Designer Sunglasses: 5 Things To Keep In Mind Before Buying

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If we’re hanging out on a sunny day, the first thing we’ll grab would be the sunglasses, whether we’re on the road or a seashore. We are well aware that glasses are designed so that ultraviolet rays cannot pass through them, and as a result, our eyes are protected from the harmful impacts that ultraviolet can cause.

Studies in this regard reveal that excessive exposure to the sun’s ultraviolet rays can intensify the chances of different sorts of cancers, particularly cataracts and pterygium, that’s skin growth syndrome. Moreover, overexposure to ultraviolet rays for a long duration can lead to Photo Keratitis (temporary blindness). It’s observed that kids and people with bright eyes are likely to suffer more from ultraviolet light.

These are the key reasons that made the sunglasses a virtual object for the protection of eyes and a fashion accessory. An ordinary sunglasses won’t help you be protected, but Ophthalmologists define sunglasses. Some of the Fundamental features that should be known by one before buying sunglasses are summarized here:

  1. The bigger, the better: It is evident if the sunglasses are more oversized, the area of protection will also be more significant. As a result, the casualties to the eyes will be reduced. However, proffering oversized sunglasses will help you protect your eyes from UV rays as they’ll find no way to approach your eyes.
  2. Darker does not always mean better: Commonly, it’s considered that the darker color of sunglasses will increase the protection from UV rays. Secondly, everyone finds it appealing. But darker sunglasses don’t need to exhibit more blockage to UV rays. That’s why one should read the features of dark sunglasses written on the label or tag.
  3. Color varies: Different color varieties like green, purple, and blue might display a pleasing contrast that makes you look better but won’t help resist UV rays. Color contrast can be chosen according to the conditions of one’s personal choice.
  4. Polarized lenses reduce glare, not UV rays: It’s essential to explain polarization here because people confuse it with ultraviolet protection. Polarization is called polarization to reduce the effect of intense brightness produced by different reflective surfaces like glaciers or water. This quality makes sunglasses suitable for multiple environmental conditions, such as hiking, driving, and diving. Because glare is too dangerous in these conditions. That’s the reason which shows these two identical phenomena are quite different
  5. Expensive doesn’t always mean better: In general, it’s considered that the expensive one is better than the cheaper ones, but expensive sunglasses don’t need to have all the describes features. You can find a cheaper one with a blocking value of 100 UV, and it’ll work as efficiently as an expensive one does. So, expensiveness doesn’t represent better performance.
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The critical thing to consider is that not only do adults need sunglasses, but children also need that equally because their eyes are more prone to be affected by ultraviolet rays. So, children should always wear sunglasses while going out. Besides their characteristics to protect eyes, sunglasses have become an essential accessory and part of outfits and significantly impact the personality. If one is well dressed but not wearing sunglasses, his nature will be incomplete without sunglasses, so there must be a collection of sunglasses in your wardrobe along with the suites. You can find more information regarding designer sunglasses by clicking on

Top Sunglass Trends For 2024

With the start of the new year, new fashion trends are also introduced in the market. It shows that design is becoming versatile, more aesthetic, and finer the past. The summer is not far away, and it’s the most opportune moment to modernize the newest sunglasses trends. Here we’ve summarized some trends of sunglasses about to happen in 2024. As compared to previous years, this time trends are quite unrepeated. Following are some of our favorite selections.

1. The Tiny New Frames

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In the following year, pocket-sized frames are considered more profound. The era of frameless glasses is about to end, and acetate frames are taking their place, bringing a vintage look, and its weight is significantly less.

2. Flat-Tops

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The more oversized size frames are usually referred to as the feminine category. It’s observed that trend of aviator sunglasses has increased in the following year. To feel more stunning, one is supposed to choose a smooth type of frame.

3. Bright White

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People searching for sunglasses will find a little brighter and comparatively aesthetic and glowing light frames. Whether choose aviator style, wider or tiny one, must keep the trend in mind that’s choosing a more colorful scheme that shines on your face.

4. Futuristic frame structure

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In the current season, the hottest style that appeared in the trend is the futuristic framed sunglasses. Following year, these sunglasses are displaying a unique look. Rather than choosing a sporty design, go for some additional classic frames.

5. Thick, oversized frames

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When the mini type of sunglasses penetrated the stores, the oversized sunglasses bounced back in the fashion trend even though that trend has been the leading one for a long time.

6. Retro Round

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A circular wide sunglasses frame would be the perfect consideration for the people looking for a bunch of amusement and sunglasses in the following year.

7. Cat-eye sunglasses with a twist

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The cat-eye frames remain as famous as before due to their particular shape and the uplifting of the face, mainly focusing on the cheeks area. These unique sunglasses have arrived in the market with some modern alterations. They are appeared in the market with a new classic look having a smooth finish, vibrant colors, and valorous specifications. Smoothly crafted or bold style should be tried.

8. Geometric Sunglasses

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Geometric figured sunglasses will be a perfect choice if you look different from the rest of the crew. They appear as a stunning combination with any outfit due to their wide range and style, from circle to hexagon. This variety of shapes highlights the particular facial features with the desired conditions.

When it comes to buying designer sunglasses, it’s important to consider both style and functionality. Check out Goodr’s collection of white sunglasses, to discover trendy designs that offer UV protection and enhance your fashion-forward look, available at

Written by Ana Weaver