11 Different Themes of Wall Art – Which One to Choose?


You have decided that you want a beautiful canvas wall art piece hung in your living or bedroom but you are having difficulty choosing what kind of print to get. And we understand! There are so many beautiful prints that all would look amazing in your home. To help you choose, we have created a list of the most popular categories of canvas prints. And remember, that you can always switch the artwork when you get bored of it or just to change things up! It doesn’t have to be forever.



Quotes are a very popular wall decoration. People like to be reminded of wise thoughts and good ideas. If you are one of those people, a quote canvas or poster is perfect for you! It is best to display quote wall art where it is easy to read it. It can be a hallway, kitchen, or office. The living and bedroom are also fine choices, just make sure the quote has big enough letters to be readable from every angle and distance. A quote poster is also a fun idea for the bathroom decor.

What quote to choose? Definitely go for something that speaks to your heart. To get you started, here are some popular ones:

  • Always look on the bright side of life.
  • You have the power to change the world. Use it to make a difference!
  • The best view comes after the hardest climb.
  • You are not a drop in the ocean. You are the entire ocean in a drop.
  • Once you become fearless, life becomes limitless.

2. Nature

Even though nowadays a lot of us live in the city and love the city life, we still time to time long for a simple country living. Almost everyone enjoys a nice time in nature and canvas print wall art can be a good reminder of the beauty of nature.

3. Landscapes

Is there a place that you especially enjoy? Maybe mountains or the sea? Use your heart desires and have a beautiful print of your favorite place up on the wall! If you don’t have one already on your mind, look through images on the internet and see what speaks to you. You will definitely find a nature landscape that makes your heart sing and feel full.

4. Animals


Animals are the best! And no, they are not just for the kids’ rooms. A serious lion or stable elephant is very suitable for a living or even a home office. It can be any animal you enjoy.

The print can also be an art print or an art photography, or your art after all.

You can always combine the animal print with a quote if you want to as well. And of course, if you like cats or dogs and enjoy playful photos of your favorite animals, just have them printed on the canvas! There are no limitations.

5. Botanicals

We all have noticed that nature, especially, the plant theme has been big for a while now. Palm leaves, botanical motives, and different greens are really on trend. But for a good reason – they look great! They give a hint of greenery that we all love and that brings out peacefulness. If you go for botanicals it can be a graphic image or photography. Whatever you find beautiful.

6. Cityscapes

Nature is not your piece of cake? But how about cities? Are you a hardcore city lover? Then cityscape canvas print is just the right choice for you. Bright colors, busy people, and buzzing streets full of ideas, dreams, and energy. You can choose a print of the city you are already living in or go for a place you have always wanted to visit. A vision board inside home decor – that’s two birds with one stone.

7. Architecture


Adding on to the cityscape theme, architecture is also a very popular theme for canvas. It doesn’t necessarily need to be part of a city landscape. The world wonders are part of the architectural theme as well as castles and other impressive buildings. If you are a fan of houses, architecture prints might be just the right thing for you!

8. Fashion

Fashion is another theme that is very popular as canvas prints. It can be anything from old advertisements to fashion art photos from magazines. Or even drawing of beautiful fashion pieces. It can be even abstract art that represents fashion items. If you are a fashion lover yourself, a fashion canvas print or a poster could be a perfect decoration for your home. You can hang it in the living, kitchen, or hallway – in all the places where you will be able to see it most often.

9. Sci-fi

Sci-fi is not only a very popular genre in the movie industry, but it is also a genre of wall art. There are people who enjoy dreaming about other worlds, the future, or different present. Are you one of them? If so, a sci-fi-themed canvas print can be an addition to your home! From alien portraits to space shuttles and alien spaceships. The best thing about sci-fi, it can truly be anything.

10. Food


Everyone loves a good food moment! Food canvases are especially appropriate for the kitchen and dining area, but that doesn’t mean that you cannot have a canvas with a food theme in other rooms as well. It can be an abstract food graphic image or an actual picture or painting replica of food. From bread to wine and fruits. Even a picture of a single egg, why not? If you are foody, explore your passion with wall art as well!

11. Abstract art

And if you are not sure about any specific theme, just go with abstract wall art. It is perfect as decor, it doesn’t take away any attention but it supplements the room. Abstract art can be anything from lines and bubbles to marble designs. Since it is abstract, you can let your (or your designer’s) imagination flow!

Custom print canvas and poster

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In conclusion

Experiment! Only you can know what is best for your home. If you see a picture, an image, or a design that speaks to you, put it on canvas or poster and use it as wall art. And if in time it doesn’t resonate with you anymore, change things up! Go for a different design or print. Maybe you can rotate the previous one to a different spot in the house, leave it in storage for now, or donate it at once. Your house, your rules. And that includes a decision about what goes up on your walls. Good luck!

Written by Jihn Mill