Designing the Perfect Hanging Banner for Your Brand – A Brief Guide


The best advertisements are built on great ideas. Irrespective of the medium (print, digital, or TV), if the idea behind your marketing messages is sharp and appealing, your campaign will most likely be successful. Unfortunately, modern-day marketers tend to focus more on the mediums, not the ideas. That is why modern-day digital marketing is all about –

  • Assess what type of digital content the average customer is enjoying.
  • Recycle the same content.
  • Dump as many digital ads as possible featuring boring marketing messages.

That is why the average click-through rate of online advertisements is only 0.06%. So how can brands attract target consumers when the same types of ads are plastered all over the Internet? More importantly, hundreds of millions of Internet users have ad blockers on their browsers.

The Return of Conventional Advertising Tools


Despite these obvious flaws in some types of digital marketing (especially pay-per-click ads), brands across the world continue to invest in them. On the other hand, brands with traditional advertising tools like billboards or banners have benefited a lot. The modern-day consumer watches thousands of online ads every week. How many good billboard ads or banner ads do you think they see every week? Probably less than one!

There’s still great potential in traditional ads.

A well-designed hanging banner can do for your brand what hundreds of digital ads cannot – make your brand relevant and known to large groups of people. Sure, not everyone in the world will see your banner, but the local audiences will. Local audiences should always be the priority for brands, especially small-scale businesses. Here are some techniques that can help your brand create the best marketing messages on them.

What a Good Banner Ad Looks Like


What features come to mind when you think of good banner ads? Some qualities of good ones are –

  • They are Extremely Simple – Just one glance is enough for the audience to understand the message behind the banner.
  • They Feature Eye-Catching Designs – Eye-catching does not necessarily mean complex. Banner ads do not need thousands of design elements to stand out. They only need one or two at most.
  • Blends Well with the Landscape – High-quality ones should always complement their surroundings. So whether you hang it outside your store or in a busy marketplace – the ad should not look out of place.
  • Feature Calls-To-Action (CTAs) – Banner ads offer marketers the chance to display important brand-related information in the best way possible. Custom-print your brand’s address, contact details, etc., on these marketing tools to ensure your company receives maximum engagement.

Banner Hanging Tips

Before installing a banner at a trade show or business space, decide the mode of installation as to how you hang it. Displaying them inside can be different from outside displays. You need to consider many factors that will decide the effectiveness of your banner view and its wear and tear. Compared to indoor hanging ones, outdoor hanging poses many more potential issues. However, by assessing the surroundings, there are many choices to make in outdoor hanging and durable fixtures. You can get expert designs and inputs for hanging banners from Let us explore a few such tips.

Indoor wall hanging banners


If you plan to hang it indoors on a plain flat surface like a wall, then the job is comparatively easy. You do not have to worry about setting up fixtures and anchors to withstand weather conditions. However, you need to be careful about using an interior wall-friendly hanging approach for an effective fixture. Your ideal choice for indoor hanging banners would be mesh or vinyl ones.

Velcro strip

Using adhesive Velcro strips is also a popular choice for hanging banners for its ease of use and also that these can be easily removed without any damage to it or the surface. For this, you need to measure the area where you plan to hang the banner and mark the area lightly where the strips will be placed. Next, remove the paper covering the Velcro strips’ back and apply it to the surface with care. Do the same on the backside of the banner, too, and once done well, you will be ready to put it on.

Suction cup

This is another easy way to install indoor hanging banners. You can easily fix the suction cup onto the smooth surface, but the banner you hang on it is lightweight. Like Velcro strips, suction cups are also easy to hang against the walls. The suction cups usually come with hanging hooks which can be attached and detached on the cup where you can cling the banner grommets.

Outside hanging of banners


When hanging the banners outside, you need to use some other methods. When it comes to outdoor installation, you need to confront many more challenges than indoors as various weather conditions, the fixture’s durability, the need for optimal display, displacement due to wind or rain, exposure to sun’s rays, etc. Based on where you plan to install it, you have various hanging choices in an outdoor installation.

Using zip ties

It is a simple way to hang banners with grommets. Just affix the zip ties to the banner and tie it out on a solid fixture.

Bungee cords

Another common choice is to install. Just put the hook end-to-end of the bungee cord and put it through the grommet of the banner corners.


This is the easiest and most convenient way of putting hanging banners outside. We usually use nylon rope for the same, and this banner hanging approach is more versatile than any other mode of outdoor hanging.

Additional Tips to Consider


When custom designing banners, keep these simple tips in mind.

  • Never cram loads of information on small ad spaces.
  • Banner ads are technically mass medium tools so expect them to make rapid impacts on target audiences.
  • Colorful designs always create surprising impacts on target audiences.

Outdoor advertising tools like banners are great ways of communicating short and simple brand-related messages to large audiences. A well-designed banner ad can easily outperform any digital ad, especially if you place them in high-traffic areas such as shopping malls!

Written by Marinelle Adams