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Best Advice To Ease The Italian Dual Citizenship Process


If you have immigration dreams, you will probably know the extensive advantages of dual citizenship. It opens you up to the benefits of citizenship in both countries as you have the freedom to live and work, enjoy citizenship privileges, and explore travel rights with both passports. But you must choose your dual citizenship destination wisely because you will not want to wait endlessly and spend a fortune to achieve the goal. You may have to do both with several countries, while some international destinations make immigration a breeze.

Italy is an excellent option in this context as it offers more than one of the most powerful passports. The best part is that you can secure Italian dual citizenship without many hassles. Moreover, you have several alternatives, and one of these will surely suffice in your case. Experts at recommend checking their website to understand how the process works and which option is the best for you. Here is some valuable advice to ease the Italian dual citizenship process.

Understand Your Options


The most significant aspect of pursuing dual citizenship in Italy is understanding the options. The good thing is that you have multiple routes to explore according to your eligibility. But the same thing can overwhelm you, making it hard to pick the apt one when you qualify for more than one route. For example, you may have ancestral roots in Italy and marry an Italian as well. It means you qualify for two routes, and choosing between them can be tricky. But awareness about each option makes it easy to pick the right one. Expert guidance makes it even easier. Here is the nitty-gritty of the three routes that can help you secure the Italian second passport-

  •         Citizenship by descent- It is perhaps the easiest route that lets you get in through your bloodline. Since millions of Americans trace their ancestral connections in Italy, the Jure Sanguinis route is also the most popular. But eligibility can be a tad tricky as you have to ensure your ancestor was an Italian citizen after 1861. Additionally, they should not have given up their Italian citizenship before the birth of the next person in line. You may not qualify for the process if your ascendant was a woman who gave birth before 1948. However, you still have the option to apply through a court process under the 1948 Rule. You need not stress much about the legal process because it is pretty straightforward.
  •         Citizenship by marriage- Anyone who marries an Italian citizen can qualify for dual citizenship through marriage. After all, you deserve to start afresh with your new family after tying a knot. But the main factor that decides eligibility is the timeline. You will have to wait for two years (if residing in Italy) or three years (if living elsewhere) after the marriage to qualify for the process. However, you can cut short the timelines to half if you have biological or adopted children with your partner. Further, applicants need to prove a B1 level of proficiency in Italian to be eligible. So make sure you are ahead of the requirements before starting.
  •         Citizenship by naturalization- The naturalization route is the only option for applicants who do not qualify through the other routes. It enables you to claim Italian dual citizenship by the virtue of a long stay in the country. You can start the journey as a resident and convert to naturalization status by staying in Italy for a decade. The journey seems to be a long one, but you can make it a breeze with the right guidance. The investor visa is the ideal option to begin the residency process because you need only funds in the name of eligibility. Your immigration expert can guide you about obtaining it and moving toward naturalization eventually.

Get a Head Start With Documentation


Choosing the apt route gives you the right start for obtaining Italian dual citizenship. But you cannot expect things to be easy down the line. Each route has specific steps you have to follow stringently from start to end. Documentation is perhaps the most daunting aspect, as every route requires an extensive list of documents. You will need ID proof in all three routes. Specific documentation such as certificates of birth, death, marriage, and naturalization documents are required for different processes. Any documents in another language will not be valid unless you get them translated and legalized with an apostille stamp. So ensure to get a head start with documentation to prevent delays and hassles due to errors or omissions.

Collaborate With a Citizenship Expert

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Each of the citizenship routes has a set of steps to follow to complete the process, and you must know them before diving in. Of course, you cannot expect them to be easy and they take time as well. Moreover, errors or misses can land you in trouble, causing delays and even rejection of your application. If you want to get your second passport effortlessly, collaborate with a citizenship expert right from day one. These professionals have the right connections, experience, and expertise to show the way and ease the journey to dual citizenship. You can rely on their guidance from start to end, right from picking the apt route to ensuring eligibility, checking the documents, and completing the process. Moreover, having an expert by your side gives you confidence and peace of mind despite the extended wait for appointments.

Italy is one of the choicest places to live as an expat. You will love the weather, lifestyle, culture, and people of the country. Quality education, healthcare benefits, and access to visa-free travel across the EU are other benefits of moving to Italy. If you aim to obtain Italian dual citizenship, you can make the right start by connecting with an expert sooner than later. Most applicants go wrong while choosing the relevant route, but these professionals ensure you make the right choice. Find a reliable professional to guide you to make the journey a smooth sail.

Written by Kan Dail