Bring Your Art to Life: How to Create Your Own Custom Coloring Book


Coloring books offer a fun time to individuals of all age groups. Indulging in coloring books benefits you in many ways, like relaxing your mind, which boosts your serotonin levels, the happy hormone. Seeing the colorful pages come alive in front of your eyes is also rewarding.

No matter what age you are, creating your coloring book can be a wholesome process.  Coloring books are super stress-busters, fun filled, joyous, and a combined experience between the artist and buyer.

Once you finalize the design and theme for your art book, coloring book printing is a creative and convenient process. A professional printing company will guide you extensively from printing to binding to delivery and much more. Many individuals indulge in coloring books as their meditative therapy or mindfulness practice. The art of sketching and coloring is a refreshing release for the mind, body, and soul.

How To Plan For The Creation Of Your Coloring Book


The reason for making your custom coloring book may be anything, such as relieving tension, boosting your creativity, or flaunting your sketching talent. There are a few things in the journey of creating your book, and the process becomes more manageable if you follow it step by step.

Begin By Selecting The Theme For The Book

The process of transforming thoughts into images and then converting them into a coloring book is a beautiful meditative process. The book’s theme can be simple, quirky, abstract, or anything else. Think about what inspires you.

Is it flora and fauna, human figures, things, or geometric styles? Opting for a mono theme is not mandatory. However, it brings a unified feel to the artwork. Try browsing through the works of various artists for inspiration.

Know About The Target Buyers

Think and decide the audience you want to target buyers for your work, as it is crucial to further steps. Do you want to create it for all age groups or any specific age group? When you decide on this aspect, you can proceed with selecting drawings and the type of outlines or which marker medium to choose.

Choose The Size And Sides Of The Pages

Begin to design the book by imagining its appearance and the emotions you want to convey. They contemplate the style of the pages of the book. The style, size, and adaptation of the pages are vital when deciding the medium with which the drawings will be made.

Begin Drawing After Selecting A Medium

Many books have monochrome artwork. Doing the drawings with a pencil is advisable, so if the sketches need further alterations, they can be quickly done. Finally, the dark marker can be used before scanning to get the best printing results.

What Is The Process of Creating a Layout For A Coloring Book?


There are a few steps involved in the process. Let’s have a look at them:

Organization Of The Pages Of The Book

It involves arranging and sorting the graphic image files in order. Proper planning makes the process easy and enjoyable because you always have a clear idea of what you want. Changes in the layout can be made more accessible if you are unhappy with the outcome.

Scanning the art

After the coloring book’s illustration and page arrangement process, what comes next is scanning them. Scanning images at a high-quality resolution is essential for the outlines to look dark, and the quality of the pictures must be constant throughout the book.

If you try to tweak the process, there are chances of bad-quality images if scanning the drawn images at low-quality resolution will end up giving you zigzagged lines, and shots may appear blurry. Few scanning trials are necessary to avoid unwanted results.

The graphical pictures must seem manageable and balanced on the pages. It is fulfilling to color beautiful, neat, clean images.

Select A Format For The Book


The format of the art book is again a crucial aspect of aesthetics.  As a beginner, or if you want something reasonably priced yet appealing, the suggested option is to go for a regular monochrome (black and white) paper format. The coloring looks beautiful and vibrant on white background with thick black outlines.

Select A Back And Front Cover For Your Book

It is where you play with your imagination and put your ideas for people to see and have a first impression of your creation. The front and back cover gives a sneak peek of the theme of your work. Since it is a coloring book, you should add coloring images to its front page.

The book displays your style and creative essence, so be as expressive as possible. The free expression makes art come alive, making the chances higher for the buyers to get attracted to buy your book. The elements you put on the main page set the book’s tone.

Promote Your Book

Once the work is out and ready to sell, you must share it with everyone you know. You might share and promote it or write a blog about it on social media platforms. Another excellent option to share your book is to give it as a gift.

It increases the reach, and the other individual might encourage their friends and family to buy your book. Individuals of all age groups like coloring books, so share them with everyone, not just specific age groups.



Creating your custom coloring can be one of the most enjoyable times of your life. Bringing your true art and skills to life can be a dream come true process for many artists. By following the steps mentioned above, you can align everything systematically, do one thing at a time and then take the next.

Selecting the right service providers for the book, such as the printing company offering your best options at affordable prices, will undoubtedly add good value to your custom coloring book. Once you have it in your hand, remember to share it with your loved ones.

Written by Alana Harrington