What Is the Difference Between the MCAT and Oat Exams?


Creating a profession inside the clinical field is no walk in the park. It is a difficult path to take, from entering into medical faculty to becoming an authorized practitioner. It is demanding and takes time, dedication, and a strong will to reach your goal.

You are required to pass admission tests before you may enter medical school like the MCAT and OAT Exam. These two examinations are the most accepted admission tests for all medical specialties and optometry colleges. These tests intend to evaluate your knowledge, capabilities, and degree of preparedness for admission to optometry or clinical faculty.

What Are MCAT And OAT Exams?

MCAT (Medical College Admission Test) and OAT (Optometry Admission Test) are two of the most common and acknowledged admission exams accepted by many of the colleges around the globe. These tests are considered to be difficult to evaluate an examinee’s potential, aptitude, present knowledge level and skills to see if the examinee has what it takes to get into medical school.

MCAT exam

Medical College Admission Test is an assessment for entrance to medical colleges. It was designed for medical faculties to evaluate applicants’ knowledge and aptitude for a higher medical degree.

It takes seven hours and thirty mins long and is primarily computer-based standardized testing. You ought to deliver answers to 230 and take a look at questions to unfold in the course of four take a look at sections. Seeing how there are multiple-choice questions, maximum examinees discover the examination to be workable.

Critical thinking, problem-solving aptitudes, and a good enough understanding of fundamental medical ideas and scientific standards are different talents that the MCAT is used to evaluate prospective medical students.

OAT Exam

For folks wanting a profession in optometry, there is a standardized test-Optometry Admissions Test, which you need to pass. Accepted and acknowledged by majorities of optometry colleges in the US, Canada, and other countries as an issue to admit into an optometry college.

It is a computer-based exam, and the questions are multiple-choice-based, making them doable. The OATs have four sections and last for more or less 5 hours, plus or minus a few minutes, four hours-forty-five minutes including two 10 minute breaks, to be exact.

The reason is to decide whether or not participants have the essential instruction and information to reach the optometry faculty. The examination is on the market all year round at their legal testing centers as you can learn more about it at

Difference Between MCAT And OAT Exams

1. Recognition

Numerous medical and optometry faculties utilize the MCAT and OAT as part of their admission procedures. Countries like—America, Guam, Puerto Rico, the Virgin Islands, and Canada—offer the OAT. These countries have legal Prometric test facilities for people who want to participate in the OAT exam.

MCATs are acknowledged by many medical faculties around the world, including the ones in Singapore, Australia, Canada, Europe, and different places. This exam is strongly advised for those who desire to observe a higher medical path,

2. Exam Format

MCAT and OAT are online tests. The OAT takes around four hours and forty-five mins to complete, while the MCAT might take 7 hours and a half-hour. There are 230 questions in both MCAT and OAT.

You’ll need to answer 50 questions regarding studying comprehension and one hundred questions within the herbal sciences section of the OAT, along with forty questions about physics & mathematical reasoning, and hassle-solving in the OAT.

In MCAT, you have to respond to fifty-nine questions on biological and Biochemical Foundations, Chemical and Physical Foundations of biological structures, Mental, Social, and biological Foundations of behavior, and 53 questions on crucial analysis and Reasoning abilities.

With ninety to ninety-five mins for every segment, that makes it 7 hours and 30 minutes with breaks covered. The MCAT happens 35 times a year, while OATs are conducted all year long.

3. Examination Requirements

The MCAT and OAT provide a list of stipulations for test takers as test necessities. After going through their online enrollment procedure, you can sign in for those assessments. They take delivery of authorities-issued identification playing cards as evidence of identity. You have to reap a PIN earlier than finishing your OAT registration.

You may use your previously made PIN for the check in case you’ve previously taken it. Save yourself from delay and enlist for the OAT online a minimum of 6 to 8 weeks earlier than the exam

4. Difficulty

The OAT is notably more difficult than the MCAT when comparing the difficulty stages between the two exams. The MCAT is difficult because of its length and the topics included in its check portions. but, the OATs cover tough sections, like, physics, math, chemistry, and biology.

Even though each assessment is a couple of of-preference, it could be hard to choose the precise response because most people of the test questions name for technical understanding.

Either manner, you are privy to it. Because of this, many OAT examination takers understand it to be more difficult when compared to the MCAT, that’s less difficult.

5. Scoring

The scoring technique employed for the MCAT and OAT differs. For instance, the MCAT’s examination elements are scored between 132 and 118 points. Your results from each section are combined to present you with a score between 472 and 528 points.

The MCAT additionally gives a percentile rating in your scores, which you may use to see how you stand to differentiate and take a look at-takers consequences. At the same time, your rating on the OAT is decided by how many of your answers were correct. They use a two hundred–four hundred-factor scoring machine, with three hundred being the cutoff.

6. Costing

The MCAT and OAT provide numerous test costs and charge options. The OAT exam costs USD 465, which is higher in price than the latter, and the MCAT charges USD 310. Using credit cards is standard for each examination.

OATs will receive e-exams and PayPal bills. They stipulate that the handiest US greenbacks be used to pay for the exam. The OAT charges an extra price of USD 45 for each rating document. They charge USD 65 for a scored audit and USD hundred twenty-five for an eligibility extension.


Folks who want to pursue medicinal drugs take the MCAT, and people who want to pursue optometry must take the OAT. Depending on the professional course you desire both the MCAT and the OAT can be attempted.

The majority of medical colleges call for the MCAT as part of the admissions manner when you consider that it will allow them to evaluate your performance and knowledge and decide whether or not you have what it takes to persevere with your schooling in remedy.

Whilst the OAT also functions as a test for entry into optometry school. The main goal of the exam is to assess your qualifications to peers if you may enroll in and pursue optometry.


Keep in mind that MCAT is a med school exam and not a pre-med exam but once you get into med school, you deal with MCAT-like exams on a monthly basis. That’s why MCAT is favored by many medical colleges when looking at applicants.

OAT is preferred by optometry schools, though the OATs are considered more difficult due to the subjects it covers while MCAT is a long test of around 7 hours which can be tedious.

In conclusion, hard work and persistence are the only companions in these paths of medical studies. Whichever exams you attempt, remember these tests are what is standing between you and your place as a doctor in the future.

Learn strategies that would aid you to learn and retain that knowledge better, which will not only help you get through these exams but also once you are a med-student.

Written by Taisa Mellow