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8 Creative Promo Videos To Make With An Online Video Maker


There are many ways to be creative with an online video maker. In fact, you don’t have to limit yourself to the list described here because there’s so much you can do with effects and animations. There are also many video templates to help you get started. Although, you can drag and drop as much or as little of your own content as you like into your templates. In fact, you can learn more about the endless possibilities when it comes to being creative with a video editor.

8 Creative Promo Videos to Make with your Online Video Maker


Check out this list to give you some easy-to-use ideas to start your video-making adventures.

1. Explainer and demo videos

Research shows that potential customers respond well to explainer and demo videos. This is because it allows them to picture living with the product or service being offered. You can be quite creative with these online videos because you can tell a story with images and music. Another example is to perhaps have animated characters demonstrating how to use your product with some great music in the background. Whatever you decide though, make sure it will work for your target audience. The best way to do this is to first research their preferences and purchasing habits.

You can use voiceover video for a more significant impact on your target audience with the help of tools like Murf. All you need to do is choose a voice and enter the voice over your written scripts. You can change the pitch of your voice with a real-time voice changer to modulate your voice. It will give the perfect feel to your audience.

2. Tutorials or How-To online Videos


Sometimes it can be helpful to use your online video maker to describe, step by step, how your product works. For example, this can be useful if you have a DIY cake-making or tiling product. Even something like setting up an online video conference or writing a resume can be nicely described in a how-to video with tips and advice. This gives you the added advantage of portraying yourself as the expert that people want to get advice from. The more you humanize yourself and your brand then the more likely people will relate to you. They’ll then want to share your online video with all their friends.

3. Customer Reviews

These online videos are great for building trust and credibility. Also, remember that you don’t just need to conduct a boring interview with your happy customers. You can use your online video maker to create a story around the customer journey where real people share their problems and how your business changed their lives. To give you an idea of how creative you can be, some companies have even gone so far as including famous historical animated characters such as Shakespeare.

4. Vlog


These online video blogs are the perfect way to show your brand’s personality and style on social media, as well as what you stand for. They don’t have to be complex and you can easily make something fun and colorful with your online video editor. It’s also a good approach for keeping your content fresh whilst constantly communicating with your audience. Perhaps you can do short updates on a regular basis?

5. Company culture or Behind-the-Scene

These days, it’s all about connecting emotionally with your target audience. There is so much going on online that you need to stand out from. Therefore, you can really differentiate yourself by making videos where people can believe in something. For example, showing your values and culture as well as how you’re trying to help people is the perfect way to sustain a strong following. Another fun thing to do is to go behind the scenes. Again, this can allow you to show the way things are made rather than just talking about them. Also, depending on your product, you can create videos around a fun manufacturing tour, for example.

6. A web series or mini-documentary


This might not be appropriate for all businesses and individuals although, it’s still worth exploring on your online video maker. The obvious example would be a charity that could do a mini-documentary or series of online videos. This would allow them to show how their work and the viewers’ contribution helps communities around the world. Having said that, why not show how you have a sustainable development approach? For instance, even a clothes manufacturer can talk about how they work ethically with farmers around the world.

7. Event

Everyone loves a good event. It can also be attention-grabbing for your first video. There’s something about getting people together for a shared purpose with music and stands. It’s generally a fun day out. Then again, not everyone can always be there so creating videos allows people to dream. They’ll still feel connected and motivated to buy even if they weren’t physically at your event.

8. A story


Last but not least, let’s not forget the power of a good story when you make a video. Actually, all the videos described above can be created around a story with characters. The templates from your online video maker can sometimes give you ideas about the types of stories that could work. Don’t forget that you can also ask your teams for inputs when you make a video. You could even have an internal competition for who proposes the best story and make a video about it.

Parting Words on Being Creative with your Online Video Maker

The most important step of working with a video maker is to know your target audience and what style works for them. Then, it’s really as easy as choosing your online video maker and working with one of the video templates and any other content you might have before you download your video to social media. Remember though that being creative doesn’t necessarily mean complex. That’s where using the video maker tools is so great because they allow you to keep things simple and guarantee a professional output. Then, anything is possible and you’ll stand out from the competition with just a few simple clicks.

Written by Marinelle Adams