Top 10 Cutest Animals in Canada

Arctic Hare

Canada is a multicultural nation with a great reputation. Known for its frigid winters, Niagara Falls, and its rich maple syrup, Canada is home to a myriad of stunning animals and wildlife that are unique to the country. Animals such as the Arctic hare, badger, beaver, bison, black bear, bobcat, lynx, caribou, coyote, Grizzly bears, red fox, lemming, moose, etc. inhabit the country in abundance. Some of these animals are distinctly unique and are only found in Canada. Below let us check out some of the cutest animals in Canada that make this country an interesting and intriguing place to visit.

Cutest Animals in Canada

1. Puffin

One of the cutest animals in Canada, Puffins are seabirds and are also known as “sea parrots” or the “clowns of the sea,” because of their cute appearance. Puffins are found in the open sea in the North Atlantic region, from Canada to Russia. A large population of puffins is found in Iceland. About 400,000 puffins currently breed in eastern Canada, mostly in Newfoundland and Labrador. Atlantic puffins have a large, brightly-colored beaks and big heads with black and white markings on their plumage. They are excellent divers and are specially adapted with waterproof feathers to living on the open sea. Canada’s New Brunswick province is a haven for migratory birds and the breeding ground for puffins. 


2. Arctic Hare

The Arctic hare is a species of hare native to the freezing Arctic tundra regions of northern Canada. Their brilliant white furry coat is their main defence against the harsh climate. It changes colour to an ash-brown in the summers to blend in with the surrounding. These hares have short ears and limbs, a small nose, and a thick coat of fur. They can run in the snow as fast as 40 mph! The Arctic hare is distributed over the Canadian Arctic islands and Northern Canada, including Ellesmere Island, and in Labrador and Newfoundland. It is one of the cutest zoo animals in the world.

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Arctic Hare

3. Swift Fox

Swift foxes were once found from the grasslands in Manitoba to the foothills of Alberta and south through the central plains states to Mexico. However, they are now endangered and are now found in only a small area of prairie grasslands in southern Alberta and Saskatchewan in Canada. The swift fox is a small, cat-sized fox in a light orange-tan colour. The throat, chest, and belly can be pale yellow to white in colour, and their tail tips are black. They are really swift on land and can run very fast.  They live in underground dens that can be up to 4 meters in length. It is one of the cutest animals in Canada.

Swift Fox

Image Source: Wikimedia

4. Beluga Whale

The Beluga, or White whale, is a toothed whale found in Canada’s Arctic, Hudson Bay and St. Lawrence estuary. Belugas live primarily in Arctic sea areas, with about two-thirds of the world population found in Canadian seas. Belugas are one of the popular whales because of their white skin colour and an upturned mouth that appears to be smiling. They are extremely sociable animals that live, hunt, and migrate together in pods. The Beluga is also known as the “Canary of the Sea” as they produce various kinds of squeaks, calls, whistles, and chirps. These sounds are used to communicate with other belugas to help them navigate and find food using echolocation.

Beluga Whale

Image Source: Wikimedia

5. Spirit Bear

One of the cutest animals in Canada, The Spirit Bear or the Kermode bear is a rare subspecies of the American black bear. It is native to the Central and North Coast regions of British Columbia, Canada. In fact, it is the official mammal of British Columbia. Canada’s western coast consists of a varied habitat of fjords, densely forested islands, and glacier-capped mountains. Animals like Grizzlies, black bears, wolves, humpback whales, and Spirit bears thrive here in abundance. These bears have white fur due to a recessive gene. They mostly feed on salmons. They are an endangered species now, with only 400 left in the wild.

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Spirit Bear

Image Source: Wikimedia

6. Harbor Seal

Harbor seals are true seal species and are brown, silvery-white, tan, or gray in color, with V-shaped nostrils. An adult can attain a length of 1.8 m. They have thick layers of fat or “Blubber” under the skin helps to maintain body temperature. You can find these Harbor seals on resting spots in rocky areas of ice, sand, and mud. They can be found in abundance in the Canadian provinces of Manitoba, Ontario, Quebec, New Brunswick, Prince Edward Island, Nova Scotia, Newfoundland and Labrador, and in the Arctic Ocean, and the Atlantic Ocean.

Harbor Seal

7. River Otter

They are found throughout Canada, except in the Arctic, in most of their historic range. The River Otter or the Canadian Otter is a partially aquatic mammal that can live both in water as well as land.  These otters make burrows close to the water’s edge in rivers, lakes, swamps, or the coastlines. Their den has many tunnel openings that allow the otter to enter and exit the body of water. Otters generally feed on fish and are well-adapted for underwater swimming. They have specialized teeth and are most active during the night hours.

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River Otter

8. Collared Pika

The collared pika is a species of mammal in the pika family, and are closely related to hares and rabbits.  A Collared pika is a herbivore that feeds on the leaves and stems of various grasses and small shrubs. They have stocky bodies, large round ears, and short legs. They have a distinct greyish patch on its shoulder and neck, against their white fur on the chest and stomach. This is the collar from which the Collared pika gets its name. They have sharp, curved claws to climb rocks easily. Pikas are highly alert and have excellent hearing and vision.

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Collared Pika

9. Pine Marten

The Pine marten or the American Marten is a shy weasel-like mammal found throughout Canada in coniferous and mixed-wood forests. Pine martens spend a lot of time searching the forest for food. They are dark reddish-brown in colour, with a creamy throat bib. They have a pointed face and a long bushy tail that allows them to balance in trees. They are omnivores and prefer to eat voles, mice, birds, flying squirrels, reptiles, and rabbits. Martens are shy, but when approached by humans they may make growling and huffing noises. It is one of the cutest animals in Canada.

Pine Marten

10. Black-tailed Prairie Dog

The black-tailed prairie dog is a rodent, actually, a species of ground squirrel, named “dog”. The name comes from the animal’s characteristic alarm bark. Black-tailed prairie dogs are found on the Great Plains from Saskatchewan to Sonora and Chihuahua in Mexico. Their habitats are traditionally dry, flat, sparsely vegetated grasslands, where these small animals spend a happy time.
They are chiefly herbivorous and feed primarily on grasses and small seeds. At times, they may eat some insects as well.

Black-tailed Prairie Dog

These are some of the cutest animals found in Canada that add their own charm to the habitat of this beautiful country. If ever you plan to visit Canada, make sure to cover these animals on your trip, in the wild or in the zoos. We can make sure that you will collect memories of a lifetime.

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Written by Kan Dail