Can The Boston Celtics Win The 2024-2024 NBA Season?


The new season of the National Basketball Association has already begun and at the start many teams brought us pleasant and unpleasant surprises. The bad form of the Brooklyn, Lakers, and Golden State is certainly disappointing, but there are bright spots. It’s nice to watch the Boston Celtics play, which is already one of the favorites of the current season.

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History of the Boston Celtics


The Boston Celtics franchise is a National Basketball Association (NBA) team based in Boston, Massachusetts. It’s one of the most renowned sports teams in the world and has a long and storied history dating back to 1946, when it was established as one of the original NBA teams.

Since its founding, the Celtics have captured an amazing 24 NBA Championships, the most of any NBA team. Its eight championships prior to the start of the NBA’s first season in 1949 places it ahead of both the Los Angeles Lakers and Philadelphia 76ers. In 1957, Bill Russell became head coach and began a period known as “The Dynasty Years”; between 1959-1966, he would lead his teams to 11 championship titles – 8 consecutive championships!

The ’80s proved to be another successful period for the Boston Celtics with Larry Bird at center stage. During this period from 1980-1992, Bird led his team to three straight championship titles from 1981-1987 – two against their nemesis Los Angeles Lakers – with two additional appearances in Finals following each title run.

He was also named MVP three times during this period: 1984-1985-1986 seasons. The ’90s saw a decrease in success for the Celtics as they struggled for several years before regaining their winning touch under coach Rick Pitino in 2002-2003 when they lost just 14 games going into playoffs but eventually came up short at Finals against Los Angeles Lakers again by four games to two.

What changes have occurred with the Boston Celtics in the new season?


In the off-season, the team made an important move by trading Malcolm Brogdon. Boston’s rotation has already been deep enough that they now have one of the smartest and most versatile combo guards in the league, another player with a good three-pointer who can defend in multiple positions.

Unlike the Heat, they seem to have found their charm just in time for the playoffs. They have a versatile squad that defends every position perfectly and plays collectively on both halves of the court. Boston recently got hit pretty hard with a torn meniscus on Robert Williams III. The Celtics center was in great form and was in contention for the sixth man of the year, he was the anchor of the team on defense, and the success of the Celtics is due to their defensive play. Otherwise, the team was able to keep their leaders, signed a contract with Malcolm Brogdon and only got better.

However, if the team’s roster has only grown stronger, then the Celtics’ coaching bridge has undergone quite serious changes. The head coach of the team, Ime Udoka (now a former coach), got into an unpleasant situation on the eve of the new season, where he had an intimate relationship with an employee of the club (presumably former basketball player Allison Foster, who is director of development at the Celtics).

Because of this, Udoka was forced to leave his post, and his place was taken by Joe Mazzula, for whom this season will be the first as an NBA club coach. Thus, “Boston” in the current season will be led by a coach without experience, which is a big minus, which calls into question the championship ambitions of the club.

What are the Boston Celtics’ chances of winning the NBA championship in 2024-2023?

The Celtics are the reigning Eastern Conference champions, so it’s no wonder they have the best chance of winning the East in the NBA in 2024. However, this time around, Jason Tatum will need to prove that he can shine at the most important moment of the post-season.

Joe Mazzulla is currently showing himself as a pro, leading the Eastern Conference with an incredible win-to-loss ratio. A huge part of the Celtics’ success this season is their home record, as the team is virtually undefeated in front of home fans.

Playoff talk early in the season can often seem futile, but the Celtics show no signs of slowing down, with key players Jason Tatum and Jaylen Brown improving their game game by game.

The Boston Celtics are clear favorites for the 2024 NBA title. Their last title was won in 2008, and the club’s fans have long been waiting for the championship. The Celtics’ key rival in the Eastern Conference and beyond is the Milwaukee Bucks, who also started the season well.


Odds for the NBA winner in the 2024-2024 season

As we have already noted, the main contenders for the championship in the current regular season are the Milwaukee Bucks and the Boston Celtics. The odds for this event in bookmakers are equal to both teams – 6.50. The third contender is the Golden State Warriors. Despite the fact that the team did not start the season in the most confident way, the odds for their championship are 8.00. On the 4th and 5th places among the favorites of this regular season are the teams “Phinnix” and “Clippers” (odds 8.50).

Thus, Boston is the favorite to win the season and the game that it demonstrates at the start of the championship and according to the bookmakers. In any case, watching this team will be very interesting.

Written by Kan Dail