Ways To Deal with the Daily Wig-wearing 


If you need to wear a wig or any other type of artificial hair or hair extension, you first must know that you can’t have that one particular piece forever, because it can wear out as time goes by. That means, every six months you need to replace your synthetic hair wig, or if you choose a natural hair model, you can wear it up to one year, and then renew it, or buy another one.

People wear wigs for so many reasons. Sometimes, they want to change their appearance, and try new hairstyles, without having to visit the stylist too often. Other people face big problems with hair loss and alopecia areata, and they choose to wear a wig until they recover. Also, cancer patients who go to chemotherapy, often lose their hair completely. Sometimes, they choose to face the reality and don’t cover their head, but in some cases, that’s not possible, and the patient is choosing a wig until it regrows back again.

Losing hair may affect the self-confidence badly, especially if there are a lot of bald spots on the head, or the hair is completely lost due to some of the mentioned reasons. But, wearing a wig every day is not easy, because the user should take care of it properly, so it can be always clean and ready to wear. Here are a few tips on how to do that:

1. You should measure your head


Trying these accessories at the shop is not always possible due to hygienic reasons. But, knowing that you can shop online for wigs on pages like Klaiyi Hair, you always should know your head size. On every online shop, there is a manual instruction part, so you can properly measure the head diameter, so you can get the right size. If it’s not a proper size, it may not fit your head nicely, or it can slide down because it won’t have anything to hold on to. Too tight models can be very irritable to your head, and too big ones can fall off, and you will need to bring them back all the time. The right measurements will ensure a great fit. It’s on you to follow the measuring instructions before you order the wig online.

2. Do you prefer a natural or synthetic model?


This is a very important decision to make. Every model has good and bad sides, and you need to think about that carefully, and then decide which option works better for you. Human hair option is theoretically more durable, and it handles coloring and different types of styling. At the same time, it’s more expensive than the synthetic one. But, according to those who already wear it, even though it’s very delicate, it’s a better choice because no one will ever see that’s not your hair. Synthetic wigs are much cheaper, and their price is what makes them still popular among users. But, using today’s technology, even synthetic models look natural. But, the main disadvantage is that they easily tear up, and it becomes visible that the hair is not yours. But, knowing that it won’t cost you a lot, you can afford to replace it every time it shows signs of damage.

3. Use a cap liner


Cap liner is some type of hat that fits your head perfectly and protects the wig from sliding, but also the touching surface from your natural scalp oils. Even when you don’t have a hair on your head, the skin and the pores are still releasing oils, that may damage the wig, or even make it look dirty. So, the cap liner should be a must when you investing in this type of addition to your appearance, no matter what’s the reason behind it.

4. Own two or three models at the time


Sometimes, you want to change something in your looks, and owning a few wigs can be a good choice to do that. Also, if you don’t wear one of them all the time, you will prevent it from shredding, tearing up, looking bad, and washing it too often. Keep in mind that this hair addition is not part of your body, so the hair oils and other biological processes that occur in your body won’t affect it. That means, as time goes by, it will lose the shine, and won’t look healthy as it was initially.

5. Wash it as needed


It’s essential to maintain the good hygiene of your wig, just like you take care of your natural hair. Also, you need to invest in proper cosmetic products that are appropriate for them. Usually, the seller provides clear hygiene instructions, and you should follow them. The rule is that the natural hair wig should be washed after ten times of wearing, and synthetic type requires a more serious approach when taking care of it, because the synthetic hair is not the same as the natural, and surely you can’t use the same products on it.

6. Store it properly after every wear


Most of the time, the wigs come with stands that look like mannequins or they are head-shaped. That will help you prevent tangling when not stored properly. Also, while it’s on the stand, you can comb or brush it. Be sure that you always hide it from the kids’ reach. Pets can also catch it and destroy it, so if you have a four-legged friend at your home, keep the wig out of their sight, especially if you have a cat.

Every accessory you have should always be stored and maintained, especially when it’s not something cheap that you can afford to buy every day. As we said, you should consider your wig (or wigs) as something you need to take care of regularly, because if you don’t do that, you will see how it changes the looks every day, as time goes by. Preventing it from tearing up, tangling, and shredding, should be your priority, and it’s important to follow these simple, but effective pieces of advice, in order to keep it healthy for a longer period.

Written by Marinelle Adams