. As a result, you should be wary of any relatively less-priced products.

Additional Delivery Charges

You also have to keep an eye on the delivery charges of the website. It is because some sites and stores tend to deceive buyers with extra fees and shipping taxes. Because of that, you may have to pay more than the price you intend to spend on a spare part.

Look Closely for Any Cracks


You have to keep in mind that many items might be rejuvenated so that they will look new. However, upon close inspection, they might retain invisible breaks or defects which can cause more repairs.

Always inquire about the car parts’ age and working condition. The vendor should be aware of the item’s mileage. Another point to ask is whether the vehicle part has been modified, repaired, or rebuilt previously. If you get an ambiguous or no response at all, you should double-check the price. If it is far cheaper than the market standard, it is more likely that the item is fake.

No Warranty

You will be squandering your money on a useless product if the store does not provide any warranty or refunds for your purchases. So, avoid purchasing used auto parts if there is no warranty.

Untraceable Payment Scams


When you acquire several used auto parts and if the seller particularly asks you to make only wire transfers, you need to be cautious. The wire transfers are hard to track once you make the transaction. If the seller asks you to make an advance wire transfer payment without giving you the spare parts, it is best not to buy from them.

Exclusively Cheap and Fake Parts

Sometimes, a few sellers tend to offer fake car parts at a relatively less price saying that the products have huge discounts. However, it is better not to fall into the trap of buying cheap and fake vehicle components. It is because there are several problems associated with using fake parts, such as:

  • The brakes of the vehicle might not work effectively
  • There are high chances of your car catching fire or the engine may seize
  • They have the potential to lessen the shelf life of your car
  • Accidents related to electrical hazards may arise

Bottom Line

Depending on the car components, their condition, price, and reliability, you can decide whether it is worth buying a used car part or not. Make sure to follow the above-listed tips in order to avoid becoming the victim of used auto parts scams.

Written by Kan Dail