Classy Travel Trips For Classy People


It can be immensely fun to go on a rough and ready trip, one in which showers, clean clothes, and private bedrooms are rare luxuries. However, those types of trips are usually better when we’re younger. Once we’ve adopted a taste for the finer things in life, we begin to say goodbye to crowded hostels in far-flung destinations and hello to destinations and events that are a little more sophisticated, a little more luxurious, a little more classy.

In this blog, we’re going to run through some of the top travel trips for people looking to experience a decadent and plush break away from home.

The Monaco Grand Prix


Does it get any better than the Monaco Grand Prix? Monaco is a breathtaking destination to visit no matter what’s going on, but when the Formula One show rolls into town? Then it becomes something truly special. Lewis Hamilton and the other leading F1 drivers are joined by a who’s who of celebrities and uber-wealthy socialites, who descend on the second-smallest country en masse for several days of all-out fun.

If you’re planning to visit during this time, then be sure to do it correctly. First, book your accommodation as soon as possible — it’s one of the busiest weekends of the year, not just in Monaco but all of Europe, and hotel spaces fill up quickly. Beyond that, it’s all about bringing your best clothes and living them up for a few days!

The Cheltenham Festival


The town of Cheltenham is a pretty classy place all on its own, but the classiness is only ramped up during the Cheltenham Festival, the four-day horse jump racing event that attracts celebrities, members of the Royal Family, and social butterflies who enjoy the finer things in life. This is your excuse to get dressed to the nines, sip on champagne, and enjoy world-class racing.

While you’ll have fun regardless of whether you’re a horse racing aficionado or not, it’s recommended to read up on some Cheltenham Festival tips from Oddschecker before attending so that you can enjoy the action to the fullest. If you’re visiting from far afield, plan to spend an extra few days in the area once the festival is over. Cheltenham is on the edge of The Cotswolds, which is arguably the loveliest place in the UK.



Featuring Pimms, (hopefully) sunshine, the Royal family, and world-class tennis, Wimbledon is the UK’s other classy sporting event. You’ll want to book your tickets and accommodation early on since this is a highly popular event.

Once they’ve been taken care of, it’s all about selecting a summer outfit or two, and preparing yourself for an afternoon of mingling with the other attendees at one of the many bars that you’ll find within the grounds and in the surrounding area. Oh, and the tennis, of course!

Vienna, Austria


Vienna might not be the city that first comes to mind when you’re thinking about classy places to visit, but it absolutely should be. It arguably has more class than New York and London. How so? Vienna blends history, culture, and traditional European sensibility to create one deeply satisfying city. If you’re looking for the undesirable aspects of the city, then you better look hard. They’re there but not easily found.

The city’s association with classical music is certainly at a level that far outstrips its size. Virtually all of the classical musicians you’ve heard of, including Beethoven, Mozart, and Vivaldi, called this place home at one point in their lives or another. When you’re not touring the old stomping grounds of those musical geniuses, you can wander the picturesque streets, stopping along the way to sample the delicious chocolates and veal schnitzels that come from this wonderful city.

Paris, France


If Vienna is a subtly classy city, then Paris is one that unabashedly shows off its class to the world. What’s fascinating to outsiders, if not to Parisians (who don’t seem to be fascinated by anything), is how effortlessly the city pulls off its classy ways. Fine dining on every corner, everyone looking as if they’ve just walked off the catwalk, world-class museums, and lovely gardens dotted everywhere?

Make no mistake, Paris is a city that knows how to enjoy the finer things in life, making it ideal for a culture trip or a short getaway with the love of your life in tow. Visit during late Spring, when the weather is delightful, for the full experience.

Montreux Jazz Festival


Not all music events are classy affairs, but the Montreux Jazz Festival is not your usual music event. Taking place in Switzerland each July on the shores of Lake Geneva, this is a festival that has the good life flowing throughout. At the event, you’ll find some of the world’s best jazz musicians performing for the crowd, and there are also plenty of smaller events that offer intimacy and quality in a beautiful environment — including ones that take place on boats or on rooftops that offer fantastic views.

If the idea of sipping on cocktails as you listen to world-class jazz appeals (and how could it not?), then book yourself tickets. You’ll have a great time whether you go for a couple of nights or the entire two weeks.

New York


One of the reasons why New York is such a celebrated destination is because it offers a little something for everyone. If you’re looking for a classy time, then a classy time is what you shall have. A stylish trip to The Big Apple will include staying in one of those luxury midtown hotels (we’re thinking The Plaza Hotel) and bar-hopping your way through the city’s atmospheric, oak-panelled cocktail and whisky bars.

You can ramp up your trip’s luxury credentials by taking steps to minimise the less glamorous aspects of the city — for example, by avoiding the taxi chaos at the airport and pre-booking a limousine into Manhattan; they’re more affordable than you might think.

Have we inspired your wanderlust? Book yourself a trip to any of the above destinations/events, and you’ll be on course for a memorable trip dripping with class.

Written by Marinelle Adams