Tips for Choosing a Lawyer for Divorce Litigation in Dubai 

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Divorce rates in the UAE are incredibly high. Among the reasons why couples divorce includes financial strain, cultural differences, and marital infidelity. Before divorce litigation, couples are required to arrange a meeting with a conciliator. If a conciliator fails in helping a particular couple to reach an amicable settlement and/or iron the differences between the two, the separation will be taken to the UAE First Instance Court.

In such a case, a couple with the help of a seasoned divorce attorney in Dubai/UAE can choose to apply the provisions of the UAE Federal Law (No 28) of 2005 on Personal Affairs or the own laws of their home countries on personal status matters.

How to Select the Right Divorce Lawyer in Dubai

Separation can be an incredibly stressful time from great uncertainty and transition. Also, when people are caught up in a costly divorce, the entire process can become both overwhelming and destructive. Selecting the right separation attorney in Dubai is absolutely crucial as the legal advocate will provide support through the transition. Competent and reliable divorce lawyer in Dubai, UAE can also help you get through a legal battle in an amicable or non-adversarial way. This is to help ensure you reach child-focused outcomes and/or an agreeable financial settlement.

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  • Identify your need for a credible attorney

The UAE First Instance Court will hear your case even when you don’t bring a lawyer with you although it is recommended that you do. So, consider your situation. Is there a need for you to get legal representation or do you think you can see the case through the end on your own? If you are not sure of which option to take, we suggest you book an initial consultation with experts or visit THE website

Make sure it is with an experienced and reputable separation attorney in Dubai or law firm in UAE specializing in cases. This will help ensure you are fully aware of your rights and have a clearer picture on the best ways for you to proceed.

  • Consult your friends and family and ask for referrals

As mentioned earlier, the divorce rates in the country are relatively high. It is, therefore, likely that you know people that have gone through separation proceedings themselves. Ask them if they can give you a referral. List down the ones that were recommended to you. Just a word of caution: don’t just rely on referrals. You still need to do your homework as you want an attorney that you’ve vetted yourself.

  • Set a budget

Most divorce lawyers in UAE bill for their legal services based on hourly rates. There are those that have fixed service fees based on the labor and time they think each case requires. The better pricing structure will depend on your personal preference. However, you need to remember that it is hard to predict how legal battles play out, most especially the time that it takes in finalizing and concluding a case.

Communicate your set budget with the law firms in Dubai you have shortlisted. If you don’t want to spend a lot on divorce proceedings, a competent divorce attorney in UAE can help you avoid litigation cases. This translates to tens of thousands in savings.

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  • Beware of red flags

Some lawyers will only tell you what’s likely to be the best outcome. This is perfectly fine, but you should also know the likely worst outcome so you can prepare yourself mentally. What you should avoid at all costs is a divorce attorney in Dubai that will just tell you things you’re pleased to hear. So, make sure you only choose a Dubai law firm that offers you every single possible outcome, regardless of whether it is good or bad. Although you don’t necessarily like hearing bad news or potentially bad outcomes, it’s best to know the worst-case scenarios to better prepare for them and hopefully avoid them entirely.

  • Double-check the experience and qualifications

As you choose the law firm in Dubai to represent you during divorce proceedings, double check the authenticity of their certifications and other proof of experience and qualifications. You should hire the one that has the skills, knowledge, and legal qualifications required for the job. Do you want an amicable resolution to your dispute with your partner?

If so, the ideal lawyer for you is one that’s a problem solver and works particularly well with people. Also, the years of experience of an attorney in practice and number of successful family cases handled are essential components when choosing your legal representative.

Questions to Ask a Potential Divorce Attorney in Dubai

The questions that you need to be asking a potential divorce attorney in Dubai to ensure that the legal professional can handle your case are as follows:

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  • Have you settled divorce cases out of court in the past?

You want your divorce to be out of courts and to avoid drama or a prolonged agreement. Find a talented family attorney in Dubai that can settle out of court as it means reaching a compromise.

  • Are you friends or acquaintances with my spouse?

If your lawyer knows your spouse, it’s going to be a huge problem. Yes, even when you know how your lawyer feels about your spouse. Our own personal knowledge of a different person or even personal feelings tend to affect our ability to perform, especially without bias. It’s essential that you don’t hire the attorney that has prior connection with your spouse.

  • Do you know the attorney of my spouse?

Whether or not the attorney knows the lawyer of your spouse will matter less to you than if your attorney knows your spouse. However, it is something that you should be taking into consideration. If they were friends or roommates before, you may want to hire someone else.

Written by Ana Weaver