DIY Fixes for the Top 5 Electrical Problems in New Cars


Many people believe that in case they have some issue with the vehicle, they must consult the mechanic. Now, even though it’s always good to consult professionals, there are plenty of things car owners can do regarding the vehicle at their home.

In most cases, especially with newer vehicle models, the common issue is electrical, but the good thing to know is that you can also do plenty of things yourself, even with this kind of vehicle problem. In most cases, it’s just some small issue, meaning that one can save both time and money by dealing with the problem themselves.

Some of the common electrical issues are regarding wiring, which is why we will pay close attention to it and help you navigate the repair process.


1. Wiring

Most of the electrical issue in vehicles starts with bad wiring or some issue with the wiring. This can cause various problems with the electrical system, and ignoring even one small issue can have devastating effects.

Namely, if the light on your dashboard starts blinking because of some unknown reason or if there is any issue with the lights on the dashboard, the chances are high that the wiring needs to be checked and fixed.

In case one ignores this, bad wiring can cause so much damage to the vehicle, and you will end up spending much more for repairs. Luckily, this can be easily checked and solved, and you don’t even have to go to the mechanic, as certain things you can do at home.

The first step is to locate the damaged wire. Once that’s covered, it’s time to excise the damaged section and then splice the new wire onto it. Yes, this might sound difficult, but with the right tools, this is actually pretty easy. Some of the tools required are a heat gun, wire crimper and soldering iron. Of course, these tools are something that you will need for the entire process of replacing the bad wiring.

Now, the good thing to know is where to find genuine parts for your vehicle, that is why knowing how to find a reliable automotive parts supply worldwide is of vast importance.

2. Replacing Brake Lights

Now, this is a pretty common issue people face, as somehow, brake lights malfunction for some reason. Of course, they don’t just stop working without any reason, but it’s something that happens pretty often.

When it comes to this issue, there are two types of people – those who are aware of the importance of brake lights and those who neglect this issue due to the belief they don’t matter as much. The reason why replacing broken brake lights should be a must is simple since it’s because of safety.

Namely, these lights are there for a reason, and their primary function is to signal other vehicles and, while doing that, protect everyone on the road.

Another reason why replacing broken brake lights should be a must is because doing so is actually pretty simple. One can do it at their home since the process is as simple as changing the light bulb. Overall, you can spare some money as you will not have to go to the mechanic and enhance your safety while on the road.


3. Changing the Fuse

One of the things in the vehicle designed to protect both you and the vehicle’s electrical system is the fuse.

Namely, the fuse acts as a safety measure, and in case of any kind of problem with the wiring or electrical system in general, they will stop that issue by blowing. This happens mostly when the circuit draws too much electricity.

Luckily, it doesn’t happen that often, but in case it happens, the good thing to know is that one can replace the fuse at home. Understandably, it’s good to know or even have some experience with changing the fuse, but even if one is dealing with this for the first time, once one locates the fuse box, everything else gets much easier.

The protocol is quite simple, and it all starts by removing the fuse. The next step is replacing it with the fuse of the same amperage, and voila, you are all set to go.

Of course, it’s always good to start the vehicle and check whether the problem has been solved.

Once again, this is quite simple to do, and if the fuse you have just replaced blows off as soon as you start the vehicle, then the problem has not been dealt with properly, meaning that you should go through the same process of changing the fuse again. In case this happens again, it is a sign of some bigger electrical issue, and you should consult the mechanic.

On the other hand, if you start the vehicle and everything works smoothly, you can be proud as you have solved the electrical issue on your vehicle by yourself.

4. Changing Battery

A dead battery is another common problem, but unlike broken brake lights, it’s something you cannot drive without. For many drivers, a dead battery is a signal they will have to spend a lot because buying a new battery and paying the mechanic to change it can cost quite a bit.

Of course, it all depends on the type of battery required, type of the vehicle, and the fee you will have to pay the mechanic, but, unlike the first two things, you can do something about the third one. Namely, replacing the dead battery isn’t that big of an issue, and we can do it ourselves.

All that’s needed is to buy a new battery, take off the dead one, and place the new one. Yes, this might seem way too easy, but it’s because it is easy. Also, you can prolong the life of the battery by jump-starting them back to life.


5. Headlights

Another common electrical issue is about headlights, but unlike brake lights, headlights are also something you cannot drive without. Bad wiring or some issue with the fuse or bulb are the common reasons headlights don’t work.

So, the first thing is to test and check what causes that problem. Once you have determined that, it’s time to deal with the problem, and luckily, regardless of what the issue is, we can do it ourselves.

All we need is the right tools and preferably a bit of knowledge or experience with dealing with this common car electrical issue.

Written by Nina Smith