6 Tips for Choosing the Most Durable Outdoor Furniture


Many of us want to decorate the outside areas of our homes, and if you are reading this article chances are you’re pursuing the same goal. After all, that’s the main gathering place during most seasons, especially in the summer when being indoors doesn’t feel so comfortable.

If you have a larger deck or a garden, decorating it the way you want is truly satisfying. You are still inside your property but you get to enjoy the benefits of being out on fresh air, all while spending time in a place that you customized for your taste.

However, the outdoors has some downsides as well. Anything that’s placed outside is affected by the weather conditions, sudden changes of temperature, animals, and pests, as well as more frequent use. This applies to your furniture as well.

For many people choosing the most durable outdoor furniture is important, and that’s exactly what we’re here to talk about in today’s article. Let’s take a look.

1. Choose based on the weather conditions in your area


In the introduction part, we mentioned changes in temperature and weather conditions. Well, these things are what have the most impact on your furniture, so listen carefully.

If you live in an area with so-called “Coastal Conditions”, purchasing furniture made out of low-grade metal is a really bad idea. It will end up corroding and becoming rusty. The joints glued together to form one piece will also probably give up. If you want metal furniture in coastal conditions, better go for stainless steel or powder-coated steel.

For coastal conditions, you can choose something made out of Teakwood for example. This material is resistant to wind, it cannot get rusty and if you care about style and aesthetics, nothing matches water more than wood. Use these tips and you are already on a good path towards an even better investment.

At you can find out more.

Furniture made out of synthetic materials is also a good idea. It costs less and is very durable, but it’s not organic and it doesn’t have that “natural” feel to it. If you are on a budget, however, it’s a great choice.

2. Do your research on reputable brands and companies in your area


Don’t just purchase from any company. Do your research. Find out which companies customers are most satisfied with. When a company has the reputation for top-quality products, why not choose it over other random companies? At least you know that you’re purchasing something worthy of your money. If you don’t know such companies, you can always research and read user reviews, they’ll tell you the most about the products.

Finding a reputable company shouldn’t be a problem whatsoever, because every country has at least one.

3. Coating matters even more than the material itself


Just like we wrote above, every sane person knows that metal is an overall more durable material than wood for example. However, put a metal chair into the yard of a home in a coastal area, and you’ll find it all rusty and ugly in a few years. Do the same thing with a wooden chair and it will look even better after some time. This is why we always say coating is more important than the material itself. If the metal is coated to be rust-proof and wind-proof, it will be even better than wood as it’s sturdier and more durable. Don’t disregard coating.

4. Do modifications to protect your furniture


The quality of the furniture itself is really important but how you take care of it is also a huge factor when it comes to longevity. For example, if you live in an area where it rains a lot, try placing a cover above the furniture so that it doesn’t get wet every day. If its metal furniture rain can damage it over time.

Don’t leave your furniture out in the blazing sun every single day as well, that’s probably even worse than leaving it out in the rain. Try placing a shade or reposition it during the hottest hours. These things don’t even cost money, all they take is a little effort, and your furniture will last even longer.

5. Don’t be afraid to invest more


Investing more in a product that is manufactured by a premium brand is not a waste of money. It’s something that will save you money. You won’t have to replace the furniture after two years, therefore you won’t have to spend twice the money and still not end up with a premium product.

Invest in quality products like hardwood or cast stone furniture from Outdoor Art Pros, and you will be satisfied with the quality plus, they’ll end up lasting for a very long time, so you’ve achieved your goal.

Just make sure to keep them thief-proof somehow.

6. Maintain the furniture and it will last a long time


Maintaining your furniture is also important. There are special products you can purchase to coat your wooden furniture with or special chemicals to clean your metal furniture with. Do these things and your outdoor elements will shine as they get older instead of looking, well… like they’re older.

As important maintaining is, it’s also as important not to do it too often. Too many chemicals can damage the furniture, especially if it’s organic material such as wood.


Choosing the most durable outdoor furniture is not as difficult as it sounds. All you need to do is learn a few facts about each material and become familiar with the weather circumstances in your area. Then, you can easily choose and end up with something that will last for years.

Written by P. Mito