Real-World Applications of Cisco CCIE Certification in Modern Enterprise Networking


Have you ever considered the benefits of obtaining a Cisco certification? What does a Cisco certification mean to you? First, let us tell you that a Cisco certification is a decent standard that is linked to a particular set of networking skills.

A Cisco CCIE track called CCIE Security V5 certification is now in high demand. This certification proves your commitment, drive, and technical expertise in network security. If you obtain the Cisco CCIE Security certification, you will be hired by several prestigious IT giants and offered the appropriate compensation. A certification demonstrates your familiarity with the technology and that you value your profession enough to invest the time and money necessary to obtain it. Remember that you are the best career manager of all!

The highest-paying IT certification in the world is the Cisco CCIE Security designation. Therefore, it is a given that anyone who completes the CCIE security course will receive a respectable compensation package as soon as their training is over.

There are only 55,000 CCIE Certified professionals worldwide, which is a truth. Nevertheless, the US IT sector needs more than 500,000 CCIEs. Cisco certificates, which confirm fundamental to advanced levels of networking instruction, are regarded as the most challenging IT qualifications.

Additionally, there are about 6000 CCIE Security certified engineers worldwide. In contrast, the IT sector urgently needs nearly 200000 more CCIE security-certified engineers!

Potential Networking Contacts

You join a unique community of qualified, certified experts when you obtain a certification from a particular vendor or manufacturer. You will have no shortage of new work options once the course is completed.

However, there is always a demand for Cisco-certified workers because the IT sector needs more CCIEs to boost sales and company expansion. In light of this, IT giants like Cisco, TCS, Orange, HCL, HP, Wipro, Infosys, Accenture, Aricent, etc., welcome CCIEs with open arms and desirable compensation packages.

Growth Possibilities

If you choose the Cisco CCIE security v5 certification, there will be plenty of room for growth. There are a lot of professional options. Due to the increased demand for CCIEs in the IT business, you’ll have more prospects for growth. The wage package would be more than 20 LPA, which is a sizable salary sum if a candidate has more than five years of expertise in the relevant field.

Salary Structures

The top-paid IT experts worldwide are Cisco CCIE Security specialists. This one gives CCIEs and other networking specialists highly enticing compensation packages compared to other technical disciplines.

CCIE Security Certification’s Purpose


Due to constantly evolving technology, the scope of the CCIE Security certification in India is developing and becoming very broad. Cisco-certified individuals are in high demand in nations like the USA, China, India, and other global IT/Networking hotspots to expand their businesses.

As a result, recruiting CCIEs is always necessary for IT industry giants who want to expand their businesses. Additionally, the CCIE Security V5 certification may serve as your passport if you want to relocate abroad. Well, visit SPOTO, which is the most useful site to learn more about CCIE


Here are some of the top positions available in India for CCIE engineers:

  1. Expert in technical subject matter
  2. Engineers in networks
  3. Senior Network Professionals
  4. Consulting in IT
  5. Engineers in network security
  6. Network Engineer
  7. Network Expert

New Applications for Enterprise Networks


The functioning applications change continuously along with the technologies. Enterprise networking has grown in importance as workplaces move into peoples’ homes. Thus, enterprises must concentrate on new corporate network applications. The five new business network applications are as follows:

Digitized Spaces

Digital team spaces are demographic and geographic information that can pinpoint a person’s location. Nonetheless, the retail sector is expected to change due to the application of digital space. But, the retailer can precisely determine how many people are in the area and how many are walking towards their location.

Wi-Fi 6

The 802.11ac protocol, the current Wi-Fi standard, has been upgraded to Wi-Fi 6. Wi-Fi 6 will be faster and more efficient than 2.4GHz frequencies. Also, Wi-Fi 6 anticipates connecting more devices quicker in a single location. 802.11ax is another name for Wi-Fi 6. One of the most promising new enterprise network applications is Wi-Fi 6, which aims to improve communication speed, dependability, and security.


As we already said, 5G will alter organizational connectivity and enhance network slithering operations. Also, it will have an effect on small businesses with little to no IT infrastructure. But, because of their incredible speed and cost-effectiveness, small companies can create a solid IT infrastructure. As a result, it will influence the internet of things to advance and link disparate data points. Emerging enterprise network applications are anticipated for 5G in small businesses.

Enterprise networking cisco has a cutting-edge answer for new enterprise network applications, security, etc.

They supply:

  • SD-Access
  • Assurance and Analytics for DNA
  • Business Network Security
  • Cisco SD-WAN Products
  • Multigigabit switching with catalyst
  • Cloud-managed networking from Meraki


What use does CCIE serve?

The (CCIE) and Cisco Certified Design Expert (CCDE) certifications were developed to help the industry identify the world’s best internetworking specialists and to rate the expertise of network designers worldwide.

What CCIEs are in demand?

Because it covers topics like planning, implementing, and optimizing, the CCIE Enterprise Infrastructure track is the most in demand. If you earn this certification and use it in a real-life setting, you can land the best job and the highest compensation. Your IT career life is improved as well.

Is the CCIE still useful?

Although the value of the CCIE certification has been hotly contested, there is no substitute. There are a few networking certificates here and there, but none is as thorough as CCIE. What’s more, nothing can match Cisco’s reputation.

CCIE enterprise infrastructure: what is it?

To make use of the abilities attained at the new CCNP level, the new CCIE Enterprise Infrastructure certification has been redesigned. The accreditation certifies your end-to-end lifecycle skills in complex enterprise networks, from planning and design to managing and optimizing. It covers core technological domains.

Written by Kan Dail