Does CBD Help You Relax?


We live in a day and age when cannabis has become quite a popular topic. You will find countless articles online on this topic, as well as countless stores that sell products made of this plant. Since it is everywhere around us, it must spark a lot of interest among the common folk, don’t you agree? Well, there are numerous reasons for this occurrence, and many health benefits this plant can provide us are the main ones.

As you probably know, there are two main compounds of this plant, CBD and THC. Both of them come with their string of pros and cons. So, you will need to understand both sides of the coin before you can use them properly and avoid all the risks in the process. Cannabidiol is one of the many compounds extracted from cannabis plants. It does not give you a high (that’s THC) and is not classified as a narcotic because it is not addictive.

We can now find CBD in many products, and you can use many different ways. To learn about how to use your cannabidiol products, follow this link. Now, we want to take a look at some of the most important things regarding this compound and whether it can help you to relax.

What is CBD used for?


Cannabidiol can be used for anything if you believe the marketing: to fight stress, find sleep, soothe osteoarthritis, stop smoking, and recover after sport… Laboratory studies show promising effects on anxiety (by acting on the good mood hormone, serotonin), pain (by modifying the perception and reception of painful messages), and inflammation1. But there still needs to be more solid human trials to confirm this.

If you take a look at some studies you can find online, you will see that a lot of these have been proven. However, certain areas are simply not researched enough, and we advise waiting for these to surface before you use them for a certain purpose. Some of them will not appear soon, and we would need to wait for decades before they are fully confirmed by credible laboratories. Sure, you can find some of them online, but you will certainly see that they don’t come from credible sources.

How does CBD work?

In France, cannabis Sativa is entirely legal and can be cultivated as long as it contains less than 0.3% THC. “This plant has several parts, including a flower. Inside this flower are several particles, including cannabinoids, the best known of which is THC. So, production companies need to pay close attention to these things before they can present their products to the market.

Besides that, there are more than 120 other cannabinoids called CBE, CBD, CBC…” explains the founder of Ho Karan. From a molecular point of view, CBD is similar to THC, except that it has a high, but it keeps the soothing aspect. Since this compound doesn’t produce a high effect, it is a preferable one for those who do not enjoy the usual appeal they get from consuming cannabis, no matter the form.

CBD still has a bad image!


Although it is not new on the market, CBD still suffers from a bad image in people’s minds. Cannabis is a plant subject to many taboos and prohibitions, so even if we were aware of the benefits, it was very hard to show them to the general public because we couldn’t put products on the market.

Even though the public image of the plant is countless times better than it was in, let’s say, the 1930s, we can see that there is still some stigma around it. So, you will see that the number of consumers is not at the level many would like it to be. Still, we can see that the stigma is not as high, and massive potential for it opens.

What brought this small molecule to the forefront was lobbying by parents with children with epilepsy syndrome in California. “They realised that CBD could reduce seizures. So the first farms started growing CBD with low doses of THC.

Once the particle arrived in the medical field, the world of well-being and cosmetics began to take an interest in the plant: “we know that by reducing concentrations, we can bring a well-being angle to the general public, which is how American brands were created from 2010-2012,” says the expert.

Laure Bouguen is keen to break down the lousy image surrounding CBD. She asserts that it can be given to all types of people. Furthermore, it is possible to drive after ingesting it as there is no psychotropic effect. “There is no addiction or overdose.

You can’t overdose. It’s not possible. It has been removed from the list of doping products by the WHO and is even recommended to sportsmen and women for recovery,” she says.

How to spot a good formula?

Many formulas are claiming the benefits of CBD. But how do you spot the effective ones? The presence of CBD broad spectrum (in which all traces of THC have been removed) or full spectrum (with less than 0.2% THC), diluted in vegetable oil (often hemp oil), preferably organic. Chances are you will come across different formulas in different products. So, you will need to take a look at a high number of these before you can find the one that meets your needs and preferences.

Since the liver destroys some active ingredients during digestion, CBD oils to be placed under the tongue seem more effective than capsules to be swallowed. There is no need to aim for those with 30 or 40% CBD content sold at a high price! In some studies, 1 to 2 drops of 5 or 10% CBD already help you sleep. There are even cases where medical specialists prescribe it to their patients who have problems with insomnia. So, they can cure these uncomfortable conditions and see to it that they have a good night’s sleep.

What dose of CBD to take?


Sensitivity to CBD is very individual, so doses should be increased gradually until you feel a benefit. In case of arthritis or tendonitis, the local application of CBD cream or oil (dosed with at least 1% CBD) can complement the oral route. So, you would need to test out a couple of these before you can decide which one serves you the best.

Besides that, the dose of cannabidiol within a certain product will differ in each case. On the other hand, it isn’t easy to know whether CBD-infused candies, chocolates, or honey have a natural effect. If you didn’t know, edibles make up a significant percentage of the market.

When to use CBD?

CBD is used if you are anxious or have trouble falling asleep because CBD has fewer side effects than sleeping pills and seems more effective for some people than valerian, the sedative plant par excellence. We all know that insomnia is quite a big problem and it is not easy to cure it. For that reason, we believe that using cannabidiol is a great way for you to address this problem. Still, you should be aware of certain elements, which are listed in this article, to know how to make the most of them.

Written by Kan Dail