How to Choose the Perfect Engagement Ring

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Are you ready to make your marriage proposal? Congratulations! Choosing the engagement ring and getting ready to propose is an exciting time. It is easy to get caught up in romance. However, remember: an engagement ring is usually a hefty expense, so you need to make sure you get it done right.

Beyond the price, you hope it will have a wow effect! Whether you’re looking for rings together or going solo shopping, this quick guide is the key to choosing the perfect engagement ring for your partner. A small bonus, we have found you a nice selection of engagement rings! Do click here for the best engagement rings.

How to Choose an Engagement Ring?

Here are a few things to consider when choosing an engagement ring.

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1. The Stone

Determining which type of stone corresponds to it without arousing suspicion is a real challenge. This will depend not only on your lover’s personality but also on your budget. Some stones are more expensive than others. Indeed, a diamond will be more costly than an amethyst – a semi-precious stone of purple hue but not less pretty.

  • What Size of Stone?

The size of the stone will depend on your fiancé’s personality. An imposing piece of jewelry often reveals an outgoing personality. Conversely, opt for a more discreet and better quality stone for more introverted young ladies.

  • What Shape of Stone?

After determining the size of the gem, one must determine what shape. There are about ten different shapes. Oval or round for the classic side, emerald for the vintage, etc.

  • What Type of Stone?

Diamond, emerald, ruby, but also semi-precious stones, which are nonetheless sublime. Such as moonstone, labradorite, aquamarine, etc. Do you want a ring with several stones? Pay attention to color combinations.

Do not hesitate to venture off the beaten track by choosing an original stone that is out of the ordinary. There are dozens of them, of all sizes, shapes and… of all prices. I always think of the fabulous aquamarine stone, mesmerizing blue, and fabulous clarity. Follow this guide to find out how to take high-quality diamond ring photography.


2. The Certificate

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When you finally find the dream ring, be sure to purchase a certified stone from an accredited lab. Diamonds certified by other labs may have inflated grades, giving the customer the illusion of getting a lot, when in reality, they only got a lower grade diamond.

Most diamonds are laser engraved on the belt, which can be checked with a jeweler’s loupe. Then check that the diamond purchased corresponds to that of the certificate. Check ItsHot for more information about diamond rings.

3. The Frame


The choice is more limited. The most prestigious is platinum. Then gold, in 22, 18, 14, and 9 carats. Gold can be yellow, white (gray), or pink. Also the gold price varies from the color and how many carats it has.

For a lower budget, gold plated is a good alternative. How about a 925 silver ring? Solid silver is a solid and timeless metal.

The Width

The width – and even the thickness – of the ring is not just a matter of taste. It is also a question of comfort and aesthetics. Indeed, for short fingers, avoid wide rings. If you have a finger size greater than 60, prefer bulky rings.


This is the way the stone is attached to the ring. It can be circled, inlaid, or scratched. The stone can therefore be integrated into the metal or stand out. The choice of setting will come into play when adding the wedding ring. Make sure you can glue a ring next to it without creating gaps between the two rings.

Once these 3 criteria have been selected, the idea of ​​the ideal engagement ring will take shape in your head. If you doubt the metal, know that yellow gold can be rhodium (a layer of rhodium is applied to the yellow metal), which will make it white gold color.

4. Size

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As a reminder, the engagement ring and the wedding ring are worn on the left ring finger. Ah, did you already know that? So did you know that the hand we write with is, in most cases, the stronger? Yep, so if you want to surprise your sweetheart and have the ring adjusted to her size, make sure you have the right finger in the right hand because all of our fingers are different sizes.

You don’t know its size? Don’t panic. I have the perfect tip. First, let’s assume that you have access to a ring that she wears on that finger. However, you cannot borrow it to take it to a jeweler. She risks looking for it and suspecting something.

In this case, lay the ring flat on a white sheet and trace the inner outline of the ring with a pen. As close to the edge as possible. Then measure the diameter of the circle. A little geometry… It’s worth it. Thanks to this conversion table, you have the equivalent of the correct size. If you find yourself between 2 sizes, choose the size above. It’s always easier to shrink a ring than to make it bigger.

5. Budget

Mini budget = Mini pebble? No, not necessarily. You have to remain realistic. You will not be able to have a large diamond for a small budget. Go for the aesthetic instead of ending up with a tiny ruby ​​or diamond just because you want a diamond. You have to like the model and your future wife. Then adapt the choice of metal and stone according to your budget. Usually, you will find engagement rings for three types of budget.

  • Low Budget: There are sublime engagement rings for less than $100. In 9K gold, or solid silver, rhodium or not, with small semi-precious stones or large stones in labradorite or zirconium – perfect imitation of diamonds.
  • Average Budget: Explore brands that offer more “commercial” engagement rings but with more elaborate models. Always with semi-precious stones or small diamonds.
  • No budget? Take the time to choose your materials and stones. Buy the diamond or stones of your choice separately and have the ring of your dreams made to measure.

Don’t break the bank for an engagement ring. Rumor has it that it must be equivalent to three months’ salary, but this business strategy invented by an American jeweler is no longer relevant. Choosing a ring that will hit 100% is very difficult, especially since fashion is constantly changing, like the tastes of women.

Written by Ana Weaver