Don’t Let Your Life Get Wasted by Being Wasted

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Just because alcohol is legal and is quite easily available in several countries around the world does not mean that it is a good thing and should be used leisurely. People seem to drink it as a means of enjoyment but it is actually harming their bodies and deteriorating their health in the process.

Furthermore, the adults drink alcohol almost on a daily basis or regularly which makes it even more dangerous, they may end up with damaged vital organs if this goes on for a long time.

What are the harmful effects of alcohol abuse?

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Most of the time, there are no immediate visible effects and regular alcohol drinkers think that they are safe but contrary to this, they will eventually start to feel more and more fatigue and weakness as time goes on and their body ages. Alcohol might as well be killing them from the inside. Another problematic aspect is that alcohol does not stop at the physical health but also keeps affecting the mental health of the habitual drinker.

Eventually, his brain stops working normally and its functioning is hindered, the person may even start to face memory-related issues especially because most of the time, a person does not remember most of the actions when he was under the influence. Many people end up losing their lives as a result of alcohol poisoning every year and many a time, drunk drivers have caused terrible accidents where innocent people lost their lives. Moreover, it causes heart problems, muscle weakness, increased heart rate, liver damage as well as cancer among many other diseases.

What are the harmful effects of drug abuse?

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Drugs, in addition to alcohol, are just as harmful if not more. They also deteriorate the user’s body and organs and render his condition horrible. Substance abuse and addiction are no less than chronic illnesses and just like any other malady, they should be treated immediately to save the person’s life before his condition worsens further. The issues caused to the mental health of the person are disorders like depression, anxiety, and paranoia, etc. as well as the harmful manner in which these toxic drugs affect brain functioning, as a result of which the user’s brain starts to exhibit out of ordinary and abnormal behavior.

This aspect has been proved through testing and experimentation among drug abusers and those who do not use drugs. When the drugs are used for the first time, even a small amount will cause endorphins to release in the body of the person because his brain and body are not used to them and he will feel pleasure. As time goes on and he keeps using drugs regularly, the body and brain will start developing tolerance, as a result of which he will no longer feel pleasure from a small amount of substance and he will increase his dosage, again and again, eventually becoming severely addicted to them. The continuous admittance of harmful substances in the body keeps ruining his health and will come to bite him in the back when his body becomes weak.

Addiction drugs may include marijuana, crystal meth, weed, cocaine, and heroin, etc. but shockingly, sometimes the prescription drugs may cause addiction as well if used for a long enough time. Some patients may get severe injuries while playing sports or during an accident but instead of getting proper surgery, they opt for using pain killers and when the pain keeps intensifying as the injury is not healing properly, they use more pain fillers than the prescribed amount and become addicted to them if this goes on for a long time. This addiction also affects the lives of the family and friends of the addict in fairly negative ways. Sometimes people lose their loved ones because they can’t bear to see them ruin their lives every day.

How can alcohol and drug addiction be overcome?

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Rehabilitation centers are the solutions to the problems faced by addicts. They have successfully helped countless people by setting them up on the road to recovery and treating their addiction. Rehab facilities have trained addiction professionals, doctors, and medical professionals who do their best to provide a safe and comfortable environment to the patients to help ease their recovery process. They are available to help the patients at all times whenever they need something. The environment is kept so secure that the patients do not feel at all as if they are trapped in a drab place, rather they experience mental peace.Find more info.

Moreover, counselors are available who help the patients target their problems. In these sessions, the patients talk through all of their issues, and eventually, the root cause of their issues is identified because that is initially what made them turn towards drug or alcohol abuse in the first place. It is crucial to address these issues because if they are not solved, then there is no point in getting a long treatment because as soon as his recovery process is completed, his problems will surface again and he will be forced to turn towards substance abuse and fall into a relapse.

The start of the treatment comprises the detoxification process. During this method, the patient’s body is cleaned of alcohol and drugs by gradually decreasing the dosage because instant cutting off of drugs is harmful to his health, in which case, his withdrawal symptoms may become life-threatening. Even when detox is being medically supervised, it is still quite a difficult ordeal and requires a large amount of patience and struggle to be shown by the user. If he has to support of his loved ones during his recovery, he may be able to struggle through the difficult times a little bit more easily. Withdrawal symptoms render the patient quite weak due to fatigue, nausea, vomiting, mood swings, erratic sleeping habits, loss of appetite, and fever, etc. For this reason, the doctor and the caretakers monitor the patient continuously in case he is in a critical condition.

Written by Ana Weaver