4 Best Communication Apps to Learn New Languages


Are you a German speaker who wants to learn Korean or a Spanish speaker who wants to learn French? Whatever the case may be, we all know how boring and intricate it can be to learn a new language especially if you don’t have a partner to learn it with.

You can learn a new language from reputed websites like Ling App but you might also need a little chit-chat. Well, nowadays new apps make it easier to learn languages as they are based on learning while communicating with native speakers.

This is a brilliant idea in which the native speakers of a language can learn another language while learning a new language from the student. It’s more fun and less of a chore and in the meantime, you can make many new friends.

Here’s a list of the top apps we would recommend to get started on learning a new language:

1. HelloTalk


HelloTalk is an Asian app based in China. This app offers great features for smooth and easy communication between two parties.

This app is especially useful for beginners who want to learn a new language as it has assist tools that help you communicate better. This is a great app to teach too even if you don’t know the language well as it has text to speech, speech to text, and a translation feature to facilitate the user.  You can talk with your friend via a video call or text or chat.

Another great feature of this app is that it offers a moments feature which is like using a social media platform where you share your moments with your friends.

It is however advised to use this app wisely as there are some creeps who consider it the tinder of the language-learning world. While it’s not the fault of the app itself, it is definitely something worth mentioning.

2. Tandem


Tandem is more of a social media app meant for people who want to socialize while learning a new language, it has unique features like sending good vibes in someone’s way, following each other, giving each other reviews, and letting people know about someone. It also has privacy features that enable you to filter out the people you want to interact with.

Tandem works like a chat app where you can talk, chat, video call or send audio or visual messages. It also has a translation feature to help you communicate better.

Tandem also has a unique tutor feature where you can seek help from a tutor available.

Like HelloTalk tandem also has a few creeps who want to gain something other than learning a new language. Luckily there is a block feature available to keep tandem a safe place and you can always report the person to remove them from the platform completely.

3. HiNative


We all have come across a phrase or sentence that doesn’t make sense by a literal translation with google translate. When you come across such sentences you need a native speaker to help you make them make sense. Well, you’re in luck because HiNative does just that. With many native speakers waiting to answer your questions.

This is a question-and-answer platform with native speakers from all over the world waiting to answer your questions. There are different templates to help you ask better questions like “How do you pronounce this?” or “What does this mean?”

HiNative even allows you to make a recording of your voice to provide you with a better way of communicating with native speakers. This way they can judge your pronunciation skills along with your accent.

Like all other apps on the list, this is a two-way street where you can help answer the questions that others might have regarding your native language. It’s not time-consuming and is a big help for someone who is unfamiliar with the language.

While the basic app is free, there are some features that you can only use if you buy a subscription. You get a better ad-free experience and better perks.

4. Meetup


Meetup is not a language learning app, it is a community app based on conversational groups. In this app people who live close to you come together and have a good time. While there are many communities you might be interested in, language learning is one of the communities which surprisingly is very active.

You can find a group in your area who wants to learn the same language and have a discussion when you guys get together over coffee. Other than that, practicing a language has never been easier than in person.

Not only that, there are different groups in the app based on culture or people who admire that culture. You might come across someone who is a native speaker of the culture and learn from them. One thing to remember while using the app is to be respectful towards the people and communities.

Being an app based on real-life interactions, you are more likely to make solid friendships out of it. There is also far less chance of someone using you for other purposes.

Written by Kan Dail