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Tips For Conserving Power When Traveling In An Rv

RVing is one of the best experiences since it allows you to escape from the rest of the world at your own pace and in your own space. You get to enjoy the peace and beauty of nature while taking advantage of the comfort of your RV.

RVs are also capable of operating off the grid, meaning they can provide power and water and capture their sewer. However, these resources are limited, and conservation is needed to extend the time they RV can operate without hookups. Luckily, there are ways you can preserve both and even get more if you need them. However, you will need money, time, and effort.

If you are reading this article, you may be looking for ways to save power since you might be going out in your RV. We will discuss the best power sources and the best tips for conserving energy when you don’t have a power supply. So, read through the end to learn more.

Top 2 Best Sources of Power

When camping, off-grid its still possible to have power that your RV batteries store for later use. However, you will run out of batteries quickly and need a good way to replenish them.



Solar power is a great option that allows you to charge your batteries. Therefore, you will need to invest in solar panels to harvest power from the sun during the day. A good option can be to install solar panels on the roof but this can be costly and complicated.

The most cost-effective way to go about it to ensure you are getting power during your camping trip is to invest in a solar panel kit. The option is noiseless, and you don’t need to fuel it. It is also easy to install in the RV at a minimal cost. Therefore, you can easily collect solar power without any issues.


Another great source of power is a generator. It is reliable, and you can have it built into the RV. However, you must know that a generator requires fuel and is also noisy. So, you may need to use it when topping up your batteries. If you can afford to use solar power and a generator, you have a better chance of saving more. You can choose to use the generator during the night and solar energy during the day only.

How to Conserve Power When Using Your RV


Part of being an RV owner is learning how to be resourceful. Therefore, you should know how to conserve the resources available to ensure they last long. The following tips will help you save power to stretch for a long time.

Leave Appliances

Even if you love morning coffee, you may have to skip carrying the coffee maker. You may also cut using the washer and dryer in the RV. Make your coffee on a burner and use a stove to make sandwiches. You should also hang your clothes outside on the hanging line instead of using the dryer. In short, you will need to skip some pieces of equipment that run on electricity to save. You may also forget some tasks and do them once you get back home.

Replace the Lights

If you have lights that consume a lot of power, it may be time to substitute them with LED lights. This is because LED lights don’t use a lot of electricity. Furthermore, they don’t overheat. LED light fixtures will thus be helpful when out camping in your RV. Therefore, consider replacing the lights to save more power.

Use Battery-Operated Lights

Another thing you can do is to use battery-operated lights or flashlights instead of the traditional ones. The reason is that these lights are not connected to the power source. Their power comes from the batteries in the RV, so you will not need to use your in-house supply.

Use Battery-Operated Fans


If you are camping when it is hot outside, you may want a way to stay cool and maintain proper air circulation. In this case, running your AC is not an option considering the amount of electricity it uses to operate. Therefore, you will need to find alternative ways to stay cool. One, it is advisable to park under shade if possible. You should also drink a lot of water and ensure the windows are open to allow in the cool breeze.

Most importantly, invest in fans that you can operate using the battery. Put the fans on one side to pull in cool air and push out warm air on the other side. You can place a bowl or ice close to the fan to increase its effectiveness.

Don’t Charge in the RV

If you bring your laptop or smartphone, you will need to charge them throughout the trip. Instead of using the power from your RV, it is recommendable to charge devices from your vehicle. This way, you will save on energy. The good thing about charging from the car is that the battery will recharge once you drive.

Buy a Portable Heater


If you plan to go camping during winter, it is essential to ensure you have a heater. It may be a good idea to buy a portable propane heater instead of using the RV furnace. Portable heaters are powerful, and you can use them for a long time. A portable propane heater is a good choice. It won’t dip in your propane supply and does not require electricity.

Run the Furnace Sparingly

Most furnaces in RVs operate through propane. However, their fans require electricity to run. It may be necessary to run the furnace for a few hours to avoid using too much power. Use it sparingly. Layer your clothes and eat warm food if you need to stay warm. Add extra blankets and sleep in a sleeping bag that is properly insulated.

End Note

These are two effective sources of power supply when camping in a place without a power outlet. You should also follow the tips discussed above to ensure you use as less power as possible. Skip some tasks for later and change the lights. Don’t charge in the RV; skip bringing electric appliances you don’t necessarily need.

Written by Willow Perkins