Cracking The TikTok Algorithm: Secrets To Improving Your Business Presence


When it comes to online presence and your business those two cannot be separated. In the world of technology and fast-paced changes, you need to be there all the time, you need to be present, and you need to be seen and heard if you want to strive.

Any business needs online exposure and, in the times, we live in social media platforms have become one of the biggest places where you can show off and advertise what you do, and who you are. There are multiple platforms and multiple ways you can advertise yourself there but there are some rules and some things you need to know if you want that exposure to be successful.

Many of you are present on some of these platforms and are noting some form of success when it comes to advertising but certain ones allow for so much more if you know what you are doing. TikTok is a platform that can help you greatly in your efforts and today we will talk about that.

With the help of things like free TikTok likes and other things you can help your business reach far wider audiences than you ever dreamed of so check that out and see what secrets you can do on your own to improve your business presence.

1. Use the platform


Before you start tearing your hair out because your posts on TikTok aren’t doing good, maybe you should use the app and all of its advantages to check out why are other posts doing so well. There is a thing built into the app that allows you to see why the platform recommended a certain post.

You can track it by going into the post settings, clicking on the post share button and you will need to scroll down to find the “Why this video” button. It will give you the info that can be one of two things – it is either trending in your region or it is similar to what you liked before.

But what does this mean to you? well, this means that you now have insight into what audiences are shown particular posts. This also means that you need to make sure that your “For You” page is going to be content that is within the niche that you are posting in.

2. Topics

To boost your presence on this platform and draw in more followers which is essentially more audiences and more markets you need to know how to make an interesting topic. Yes, the platform does make the difference between fun and education and you need to make that difference as well.

TikTok is all about retaining people on the app and shooting out content that they want. If you get this wrong no matter how expert you are on the thing you do if it’s not fun, it isn’t going anywhere. The way to do this and still stay in your niche is to make your content for beginners. Not everyone needs to know all of the fine details and every super-advanced topic. The short form of your TikTok videos needs to be just that – short and entertaining where you can do some education but at a beginner’s level.

3. Mix


One thing that can hinder your presence on TikTok and any other platform is focusing on just one thing. People that have businesses tend to focus on just the advertisement for that business or Niche specific content. This is something you can’t do because of the way that this platform’s algorithm works. It picks up on your and any other profile that has interacted, seen, viewed, liked or anything else in your niche and offers it to that specific audience.

Now that specific audience may be small and irrelevant for you which is why you need to mix in add videos that can trend broadly on this platform and whenever you can merge those two contents. Focusing on just one thing will be the reason why you, ultimately, haven’t been successful at breaking the algorithm of the platform.

4. How much you post

The number of posts you make per day or week plays a significant part in how fast you grow and where you grow. Those business pages that are just starting need to post at least three times a day if they want to be noticed and start moving toward bigger numbers. If you are already established on the platform and you want to maintain then you are perfect with only one to two posts a day.

The way you can find inspiration to post that much is by participating in trends, doing more green screens, doing shorter skits, focusing on industry news and so much more. This means that you need to be reacting to what is popular and trending on the platform and by doing this you are setting yourself up for success.

5. Have a call to action in every piece of content


Probably the single biggest mistake people make on any platform used for marketing purposes is not having a call to action. Being followed today isn’t that important and relying on that is a huge mistake. Nowadays no one doesn’t need to follow anyone on any platform to see something from them and this is what most of you don’t understand and why most of you don’t have a call to action in your content.

This means you need to make a video that has a call to action or a very good reason to get engaged with you. For a simple explanation let’s say that you are a fitness business of sorts and you are doing 5 steps to the best six abs out there.

If you tell them at the end of your video “follow for more fitness content” you will most likely lose them because they don’t need that. If you tell them “follow to get six pack abs” this would be something that will make them engage with you. The call to action ideally works if you manage to confirm in your content, something that your viewer believes.

Written by Kan Dail