What Happens If You Don’t Put Padding Under The Carpet?


The thick layer of fiber under your carpet is not just made for visual or insulation purposes but is known as padding or underlay. It is a special layer of fabric that promotes insulation and comfort in walking, cleaning, and sound resistance. At first, these might seem like an innovation to increase the features of a carpet, but in reality, it’s the features of carpet padding.

A carpet does not have special characteristics that promote easier cleanliness and sound resistance. They are a part of the benefits you get from using the Carpet Pad underneath your carpet. Few carpets come with an attached underlay; for others, you can also purchase an underlay to your liking. But why do you need carpet padding? Read below to find out what happens if you don’t use a carpet pad and why you need it.

What Happens To Your Carpet Without A Padding?

A carpet is made up of woven fabric strands together to each other in a particular shape or design. It could be a custom-made design or readily available in the market; you can choose any you want. With your rug, you need to keep one thing in mind, it’s only a mass of woven thread and is being used in your home with a medium foot count.

In the small run, it might not seem like a great deal, but the wear and tear in the rug would increase over time. Along with that, the softness and the bouncy texture of the rug would decrease and become flattered in comparison. All of this combined would work negatively on the rug’s lifespan, thus decreasing its lifespan significantly. You must get it padded to combat those reasons and increase the rug’s lifespan.

Having your rug padded would help you by increasing the rug’s lifespan. It would increase its lifespan and indirectly provide insulation, sound resistance, and a comfortable walking area. Many people nowadays need to research what they need before purchasing carpets. Fast-forward, they complain about issues and the quality which could have been prevented if they had chosen the right things.

Why Do You Need Padding Under Carpet Flooring?


Well, you have understood what will happen if you don’t have padding under your rug, but now you need to understand the exact reason why you need the padding. Many people don’t opt for padding even if they know it’ll increase the rug’s lifespan just to save on costs. But a pardon is important for the rug as it’s not costly but still provides various benefits, as mentioned below.

  • Comfortable Walking On

When the rug is new, the padding acts as a support for the rug and keeps it softer and bouncy for longer. Due to this, the first time that to get a rug, it was comfortable to walk on instead of the hard floor. Even when the rug gets old, the padding ensures that it does not compress down, which doesn’t make it uncomfortable or, to say, similar to walking on a hard floor. Without padding, the rug would get rougher easily and compress down, directly impacting the carpet’s bounciness and softness.

  • Cleaning Carpets Is Easier

A rug is made by knitting together strands of fabric, which has little smoothness. This smoothness and the uniform base are given to the rug by the padding. The padding ensures that no threads or fabric are in direct contact with the floor attracting dirt particles.

Due to this, the carpet is easier to clean as there is no hard stain on it, and the floor can also be cleaned easily with just sweeping. You can even try vacuuming the carpet and the floor for better and more effective cleaning if there are no spills on the carpet.

  • Provides Insulation

As you know, without padding, the carpet doesn’t have any base which separates it from the floor. Due to this, the insulation of heat and cold is not uniform, and there is no proper insulation. When the padding is attached to the carpet, it forms a shield below it, separating it from the floor. Doing so results in uniform insulation throughout the carpet, and the carpet has more spine instead of being lost all the time.

  • Works As A Sound Resistant


Depending on the material of the rug padding you get and its thickness determines how well it works as sound resistant. Particular materials in the market are especially for sound resistance purposes. Choosing these materials for your rug is the easiest way to make your underlay sound resistant. If not, you can also check the thickness and sturdiness of the carpet parting, which will better estimate how much it can resist sound. Either of the two is a good option, and if you do not need complete sound resistance, then opting for a comparatively thick underlay would do the job.

  • Extends Life Of The Carpet

The carpet gets easily rough due to the daily wear and tear. Many people opt to wash it less or even put it in areas with less foot count to extend its life. But the carpet’s purpose is to provide you with a clean, soft area where you can walk softly, and doing what many people do would only defeat its purpose. Therefore instead of looking for a cheaper and regular option, you should look for what carpet suits you best and what carpet padding would be better for the rug.



Padding is one of the most basic yet important things for a rug. Underlay does the job well for increasing the rug’s lifespan or enhancing its features. You don’t have to worry about when you need to wash it or when it needs to be changed, as the underlay lasts for a long time. An underlay has many benefits that you can understand by reading above.

Written by Kan Dail