Essential Skills Every Smart Retailer Should Possess

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Every business requires a set of skills that enable its growth and success. This is why before you make the decision to start any kind of business venture, you must be sure that it is a good fit for you in terms of the skills that you possess as a business person. Some of these skills are in-born while some can be learned from experience and in school. A retail business is particularly very demanding and requires a lot of expertise and knowledge on how to run it. To be a successful retailer, you have to have these set of skills in order for your business to be successful.


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To begin with, you have to be a people person to make it in this sector. You should be a naturally welcoming person so your clients can always feel at home and happy to do business with you. This is the only way you will be able to maintain your customers and even get more through referrals.

It is true that the most effective marketing tool is word of mouth from your existing clients. If you plan to hire salespeople to work in your store, ensure that you find people who will be able to maintain a friendly atmosphere on your premises.


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A retail store will always have more than one customer at a time. You have to be able to serve all your clients without making anyone feel ignored. At the same time, you have to be quick at doing your calculations and keeping watch of the store too.

Some clients will need your help shopping, and you have to be able to help them too. You can look for extra staff to help you, so you do not get overwhelmed, especially during this period when most people are shopping for the festive season.

Persuasive Nature

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It should come as no surprise that one of the most important retail skills for successful retailers is persuasion. For the record, being persuasive does not imply that you should try to persuade a customer to buy something they don’t require. Rather, it implies that you should be able to effectively explain why customers require items that they may benefit from, whether it’s the product itself or an ad-on.

Persuasion is defined as the ability to accurately assess a customer’s wants, overcome objections, and explain why a product is the best fit for the customer, generally through assessing the beneficial features of the product.

Negotiation Skills

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This is without doubt the most necessary skill for any retail business owner. Being an excellent negotiator is the only way you will be able to make any profits in your business. Negotiation does not only apply when selling a product to a customer, it starts when you are buying your stock from suppliers. You should be able to know where to source for which item and be aware of the best market prices pertaining to a particular item.

Do not get duped because you will end up selling items for the sme price you got them, if not lower. You should also be able to do quick maths and know that an eyelashes bulk order is better than buying single pieces. Check for more information. Make use of discounts when they are there so you can also be able to reward your clients with offers every now and then.


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Every business owner has it hard every once in a while. That does not mean that you should give up and close your store. There are days when you will not be able to meet your sales targets and you will even run losses during certain seasons, but that’s normal for every business and you should keep your head high and soldier on.

You will also meet clients who are difficult and some are even rude and mean but you should not allow them to break you. Always strive to maintain control of a difficult situation and figure out possible solutions to the problem.

Active Listening Skills

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You should be able to listen and comprehend your clients’ needs. This way, you are able to serve them better. You should also be able to notice any form of hesitance or objection from your customer without them having to say it out loud. This skill allows you to offer solutions to your clients just by listening to them and studying their body language. If you are an active listener, your clients will trust you and they will also feel valued and appreciated.


In all honesty, running a business is not an easy task. There are so many challenges that come with owning a franchise and at times we are caught unawares. Technology is also at your disposal and you can always seek guidance from business technology experts on how you can use different technologies for your business. It is also difficult to operate a retail store by yourself so always look for extra help if you feel the need to do so. Just ensure that your staff are also skilled and capable of handling your customers in the best way possible.

Written by Ana Weaver