10 Useful Facebook Marketing Tools to Try in 2024

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To take your Facebook marketing to the next level, there are a few marketing tips you can take advantage of. In the first place is the target niche that you need to know. To analyze your audience carefully. You also need to offer only the best to potential customers in order to interest them. However, there are a few more great ways to get the audience’s attention. Once you find the right target audience, you should take advantage of the campaigns using different content formats.

Always measure the results of the campaign, because that way you will know whether you are doing things correctly or not. There are tools that will help you improve your marketing because it will help you organize yourself better. They offer you great features to increase your visibility and achieve your goals. Take advantage of some of the most powerful tools we have singled out for you.

  1. Canva

It is an app that offers you endless possibilities if you need a design platform. It is one of the most popular options for several reasons. So, it has a large number of functions that will suit different needs. No matter what industry you come from, this app allows you a wide selection of stickers, colors, designs, themes, etc.

As a result, you can create stunning graphics, and you will need a few seconds for the entire job. Best of all, you won’t need design knowledge for this. Canva is one of the most powerful marketing tools, although it is very easy to use. One of its biggest advantages are ready-made templates of different types of designs.

  1. MobileMonkey

Facebook messenger marketing is often used for marketing purposes and for good reason. However, few know how to use it. Now you don’t have to think much about ways, because one of them is this app. It will help you use its full potential in the right way. The whole thing works by having access to the same messenger subscribers. This way you can send large numbers of people broadcasts and drip campaigns. This is one of the easiest ways to reach an audience.

It offers full support for sponsored ads, built templates, chatbot analysis tools, etc. So, if you like the idea of ​​exchanging messages with potential customers, then there is no better tool than this. It will help you use powerful chatbots for better marketing purposes. So don’t wait for customers to come to you, but connect with them as soon as possible, classify your audience and much more.

  1. Wask

We present you with a platform that offers you a large number of possibilities. With it, you can design, publish, manage and optimize ads. The point is digital advertising that is simple, affordable, and contains several things in one place. One of its dominant characteristics is speed. Thanks to tools like Autopilot, Scheduler and others, you achieve significant time savings. He finds the target audience perfectly well. It works based on data collected from various sources. It integrates well with other platforms, and with it you get a lot of templates, images and layers.

  1. Botsurfer

It has never been easier to create a Facebook Messenger chatbot with Botsurfer. It is clear to you how much chatbot actually helps in marketing. It is an opportunity to establish communication with your potential customers while at the same time saving you a lot of time. This way you gain connections with the audience and get more and more customers. That’s why you need a chatbot builder like this. These are some of the most advanced options that you will realize very quickly and leave great business potential.

  1. OneStream Live

Of course, live videos are much more popular than regular recordings. Proof of this is the number of video views, which is even several times higher than the usual videos. This platform is a cloud-based. This allows users to use their pre-recorded videos on all platforms. Facebook is also involved. Another great news is that you can enrich your videos with watermarks, icons and other elements.

  1. Hootsuite

This is just another one of the best marketing tools we have singled out for you. Hootsuite will make it much easier for you to manage several different profiles from one dashboard. Cooperation between team members is also possible. Some of its advantages are the analysis of all comments and mentions in one place, assign tasks and similar things. So, using this platform, you have the ability to track multiple streams in one place, schedule posts in advance, connect to the user base, more detailed analytical data and much more.

  1. AgoraPulse

This tool is known for its benefits such as managing all social media messages, schedule, and publish content. Due to that and other advantages, the choice of agencies, companies and traders is popular. Now with one dashboard you can get stunning and detailed reports which makes it easier for you to monitor and manage social networks. It will integrate well with other networks.

  1. ShortStack

ShortStack will help you create and publish a campaign in a very easy way. In addition, you will have real-time insights when it comes to shares, reviews and other things. Therefore, you will easily integrate campaign analytics and email into one platform.

  1. Heyo

If you want to get more potential clients, it is always a good solution to create a prize game, competition and similar things. This kind of campaign will attract a large number of new clients. It is this platform that can help you with that. You can take advantage of its features such as manage hashtag, moderate entries for photo and video contests, voting, quizzing and more.

  1. Pagemodo

To better create your campaign, use impressive cover photos, custom tabs, etc. Pagemogo gives you access to professionally-designed templates, excellent customer support as well as complete control. We must note that the platform is mobile-friendly.


Although Facebook is a platform that you can use for free to advertise your business, there are tools with which you will achieve much more. So find the tool that works best for you and test it. We are sure that you will have a much greater impact on potential customers.

Written by Ana Weaver