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Pros & Cons: Desktop vs Mobile Casino Games Online


Back in the 90s, when the Internet took over the world, many industries had to adjust in order to reach as many people as possible. This is how the online gambling industry adapted and today it is one of the most widespread industries. Plus, all those casino enthusiasts helped spread this industry by coming up with a brilliant idea to bring gambling up online.

In the beginning, all casino games online were played on desktop computers, but only because we didn’t have the technology to bring those games and the internet on our mobile phones. However, today we have a completely different story, everything is accessible on our phones, including casino games, and people simply cannot decide which device is the best option for online gambling. And not to mention how the mobile platforms are being improved each day. Both desktop and mobile online casinos have their advantages and disadvantages so let’s take a closer look at both.

Playing on Mobile


Even though casino games on smartphones are rather a new thing, there are some great benefits to playing on them. Mobile technology has developed quite a lot in the past few years, and the gambling experience has evolved with them. There are still some restrictions on the number of games that are available for mobile platforms, but there are still plenty of games you can play. You can even hop over to this site to learn more about great casinos offering amazing games for smartphones.

The biggest advantage of mobile gambling is convenience. You can play anywhere and anytime and you just need some WiFi. Plus, the quality of mobile games is as great as on desktop. So, if you are commuting to work by a bus or subway, or you are grabbing a bite, you can easily take out your phone and play a little.

Another great thing about mobile gambling is that you have two main options for playing – apps and in-browser. With the browser version, you just open it and type in your favorite casino, log in and play. There is no downloading or installation needed in this process. On the other hand, if you prefer playing on apps, you can check if your favorite casino has their app developed or fun another that you like. Simply download an app, install it, log in and you are all set. Also, the app option can even provide a much better experience than the browser one.

Lastly, some casino apps will even give you the option of live casino gambling. This way you can hook up with live dealer games for an even better experience.

On the other hand, mobile gambling has its downsides. Overall, the biggest obstacle could be the internet and the battery. If the WiFi connection isn’t as strong or stable, you may experience lagging or the games won’t even start up until you find a stable connection. Also, it could happen that your battery simply dies. Gaming on smartphones can drain a battery fast and if you don’t have a charger or no place to plug it in, that could be a problem. So, if you want to be sure, only play on mobile if you are sure the battery is full and that you have enough mobile data in case the WiFi isn’t an option.


  • Convenience
  • App or in-browser option
  • Great animation


  • Lack of internet or battery
  • Fewer game options

Playing on Desktop


It’s a fact that desktop computers have been here way longer than smartphones, and that’s probably their biggest advantage. With more time on the market, they had more improvements and innovations over the years, including the experience of playing online casino games on them. Also, a big benefit is that you have full online casino experience when playing on a computer and you don’t have any limits on the available games. For example, some slot games which are super popular sometimes don’t have a playable mobile version and you can only play them on your computer.

Another advantage of desktop casino games online is the very size of the screen. Some people don’t enjoy playing mobile versions because the screen is smaller, which means the buttons are smaller and the experience of playing is then in shortage. Also, it easier to misclick on smaller screens and that’s where desktop gambling takes the lead. With bigger screens you simply can see better what is happening in the game, the buttons are easier to find and you can easily navigate with a mouse.

The last huge benefit of desktop gambling is that desktop casinos often offer more payment options than mobile versions. Players who gamble on their PCs simply have a broader choice of deposit and withdrawal methods, while mobile casinos often stick to just a couple of them for convenience.

However, there are a few downsides to playing casino games on a PC. The biggest one is convenience. In order to play on your computer, you need to plug it into a wall and sit at it to play. While with mobile versions you can play on the go.


  • Bigger screen for a better experience
  • No Internet or battery issues
  • More games to choose from
  • Better payment options


  • You can’t play anywhere and on the go

The Bottom Line


Even though it seems that playing online casinos on the desktop is better, it is probably just because they have been around longer. However, how you are going to play casino games is entirely up to you. Both devices have their good and bad sides, but you can simply choose what’s better for you.

If you have no experience in playing casino games online, then you can simply try out both options and see what works for you. If you do have the experience you probably already have your preferences. And if your favorite casino already has a mobile version, you can even combine devices and get the best of both worlds.

Written by Marinelle Adams