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Do Robot Vacuums Really Work?


Technology advancement has led and elevated the improvements of our daily essentials, such as home appliances. In fact, inventions of smart gadgets have been available worldwide and are considered part of every household’s basic needs. These gadgets aim to help provide convenience and efficiency when it comes to daily tasks and house chores.

One of the first smart appliance inventions is the robot vacuum. The first model was created in the year 1996 by a Swedish manufacturer James Dizon from the company Electrolux. The company has been focusing on doing household and professional appliances. The first-ever robot vacuum was called “Trilobite”

From then on, the evolution of robot vacuum has begun and continued over the years up until today. It is believed that out of all the smart gadgets available in the market right now, robot vacuums are included in the top devices considered practical and valuable.

Robot vacuums proved to be effective for cleaning spaces, corners, and floors of your home. It has helped many individuals, especially mothers, in keeping their floors clean and dust-free as much as possible. Another great thing about these smart appliances is that they can be controlled by a mobile application where you can monitor their activity. You can even set a schedule for when it will function to do the task when you are not at home. Amazing, right?

Aside from that, even though it is very high-tech, it only requires a little effort for its maintenance. You just have to clean it at least once a week, or every after use if you have time. Just open the robot vacuum, remove the filter, tap all the dust out in a trash can, and that’s basically it. By doing so, you will be able to keep the robot vacuum’s durability and ability to maintain its peak performance.

So, after all the facts stated about is really normal for a first-time user to wonder if robot vacuums do really work. To give you more information, a list of robot vacuum abilities will be individually explained to further support all the claims you have just read in this article.

Here are some of them;

1. Robot vacuums can do spot cleaning


To start with, yes, robot vacuums do really work. It has been tested and proven by many individuals who rely on most of the major floor cleaning tasks in this smart gadget. Besides, different brands would not invent it if it weren’t because of its success over the years.

In fact, robot vacuums have a specific setting that enables them to do spot cleaning. Spot cleaning mode has options that you can set if you want your robot vacuum to clean either a spill or a solid mess in a particular area.

2. This smart gadget can do major cleaning tasks for you


Yup, that’s right. Robot vacuums still need your assistance so they can perform their task well. For it to properly work, make your home robot-vacuum proof. This means you have to clear some tiny hazards that can block their way upon cleanings, such as tangled cords, rugs, and any objects that can be stuck in your robot vacuum.

After making sure that your floor is free from possible hazards, you can let your robot vacuum do most of the floor cleaning and floor polishing for you. As long as you do your part, there’s nothing to worry about your gadget’s efficiency.

3. They are great in vacuuming tough-to-reach areas


Robot vacuums often come in different shapes and sizes. Still, most of them are designed to have the capability of helping you save a lot of energy and effort in cleaning inaccessible spots. Whether you’re looking for a simple or a more advanced unit, you can find tons of variety at trusted sites like Robot Cleaner Store. Whatever your budget, there are multiple options you can choose from when it comes to high-quality robot vacuums.

Going back, because of the robot vacuum’s ability to wander around on its own and due to its small size, it is very easy for robot vacuums to go over hard-to-reach areas like under the sofa, large furniture, and bed. It will just simply slide over the area and collect the dust that has formed. Just like that, no need for you to flip your heavy furniture just to clean the space underneath.

4. It can be your robot mop as well


Most robot vacuums have a dual purpose. Aside from vacuuming solid particles such as dust, it could be transformed as an automated robot mop for water, juice, or any liquid spills on your floor.

5. Scheduled Cleaning


Another feature of robot vacuums that proves that it really works is its scheduled cleaning ability. Yes, using this feature, you can set a specific time and area to when and where your vacuum will start to function and do its assigned task.

This means that even if you’re not at home during that time, it will still clean prior to the schedule you have set. No need to worry about how you will check if it is working as your robot vacuum is connected to a mobile application in which you can control and monitor all its activities. Sounds fun, isn’t it?

Final Words

Overall, we individuals should be thankful for these smart inventions because it has proved their capabilities in making our lives easier and more convenient. We have taken advantage and gained tons of benefits because of what technology has brought to us. Although these smart appliances are not perfect and not as intelligent as humans, they have still made a lot of difference in leveling up the way we do our basic tasks and house chores.

Lastly, to answer the main question in this article. Yes, robot vacuums really do work. You just have to do some basic research, read reviews and feedback, and ask for an appliance expert’s assistance. By doing so, you will be able to purchase a high-quality vacuum that can totally help you clean your home.

Written by Marinelle Adams