6 Interesting Facts You Didn’t Know About The Royal Ascot


If you are a horse racing enthusiast, you probably heard of the Royal Ascot event, which represents the most prestigious event during the season. The interesting fact is that even people who are not so interested or familiar with this sport prefer watching this event. This event is held in June each year, in the middle of the season, and we can see some of the best jockeys and horses from all over the world.

Besides those who love to watch horse racing, this sport is also popular for betting, especially because it offers some advantages when compared to other sports, like improved odds, better systems, and more. If you are interested in betting on this event, click here. Besides the racing, this event is known for lots of celebrities that are visiting it every year. Also, there are many interesting facts about it. We are going to introduce you to some of the most amusing ones.

1. First Tournament


This championship has a long tradition. The first building was constructed in the 19th century. At that time, it was one of the most impressive open theaters in the United Kingdom, with enough seats for over 1,500 people. Before that, Queen Anne was a member of the royal family who organized this event for the first time, at the beginning of the 18th century. Since then, it manages to remain the most prestigious competition in the world.

2. Parking Lots


Another interesting fact about this even is the long tradition of relay family and other celebrities who are eating at the parking lot. Therefore, if you even have a chance to be in the parking near Royal Ascot, you can notice a lot of famous people eating there together before the event starts. This tradition is old for more than one century.

Since there is a high interest from celebrities to attend this event, it is not a surprise that there are over 200 VIP spots exclusively for them to watch the game with more privacy. It is impressive to hear that a lot of them will come with a helicopter of luxurious vehicles. When it comes to the current format of the championship, the first race was held in 1807.

3. The Queen is in Charge of Everything


We are aware that the Queen held the power to manage lots of things in the country. Still, it is surprising to hear that she is responsible for this event as well. Therefore, if you find it surprising that everyone is wearing clothes under a particular dress code, the main reason is that the queen makes it mandatory for visitors to appear more elegant. Also, we can see a lot of people, especially women, who are wearing traditional dresses and hats.

4. Constant Preparation


Since it is a huge event that, according to some predictions, will have over 300,000 visitors this year, it is not a surprise that organizers have to put extra effort into the proper organization. For example, the management for the next year’s event is already ongoing even though we are still waiting for the one in 2024. Also, besides the main event, there are races in Royal Ascot held every month, which makes it more complicated when it comes to the main tournament. Moreover, the average number of visitors each year is over 500,000.

5. Food


You might think that people will eat fish and chips, fries, hot dogs, and drink sodas and soft drinks. However, it is much more luxurious than you could imagine. For example, the average demand for champagne is over 50,000 bottles, while people mostly eat lobsters. Over 3,000 lobsters are prepared during the event. Also, scones, spears, and asparagus are very popular as well.

6. Separate Space for Royals


It can be complicated to watch the event from the same area where royals are sitting. There are special rules if you want to be part of Royal Enclosure. You will have to be introduced by two other members who are visiting this event every year. It is very popular among celebrities and royals, and even the Queen never missed it since she got the crown. When it comes to some unique rules related to allowed visitors, the most interesting is the regulation from the 50s, where people who got divorced weren’t able to attend the event. However, this regulation lasted only for one year.

Other Interesting Facts

There are so many amusing details and facts related to this tournament. For example, the horse who won the tournament in 2013 was owned by the queen, which was the first time that the contest was won by the king or queen. Also, the prize pool per season is over $15 million, while the Royal Ascot holds more than half of that amount.

Moreover, we already mentioned the luxurious food, but cakes, tea, and sandwiches are popular as well. For example, more than 200,000 cakes are sold during the main event. The reason why guards are wearing green coats is that Queen Anne established that rule in the first years of the tournament. When it comes to dressing code, there was one event where each visitor had to wear black, in 1910, because King Edward VII died few days before the race.

How Can You Bet On This Tournament?


Most odds are similar to other horse races. However, it is not a rare case that many betting houses introduce some special offers only for Royal Ascot. Therefore, besides the ability to bet on a winning horse, you can also select the best jockeys, trainers, line-ups, and more. Also, we can notice that some people are even betting on the color of the Queen’s hat, or who will sit next to her. When it comes to online betting sites, you can get excellent deals like free bets, paybacks, and more.

Last Words

As one of the main races during the season, you can expect much better odds. However, the most impressive part is that a lot of people who don’t know much about racing will be interested in attending it. The main reason is the expression of higher status since we can see many celebrities there.

Written by Marinelle Adams